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Just a note to give you a couple of comments. First glance is its a cure all for the state of Texas.>>
No. Just a more dynamic consideration of the many problems we face than is proposed by the other candidates.

<< Deeper reading suggests that you might be a Republican basher while campaigning then push some of the conservative issues after you are elected. >>
I cannot respond to generalities. I am an equal opportunity basher (or promoter) if you will. I am an independent who identifies more with the Democrats than the Republicans and who intends to be elected governor; and therefore is not affiliated with a third party whose goal is to make a statement.

<< I did NOT see very much about energy or your policy on energy in your web page. I seemed to understand from a comment or two that "Big Oil" might be a big problem for you.>>
This state is an oil producing state and it is not my intention to ignore that fact. We will need oil for some time into the future and Texas is one of the world leaders in the exploration and production of fossil fuels. I intend to keep us in that position.

<< Do you believe in more energy independence or less energy independence? >>
I do not believe there is a such thing as energy independence. We are dependent on foreign oil and no matter how much we produce here, we are still going to be dependent.

<<Tie this into the environment in DETAIL. >>
If the technology is there to safely drill offshore then I am for it. However, I would require the drilling company to buy insurance to pay for any potential damage. I would also encourage the development of technology that would be able to quickly respond to any catastrophe. I would probably not allow drilling in an area where there could be irreparable damage to a unique ecosystem. I would probably be reluctant to drill in the national parks.

<< What are your thoughts on the energy issues in California at this time? >>
California was stupid. You cannot mandate price controls at the retail level and not at the production and wholesale level. It astounds me that a whole state could be that stupid. We need to help California with loans and energy but with the understanding that the money will have to be paid back. It would be a loan and not a gift. I see no reason why the rest of the nation should have to pay for people in California to have cheap energy.

<< Are the Texan power companies and Republicans really screwing the Californians as Governor Davis is shouting or is this more political posturing?>>
I think Texas power companies and others are simply trying not to go down with the California ship. California screwed itself. To point the finger at anyone else is nonsense.

<< Remember that MANY voters in the state of Texas are employed by energy related businesses. I am one of those voters. I have seen boom and bust. >>
As have I. I am an native Houstonian.

<< Sometimes I don't believe some of the political mouth pieces and press are really educated on energy and what is really does for the people of the US "Big Oil" as well as other oil companies and support companies do more than put gasoline in the cars and heat homes.>>
The oil companies are no greater or lesser abusers of the public than any other monster industry.

<< I do not suggest that all oil companies are perfect, however I believe they are a long way from being the cause of major problems in the US as suggested in many political circles.>>
Big business is about making a profit. I am for controlled greed. I am for the lumber companies but not for allowing them to cut down every tree on the planet.

<< Anyway, I am now off my soap box. You probably will not get my vote.>.
I think I will because the other candidates do not have the ability to understand or come up with creative answers to seemingly insolvable problems that confront society.

<< I agree with some of your positions on the issues but not all. >>
If you are 51% with me then you should vote for me. I am an independent. I beleive the answers to most problems lie in a position between the extremes.

<< I have voted conservatively when I voted and will probably continue on that line. >>
You will not be able to vote a pure conservative position with me. You will have to vote independent and common sense and what is best for the majority of the people.

<< If your intention is to get the readers' interest and make them think, it worked with me. >>

My intention is to show the citizens of this state that I am hard working, intelligent and determined to find solutions to complex problems without the baggage of some intransigent political party affiliation.

Thanks for your input.

John WorldPeace
The next governor or Texas