To "g_T_f_" whoever you are!

gTf: our future governor!!! 
gTf: ( actually in Rick Perry's office today it didn't seem like they give you much chance...but who knows...after working there for 6 months I've yet to be good luck!!!) 


Sorry I missed your IM. I stay on line most of the day even when I am doing something else. But I also keep the speakers turned off; there is just too much going on around the office even at 10:00 pm. Consequently I did not know you had contacted me.

What is interesting to me is that Mr. Perry did a fly over of Houston the other day but I do not remember seeing his face in the Chronicle. It is like no one wants to print his picture. It is very strange. Maybe they think he has moved too far to the left for them. He sure did not get much of a profile during the Legislative session. He was being dragged around by the likes of Rodney Ellis. And when Bush was in Austin promoting the Bob Bullock event, ole Rick did not get any press here on that either.

It seems that he is just wallpaper. One thing that no one has ever accused me of being. 

I am interested in your remarks. It would seem that if they are talking about me at all, I have their attention. Ole Mayor Brown thought I was silly when I ran the dialers on him the first time a few months ago. But he is not laughing now. I am working with a potential councilman right in the heart of one of the two black districts in Houston and we are hurting him. 

I have to laugh though because several people thought that I was running for the governor of Houston because of my phone calls. No one here can understand why a candidate for governor wants to take on the Mayor of Houston. Actually he is a do nothing kind of guy and I am trying to show the other candidates for governor what they can expect in the coming months from WorldPeace.

If you read my web page, you know why I am going to win. The nation as a whole was left of center even though George won from the right. But when he tried to use a left of center vote as a far right of center mandate he got burned real bad. He should have paid closer attention to Newt's firey end.

This state is going back to the Democrats. I understand that Perry has always run a well financed and organized campaign. But I will make him take a stand on abortion, education, campaign finance, and criminal justice and family law issues. He will be forced to answer questions that politicians avoid. Sanchez will disappear shortly and Marty is even more boring than Perry. When I think of Marty I think of Bruce Springsteen's "Glory days". Marty peaked in college football.

What Rick does not understand is that I am where I am by just running dialers in Houston. I call everyone twice a month. Where do you think I would be right now if I had been dialing in Austin, SA and DFW. I would be ahead of Rick in the polls and the other two Poser Democrats (Marty and Tony) would not even be a blip.

In addition, I have spoken to right wing groups as well as blacks and hispanics and I have always gotten a strong ovation at the end. So I know I can appeal to the vast majority of voters on both sides of the fence. I will become governor with 82% of the vote.

When people say they are not worried, they are usually worried. People that are not worried don't talk about what they are not worried about. 

I will be governor, you can bet on it. Tell me how much money it will take for Perry to override me calling everyone in the state for a full year before the election next November. He does not have enough money to neutralize me. And after our first one on one, it will all be over. Believe me. I have been dealing with people one on one with their personal problems for 30 years. I sold insurance, then did accounting and taxes and then the law. In each one of these areas I was dealing with people's most important problems. I have a lot of time at the grass roots level. And I did a lot of pro bono work. None of these other boys can even spell "pro bono".

When I get going, you will see a Huey Long and Harry Truman on the campaign trail and the people will see old Abe's morality and JFK (without the bucks) memory all mixed up with the tenaciousness of Gandhi. Watch and see. 

Old Rick is going to have to beat a southern conservative white boy with a hippy liberal name. He is going to have to beat someone who can connect at all levels of the social pyramid. He is going to have to beat a down to earth intellectual. He is going to have to run against a minimalist that promotes controlled greed. He is going to have to pit his special interests against the rank and file of all the people. He is going to have to run against WorldPeace for Christ's sake. How in the hell can anyone run against WorldPeace?

Thanks for the IM. I had a good time responding. 

I am going to make you the same promise that I made my wife before we got married. I promised not to bore her to death. Not a promise that Rick, Marty or Tony can make.

The Peaceman