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Date: 5/1/01 10:58:25 PM Central Daylight Time
From: John WorldPeace

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Date: 4/24/01 6:01:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (marius schmeding)

Dear John Worldpeace,
My name is Marius Schmeding and I am a Senior student at the High School of 
Alcona, Michigan.

I have that one class here, which is required for all Seniors in order to 
graduate. It is called "Senior Project". All Seniors get split into groups 
of three students each and all these groups have to do research over one 
semester and prepare a presentation about a topic, which is chosen by each 
group individually. At the end of the school year each group has 20 minutes 
to present its "stuff" in front of a big audience.

My two partners and me chose the International Space Station as our topic 
and that is why I am writing you this letter.

We thought this topic is great because it is interesting and there is much 
we can talk about, but especially because one guy in our group is a Swiss 
exchange student and me myself am a German exchange student. So the ISS fits 
pretty good to us because we are "international".

Yesterday I found your Website with the poem about the ISS and its relation 
to worldpeace. A big part of our presentation will be on the international 
thing of the ISS and how it contributes to the peaceful cooperation between 
nations on earth. So I found your Website very interesting and I was 
wondering if you would be willing to cooperate a little with us.
It would be basically, that you could tell us by e-mail your opinion about 
the International Space Station and why you think it it important for the 
peace on earth.
The greatest would even be, if we could hook up a small interview with you 
on the phone. That would give our presentation the right spice.

My group and I would be very glad, if you could reply quick and tell us what 
you hink about this idea.
Please excuse any mistakes in my writing, but as I said, I'm just a foreign 
exchange student :-)

Marius Schmeding

and also Gloria and Mauro >>

Dear Marius, Gloria and Mauro,

If you want to talk by telephone, just let me know when you are available and I will call you. I will need a phone number of course.

Also, I am running for governor of Texas in 2002. The elections are in November 2002. My political web page is at in case you are interested.

"It would be basically, that you could tell us by e-mail your opinion about 
the International Space Station and why you think it it important for the 
peace on earth."

With the ISS WorldPeace humanity has broken the bonds of earth. For the first time there are people who are not completely tied to the earth. From the space station we will begin to move out to the planets and stars. The truth is that with genetic engineering we will eventually design a human being that will be better adapted to space. This will take a little time but human beings adapt very well. 
But that is not what you asked is it?

The ISS WorldPeace has no real boundaries and yet I read today that Mr. Tito could not go into the USA section of ISS WorldPeace because NASA was against him being there. Isn't it ridiculous that NASA has carried all this pettiness into space. But Americans tend to think they own the entire earth anyway so why not the whole space station even though they did not pay for all of it.

The fact that there is an orbiting man made star that everyone on the earth can look up and see as a reminder of our ability to cooperate is very unifying. We can look up at the sky and we can see a house that more than one nation built. A house from which all of humanity will leave for the stars. 

It is a new beginning and it is fitting that it happened at the beginning of the Third Millennium. If people would just begin to refer to it as WorldPeace then every time someone looked at it passing overhead, they would have to think about WorldPeace. It could be a man made star of hope: the hope of peace on earth. 

How much more inspiring could it be to look up and see that humanity came together and build a house in the sky that proved that we could all work together in peace. Think about it. If you look up in the night sky and see this very bright star orbiting and knew that there were people in there working for the betterment of humanity and that the house within which they were living was the house of WorldPeace. You cannot have thoughts about such things, you cannot consider such things without having some emotion: that up there in the heavens we have placed the star of WorldPeace.

If you will begin to email all your friends about calling the ISS WorldPeace and if you tell them to pass it on and if you tell them that you as children of the Third Millennium, children from all over the world, have determined to name the ISS WorldPeace, that you demand that there be WorldPeace, that you dedicate your lives to WorldPeace, it would happen. 

You children of the Third Millennium have the power. You have the right because the future belongs only to you. You can do this and I pray that you do. WorldPeace is a possible dream and if that dream could be attached to the ISS WorldPeace, the vision would be there for everyone. Only children can lead the world to peace. Only children carry the hope of WorldPeace.

The ISS WorldPeace is an idea whose time has come. If you accept the vision, if you determine to call the ISS WorldPeace, no one can stop you, and the dream of WorldPeace will become a reality. If children look into the heavens and see the star of WorldPeace and determine that they will not kill or harm other human beings because of their race or religion or nationality, if before you harm someone or say a hurtful word, if you think about the star of WorldPeace set into the sky like a diamond, I assure you that WorldPeace will become a reality.

When the dream of peace becomes our priority, then WorldPeace will become our reality.

Very sincerely,

John "The Peaceman" WorldPeace
All I am saying is give WorldPeace a chance.