Subj: Re: No more Confederate Flags in Publicly Funded Places
Date: 7/29/01 5:27:46 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Grady Wilkinson)

What about the flying of the Mexican Flag in Public Places. I find that
Subj: (no subject)
Date: 8/3/01 7:28:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Duckey8605
To: John WorldPeace

I wanted to email you about the Confederate Flag issue. You were saying that It was an abomination and that It must come down. When I heard this, I was hurt, I respect your views on this and I hope you will respect mine. My views on this go in a totally different direction, I have been born and raised in Texas my whole life, I am only fourteen, but in that period of time, I have learned about slavery and the civil war and the Rebel Flag and have conducted views and opinions of this like this on my own. Usually I would get extremely angry and just say anything that came to mind but I realize that solving things with anger does nothing. I hope what I have to say will have you thinking about this. You see, to me, the Confederate flag is my heritage, my history, and even though terrible things happened while people went by it, It's something I can be proud of, something I can stand behind and say, "This is me" The reason I'm proud of it, is not because our ancestors had plantations and slaves and fought to keep the South it's own nation, but because when they fought they fought for what they believed in, even if it was wrong. I believe that when you believe in something, you stand your ground, you let people know that this is what you believe in and you'll fight for it, and no matter what people take away or what they say is going to make me believe otherwise. And I'm proud of my ancestors for that. Thank you for taking you time to read this, because I believe that everyone's voice deserves to be heard. Thank you.
~Courtney L. ~ 

Subj: keep me informed
Date: 8/4/01 8:54:40 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Warren)

Please do not remove my phone number from your data base. Because I am a staunch Republican, and in order to work for your defeat I need to know where you stand on the issues. Even though I was born and raised in the north I believe that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of a time in our country where right prevailed. And a reminder of mans inhumanity to man can be.

Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 8/5/01 1:07:45 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (John Bush)

Mr. Worldpeace,

I recieved one of your phone messages asking me to support you in your 
campaign for Governor of Texas in the next election and I was appauled at 
what I heard you say about the Confederate flag! I am a teacher of American 
History in Houston and also a Southerner, and contary to what the media and 
certain hate groups say, the Confederate flag was not a symbol of the hatred 
of a race but a symbol of the preservation of State's Rights guaranteed by 
our forefathers in the Constitution. The Confederate flag also represents a 
stand against the tyranny and oppression of an unconstitutional governing 
body that tried to take away the freedoms guaranteed to the citizens of this 
country. This is not just an opinion I have, but historical fact that can 
be documented in all the sources from the era on both sides, whether in 
government documentation or letters written by the soldiers who fought and 
died for the institutions that are country was founded on. I know that 
certain groups have perverted the Confederate flag into a symbol of hatred 
over the years, but these same groups also carry with them the Holy Bible 
and the Flag of the United States of America. Are these symbols to be 
viewed as those of hatred as well? As an educator and a citizen of this 
country who believes in equality for all persons, no matter what their 
ethnicity or religious background, I feel that our mission should be to 
inform the public of the truth and not continue to dishonor the men and 
women of all colors and backgrounds who lived and died for the cause of the 

Sincerely, John Bush


Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 8/9/01 5:24:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Shawn Lafferty)

The confederate flag stands for southern pride and heritage, not racism and hatred. I'm neither a redneck or a racist and happen to believe that the confederate flag reminds us of our past. I happen to be a software developer that is paid very well and don't like people like you wasting my time with political messages on my voice mail. I will do my best to assure that Governor Perry retains his current position, as a matter of fact I will voice my distaste for you to all I know in my office downtown. 

Shawn Lafferty
Subj: No More Phone Calls
Date: 8/11/01 6:57:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Joseph Cobb)

Please remove my numbers from your calling list.
As a Southern White, all four of whose Great Grandfathers fought for the Confederacy, I find your comments about the Confederate flag offensive in the extreme. You are a traitor to your race, but like most traitors, I expect you are, or hope to be, well paid for it.
Joe Cobb

Subj: confederate flag
Date: 8/14/01 5:02:22 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Zane Carson)
To: ('')

I received your phone call regarding removing the confederate flag. The
flag is a visible sign of our history. You can not erase the past by
removing a flag. You may want to consider the strategy the Jewish people
have taken regarding the Holocaust. They are vigilant in their efforts to
make certain no one forgets the atrocities their people experienced. They
have worked very hard over the years to expose the past to keep people from
forgetting about it. The Holocaust was an unimaginable horror, but they
don't parade around in anger. Instead they keep the situation in front of
us all to make sure history is never repeated and we don't forget what they
endured as a race how and they have risen about it and prospered.

It is time to stop perpetuating the racial black/versus white propaganda.
No one is proud that slavery is part of our part of our past, but it is and
we need to learn about it and understand it, not erase it. The blacks
survived a horrendous ordeal and should take pride in where they are and
what they have overcome, like the Jewish people have. I would well imagine
you are taking this platform to gain the black votes, not because you care.
As a politician, you have a wonderful opportunity to bring people together
and build on the collective successes of your voters, not keep the racial
hatred going. 

