No More Confederate Flags in Publicly Funded Places

Between now and the time I am elected governor, I will do everything I can to bring down the Confederate Battle Flag in publicly funded places. If I have not accomplished this goal by the time I am sworn into office, my first official act as governor of Texas will be to sign an executive order prohibiting the flying of the Confederate Flag on the premises of any publicly funded place. It is my hope that all private establishments will voluntarily refuse to fly the Confederate Battle Flag.

I believe that the Confederate Battle Flag is as much of an abomination to Black Americans as the Nazi Flag is to the Jews even though the Jewish Holocaust lasted only ten years compared to the Black Holocaust in America which lasted three hundred years.

The Confederate Battle Flag represents the horrific immorality and extreme cruelty of three hundred years of slavery in America.

In Laredo, Texas, hometown of Don Sanchez, the Laredo International Airport flies the Confederate Flag and has placed the flag in the tile work on the floor of the airport terminal. This airport was built about three years ago when Fredrico Pena was the United States Transportation secretary. In addition, the Laredo Morning Times also has the Confederate Flag as part of its masthead (logo).

There are about 100 Blacks of non-Hispanic origin currently living in Laredo which makes Laredo to South Texas what Vidor with its 8 Blacks is to East Texas. Blacks are openly unwelcomed in either city.

The Texas Democratic Party cannot afford to put forward a gubernatorial candidate from Laredo. And this especially goes for Don Sanchez who despite his vast wealth has done virtually nothing to speak out against the Black racism in Laredo. The citizens of Texas in general and the Black citizens of Texas can never endorse or vote for Don Sanchez.

The Civil War mentality will not be tolerated in WorldPeace's administration and the Confederate Battle Flag as a representation of that mentality will be forever retired so as not to further humiliate or subordinate the Black citizens of this state or the Black persons who choose to visit Texas. The Civil War is over. God bless the South's honored dead.

I do not intend to rewrite history. I do not intend to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from Civil War monuments. I do not intend to remove plaques from public buildings.   I do not advocate reparations to the descendants of slaves. I do not intend to restrict the private or personal display of the Confederate Battle Flag.

By taking down the Confederate Battle Flag from publicly funded places, I do intend to keep faith with those men and women both Black and White who suffered and died in support of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery in the United States of America.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas.

John WorldPeace

July 28, 2001