John was born in 1948 in Houston, Texas.  John has three degrees from the University of Houston (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science1970; Bachelor of Accountancy 1978; Doctor of Jurisprudence 1984). John worked full time for nine of the ten years he went to college.  John has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1985.

After graduating from the University of Houston in August, John was drafted into the U.S. Army in October 1970, trained as an infantry sergeant for Vietnam but served in Italy from September 1971 to May 1972 when he was honorably discharged.  John was married for seventeen years, divorced in 1987, met his present wife Kay in 1988, whom he married on January 1, 1990.  Between them, John and Kay have six adult children and numerous grandchildren.  

John changed his name on April 1,1988, a year after his divorce and just before he turned forty, as an acknowledgment that he was on a different life path.  John made the commitment to change his life and his name and to dedicate himself to increasing the peace in society.  April 1, 1988, was both April Fool's day and Good Friday.   One tradition considers John a fool while the other greater Christian tradition speaks to the issue of death and rebirth; of transformation.

John has been self employed for the majority of his working career in the insurance business (John is a CLU and CPCU), in the accounting and tax business and in the law business.  John is presently a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas.  

John considers his commitment to WorldPeace to be the centerpiece of his life's work and his legacy to the children of the Third Millennium who now carry the hope of humanity within the unconditional love of their hearts.

All John is saying is give WorldPeace a chance.

John's overall philosophy (as opposed to his political position at Issues) is available at:
The WorldPeace Peace Page