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<< Subj: Stop leaving messages on my answering machine
Date: 6/8/01 10:21:02 AM Central Daylight Time

Look Sparky, once is humorous, but four times is excessive. I have no idea
as to how you got my phone number, especially since I've been a registered
REPUBLICAN since 1978 (and voted that way for nearly as long). Just stop
calling, okay?

Your views are not mine, especially the whole "citizen of the world" stuff.
I'm sorry, but the only way I view a world government is if it is under
AMERICAN control. I'm an American and feel that it is my manifest destiny
right to spread AMERICAN VALUES, POLICIES, DOCTRINE, and FREEDOM to the rest of the world. I've read your website and have quickly realized that you are
one of those liberals who feel guilty about the blessings you've received
simply by being born in this country.

Global warming is a farce. If you had a SCIENTIFIC background, you'd know
this. I won't go into that can of worms in this e-mail simply because you'd
never read it and probably delete (and I'd STILL get your messages on my
answering machine).

I plan on supporting Governor Perry in 2002. I wouldn't support you if you
had a Texas flag tattooed on your forehead. Get a grip, okay?


Houston, TX >>

Hey Billy, I know you "my country right or wrong guys" have a plan for the world, sort of like Hitler planned a thousand year Reich. I know that cigarettes do not cause cancer, the world is not getting warmer, and we can still drink right out of the streams and rivers in AMERICA, and the air is just fine, and we have to kill off the rest of the 5.75 billion people on the planet because they are cutting down all the trees and eating all the fish and killing all the endangered species, and AIDS is just an African problem, and the National Parks should be subdivided after we decide where all the oil wells and nuclear waste is going, and when you get right down to it, who in the hell are we going to be able to kill if there is WorldPeace. Jesus, what would we do if we could not find a race or nation to die so that our boys in the military can have some real war stories of their own to tell. (By the way I did my time in the Army and my three sons did their time in the Marines. You did not say what branch of the service you were in.) And all those people of color and women griping about equal rights. What a joke, right? I know that you treat all blacks equally don't you? And the Bible says that women must serve there husbands. What other authority is there? If God says women are inferior, then who are you to argue, right?

Well Billy boy, now that we have that worked out, why don't you send me your telephone number so that I can put you on my "lost cause, do not call list". In September, there will be a statewide no call list and for $3.00 you can put your name on it and no one will ever call your cave and confuse you with the facts again. Ain't Texas great. God bless Texas.

The next governor of Texas,
John WorldPeace