To the "Texas Observer" and who ever else gives a damn.

There is a revolution (revelation) going on in Houston. It is centered on the John WorldPeace campaign for governor.

The hub of the WorldPeace campaign is the old sixties mantra of equality and justice for ALL. If you use equality and justice as a template, then all the solutions to the other social and governmental problems trickle down.

There is still a misplaced belief that the WorldPeace campaign is a joke. But I can assure you that neither I nor my campaign is a joke. The people are fed up and they are looking for a change. The Democratic Party is run by Molly Beth an ex Republican and she is whoring after another ex-Republican? Tony Sanchez. (The guy of the infamous death threat letter, the $350 K supporter of Bush, the one who helped defeat Ann Richards). Sanchez is allegely going to bring in $25 million for his campaign and that will bring out the hispanic vote which will make the difference in many of the state races. (I am a simple man. If the Democratic Party is in shambles you get rid of the leader.) 

Then we have the "glory days" Marty Akins. Well, let me tell you that I turned my telephone banks on Marble Falls last week and called everyone in this little Texas berg 6 times in 7 days. And here is what I found out. 1) Marty gave George W. $5,000 and expected to buy into the RR Commisioners job. Bush gave the job to Michael Williams and Marty threw a fit and swore revenge. Said he would quit the party and run against the Republicans. So Marty is a Democrat for revenge. 2) Marty has a short fuse bad temper. He regularly makes an unmitigated ass of himself at his daughter's basketball games and goes out of his way to humiliate referees. But one referee called the police and had him removed from the stadium. 3) The vast majority of people would not vote for Marty for dog catcher and two people used those exact words in their emails to me. 4) Marty is selling his ranch which is run by numerous illegals and moving to Horseshoe Bend. 5) Marty is a mason ( which I used to be but when I changed my name in 1988 to WorldPeace I withdrew from everything I belonged to including the Masons, Mensa and the Methodist Church) but the Masons have said they would not vote for him. 6) Darrell Royale says that no one can reason with Marty. The overall consensus is that Marty is a first class bully and an overall jerk. (and by the way his side kick, Billy Horton, is a worser case scenario)

Now we know why the Democratic party elite do not let Marty speak at their functions. They are trying to send him a message that he is not welcomed: that just because the party mascot is a jackass they are not going to endorse a human assh---.

So that leaves WorldPeace. WorldPeace is a Democrat. WorldPeace will take the majority of the women vote on the equality issue. He will not take the far right Christian women who believe women belong in the home in service to their husbands. WorldPeace will take the black vote. WorldPeace will take the hispanic vote because the voting hispanic population will see that Tony is a Judas goat bringing them to the polls to swing the other statewide offices to the Democrats knowing that Tony does not have a dog's chance in Hell of becoming governor even if he spent $200 million. WorldPeace will take the liberal white vote. WorldPeace will take the Christian moderate vote. And WorldPeace will bring out a whole new group of first time voters, the college kids - Remember the 72 election?. Not to mention the fact that people will vote for WorldPeace, the man and WorldPeace the global referendum. The only thing left for Perry will be the far right white Christian vote. In the end, WorldPeace 90% and Perry 10%.

There is a question as to why no polls have come out since the Star Telegram poll several months ago. That poll showed WorldPeace at 13%, Akins at 15% and Sanchez down to 17% against Perry's 55%. Now don't ya'll think that those rich guys Sanchez and Akins (and Perry too) have run polls. And don't you think that if they were ahead they would have published them. You damn skippy they would have. But the fact is that WorldPeace is ahead and moving farther out every day. WorldPeace has a lock on Houston and that goes for Perry, Akins and Sanchez. And on Tuesday WorldPeace went on KRBE 104.1 in Houston and lit a fire for his campaign. Everyone knows about WorldPeace in Houston. Just ask around.

John Williams and Bill Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle know this. And they have refused to even mention WorldPeace in any governor related articles because WorldPeace has gone after Tilman Fertitta of Landry's Restaurants and Lee Brown (and shortly Joel Olsteen and Brown over the Christianization of the Compaq Center) Brown will be the last politician to step into office on the backs of the black community and then turn a deaf ear to their needs. District B is an 1850's place comparable only to the heart of Africa. Streets are in bad disrepair (but Lanier and his boys used all that asphalt to built speed bumps in the rich areas), houses burn all the way to the ground because the fire department does not respond, and murders go for over a week before they are investigated not to mention that police cars don't even patrol there to any real degree. District B and D have not changed for decades. And Brown, Sheila Jackson Lee, Rodney Ellis and others are going to be held accountable. 

WorldPeace is working to see to it that Kurtyce Cole is elected councilman District B in addition to rekindling the civil rights movement. It is time to pick up and finish Dr. King's dream. The rape of black Houston is at an end. When the blacks are uplifted all of society is uplifted. When the tide of equality and justice comes in, all the people (hisanics and women) will be lifted up.

And by the way, why is the Republican incumbent, Rick Perry, running ads sixteen months prior to the campaign. Duh! Do you think it has to do with the fact that WorldPeace has a lock on Houston and when worldPeace starts calling into DFW and SA and Austin, Perry is finished. Perry is running ads because he is sccaaaarrrrrrrred. And George is concerned that the is going to lose Texas to the Democrats.

I have a simple campaign. Call everyone and call them often. You can block me out of the papers, you can keep me off tv, you can keep me off the radio but you cannot keep me from calling everyone in this state. I will be governor. People are going to vote for WorldPeace. Look for a miracle. The revelation has begun: The people are fed up and they are not going to take it anymore. The days of buying public office are on their way out. Texas is going Democratic with WorldPeace leading the way.


July 4, 2001
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