<< Subj: phone message
Date: 3/30/01 1:52:12 PM Central Standard Time
From: b_______@_______
To: johnworldpeace@aol.com

Mr WorldPeace,

Prompted by a second automated phone message, I had to find your phone listing and call your office this morning to get more information. I'm glad I did.

I'll make this brief: Your platform as described in your "Issues" links is compelling and persuasive, particularly your positions on religion, school prayer, abortion, same-sex marriage, minimum wage, and English only. I'm not in total agreement with you on some points, but all together, yours is a refreshingly (and in some senses, startlingly) practical view of government, and the sort of reason I'd like to see used by my leaders.

I'm going to send everyone I know your URL, and I'll be keeping an eye on you as your campaign gathers momentum. You've got my sincerest best wishes, and as yet, my support.
Brian Bain >>

I want to thank you for your kind words. 

More than that I was very glad to see that you understood that even though I changed my name to WorldPeace and even though I am a philosopher of sorts in that I view all things globally, I am a practical person. From the practice of law, I have no illusions of how people deal with each other after they leave church on Sunday morning. I understand that carrying concealed weapons creates paranoia but that the population demands it. I understand that after all the rhetoric, people are still focused on raising their families, being paid more, paying less taxes and generally being happy. 

My viewpoint is that we can make things better and we should. But we cannot build a perfect world ever. And the vast majority of people are only comfortable with gradual change.

So while I will continue to push for increasing the peace and harmony in society, I will remain conscious of not getting too far ahead of everyone.


John WorldPeace