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<< Subj: Your recent unsolicited and unwanted recorded phone solicitation!
Date: 3/9/01 7:47:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: JimKirk
To: John WorldPeace


I am an independent and proud of it.>>
Good. I like a thinking man.

<< I am also a night shifter, and I seriously resent unsolicited, recorded bs - political or commercial - from unknowns, particularly when I'm trying to get to sleep!>>
There is a no ring setting on your phone.

<<All your recent phone call tells me is that:
1. You don't have a clue when it comes to the people whose votes you would like to get;>>
I want everyone's vote but that is stupid isn't it?

<< 2. Your chosen name and your website says to me that you are a dangerous person.>>
Free thinkers are always dangerous to the status quo. 

<< Back when I was an undergraduate (and ROTC member) at UT in the late 60s, I and my compadres in ROTC had friends in the SDS (we were the only people on campus who had read the same books and could discuss revolutionary politics and policies using the works of Lenin, Mao, Che, DuBois, Fanon, and so on. Admittedly, we were on opposite sides, but at least we could talk to each other). >>
I was at the UH in the later 60's, a poly sci major, and too busy working and going to school to participate in political rallies. My time is now, not then. And I intend to do more than rally.

<<From your web site, I rather doubt that you and I have enough in common to talk about, even considering my spiritual path.>>
Those who know don't speak, those who speak don't know.

<<If you or one of your disciples>>
I have no disciples.

<< want to talk to me, then let it be between 9 and 12 am. All calls after 1 pm will be treated as unfriendly and will be reported to SW Bell as offensive (since I'll be trying to go to sleep).>>
Let us compromise here brother. Since you did not give me your telephone number, turn off your ringer at noon.

<<I do believe in world peace, but since I'm a son of a WW II and Korean War vet,>>
I am the son of a WWII vet who went to Korea in 1945.

<< and since I'm a disabled Viet Nam vet>>
I am just a regular U S Army draftee vet Oct 70 to May 72 who was sent to Italy thank goodness.

<<with a sister and brother who are 'nam era vets and a brother-in-law who is both a 'nam vet and a Persian Gulf vet,>>
I just have a son-in-law who was a Persian Gulf vet. But I have three sons who served their country in the Marine Corps right after high school if that counts.

<< I do have some serious opinions about those who have never seen war, but have opinions about it.>>
I have opinions about those who have been forced to endure a battlefield and I have opinions about those who served but not on the battlefield and about those who never served by choice and those who never served by luck.

<<As the saying goes, "I ain't fonda' Jane!" and I've got to say that I'm not too fond of you either right now.>>
Well Jane did what she had to do and no one felt good about it in the end. But at least she took a stand, at least she stood up when she could have done nothing at all.

As the saying goes, "All we are saying is give peace a chance."

Jim Kirk >>
Well Capt. Kirk, 
catch you on the flip side.

The Peaceman

PS. When it comes time to vote, think about WorldPeace; think about the legacy you inherited and think about the one you will leave behind.