Why the Texas Democratic Party needs to
get behind WorldPeace.

The Republicans are committed to Rick Perry even knowing that Republicans have a real problem attracting people of color to their party.  

The Democrats need a gubernatorial candidate that can hold on to both the Hispanics and the African Americans without alienating the conservative whites who are still a majority in Texas.  A Hispanic candidate for governor cannot hold on to the African Americans as a block (See: LA Mayors Race = Texas Governor's Race) and given a choice conservatives whites will cross party lines in significant numbers to vote for a white conservative if the other choice is hispanic or black.  This means that if Tony Sanchez becomes the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Perry will win the election next November.  This is not morally right, it is unconstitutional, it is not in line with Christian teachings, but it is the political reality which presently abides in Texas.

There are a lot of conservative Democrats who voted for Ann Richards, Mark White, John Connally, and LBJ but who have been forced into the Republican party due to the lack of leadership in the Democratic party.  Many Democrats became Republicans to salvage their political careers.  Senator Gramm being a high ranking example.

Presently the Democrats have a chance to reassert themselves in Texas by getting behind WorldPeace.  WorldPeace can hold onto the hispanic vote because he spent a significant part of his legal career working in the Houston barrio where helping low income people with their problems took a priority over making a zillion dollars.  WorldPeace has also acquired the trust of African Americans because of his color blindness.

At the same time WorldPeace is a practical idealist.  This means that WorldPeace believes that the world can be a better place but his legal experience has taught him that people never seem to tire of abusing each other.  WorldPeace is an advocate for peace but WorldPeace is not a pacifist.  WorldPeace believes in the equal rights for all people but at the same time believes that criminals belong behind bars even though the criminal justice system is flawed with injustice.  WorldPeace believes in protecting the environment but not at the expense of high unemployment.  WorldPeace believes in the right of choice in the first four months of pregnancy but the right to life in the fifth month and after.  WorldPeace fully supports the right to bear arms but believes that punishment for crimes committed with guns should be severe.  

WorldPeace will have the support of the liberal Democrats because he believes in the ideal of liberalism even though his practical experience makes him a conservative.  The only other choice for liberal Democrats is a Republican conservative who openly rejects virtually any liberal agenda.

WorldPeace will have the support of the white conservatives because when they take a moment to look past the WorldPeace name change, they will see a person who has a strong spiritual foundation and a dream of peace tempered by the realities of life which dictates that change is best when it comes with caution.

WorldPeace has a commitment to peace or he would not have changed his name.  All people acknowledge a person who is willing to stand up for what they believe.  WorldPeace has not served in public office but he has served his country in the U. S. Army.  (Something Mr. Akins has not done.) WorldPeace has refused to accept campaign donations in excess of $100 per person and accepts no business or organizational contributions which shows that WorldPeace is willing to walk the talk of campaign finance reform in that he refuses to spent $25 million to buy the governorship.  WorldPeace is the only candidate of the people who intends to go into office with a mandate from the people without the baggage that large contributions impose on a candidate.

WorldPeace has NEVER used illegal drugs of any kind, is a very light partaker of wine at dinner, and will NEVER betray the public trust or embarrass the public morality with sexual intemperance.

All I am saying is give WorldPeace a chance.  It is time for the Democratic Party in Texas to wake up and endorse WorldPeace for Governor in 2002.

John WorldPeace
May 8, 2001