You Mr. John Worldpeace, are doing absolutely nothing to bring peace in this
country. It is narrow minded, self serving people like you that keep the
segregation going in peoples hearts and minds. I will do everything in my
power to make sure anyone but you wins the race. I have been involved in
politics my entire life, as both my parents were, and am glad to have a
political mission. 

Zane Carson

Subj: One more thing
Date: 8/14/01 8:32:22 AM Central Daylight Time

You may not publish this on your website or in any other media. This is a
private communication from me to you only.

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 08:19:41 -0500
To: <>
Subject: you, your telemarketing campaign, your agenda, your web site

Mr. World Peace - ( I can't even type that without snickering )

After many an unsolicited, hebetudinous computer call touting your many
distinctions and praises, I decided to find you on the web and research you
for myself.

I must say that your website is about what I thought it would be - full of
rampant hypocrisy. For example, you claim to be 'conservative' and
Christian, yet you champion the gay agenda by being a proponent of same sex
marriage, a blatantly obvious affront to Christianity. (I could go on, but
I realize that this note will more than likely garner no response beyond
perhaps a computerized form letter, so I won't waste more time).

Your computerized telephone marketing is obnoxious, patronizing, full of
half-truths, and not at all persuasive. Your speaking style in your
prerecorded messages makes you sound as if you are half asleep - big turn
off right there. If one manages to get past this most obvious aspect of
your monotonous diatribe, the message you purport to deliver lacks
credibility - it sounds like you are just whining; the issues that you
espouse ring hollow and lack weight - they sound trite and contrived. Take
this as constructive criticism: you should have a pro read your marketing
messages. Your voice is simply not good for recorded media. It lacks
character and authority. Spend the bucks and get a reader with a commanding
radio presence.

[BTW, before I forget: as per our state laws against harassment via
telemarketing, I demand that you remove my phone number from all of your
lists, not limited to but including your auto-telemarketing list.

My phone number is 281-647-9174

I've already called your office this morning and left the same message
regarding the removal of my number, but it has been my experience that
telemarketers need to be told more than once. ]

Moreover, I've never heard of you but for your indefatigable telephone
campaign (and I am much more familiar than the average voter with political
issues - not bragging, just a fact). Your lack of notoriety indicates that
you aren't even a serious contender yet. You should find a better way to
get your name out than telemarketing. Most folks I know find telemarketing
nothing more than an impersonal annoyance. My (long-winded at this point)
response is atypical for this segment of the voting populace, I'm sure. Go
out and meet the folks, do something personal and meaningful rather than
load everyone's voice-mail with audio spam. Telemarketing just perpetuates
the impersonal and out-of-touch stereotype that is the Achilles' Heel of all

In closing, I'd like to point out that I've been discussing your agenda, not
you personally. Consider this free advice and constructive criticism. Of
course, you won't succeed with your platform and agenda, but if you make the
changes I've pointed out, you will at least reach more voters and make a
bigger splash in the local body politic instead of being just another


Subj: your damn phonecalls
Date: 8/14/01 6:17:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Brian Bartz)

As a student of the civil war, I'm tired of hearing it being blamed on
slavery. The Confederacy did not stand for slavery, it stood against
BIG GOVERNMENT stepping in and telling the states how to run things, a
platform used by many of TODAY'S politicos. I object to you sending out
messages playing the race card of the Confederate Flag, and the
rewriting of history to suit political correctness. What's next? Your
support of Ebonics?

If you're so concerned about slavery, why don't you do something about
the slavery going on today? Right there in Africa. Or is Black owning
and selling of other Blacks OK?

Take me off your phone list until you start researching your positions,
and not just choosing them to get votes. 281 335 1823

Brian Bartz

Subj: Please Stop Calling my Number
Date: 8/14/01 6:12:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Shanghai13
To: John WorldPeace

Dear Mr. World Peace,
I am not worried about you winning the election for Gov. as I doubt you could be elected Mayor of El Campo. (Even with your family ties). What does bother me is your incessint babblings that are left on my answering machine.
As far as your campaign against the honorable battle flag of the Confederate States of America, some of us happen to be extremely proud of our Southern and Confederate backgrounds. We fly the Stars and Bars with pride on our Ranch and I am striving to have it flown at the Post Office in the town of Pierce also. A small gesture at best, but still a gesture against bleeding heart, revisionists such as yourself. I suppose you believe in reparations also.
If there isn't some law or ordinance to make you cease and desist leaving your foolhardy and obnoxious messages on people's, who detest the ideas you stand for, answering machines there should be. I will be doing the research to find out. As for my number 713-528-2112, please never have it called again.

Steven S. Armour
Subj: You must be Joking!
Date: 8/15/01 9:28:51 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Kmetz, Kevin)
To: ('')

Hey John,
Please don't ever leave a solicitation call at my number again! Now that
this has requested in a written format, you can be liable. A lawsuit would
defeat the purpose of collecting campaign dollars, don't you think?

No. 2.
The Confederate flag: Grow up.
By itself stands for the honor of the people of the South and their
forefathers. It is sad that such cowardice groups such as the KKK have
adopted this as one of their "symbols". That is another "feel good" issue in
which you Democrats confuse with slavery and has nothing to due with
demeaning people of color. As far as history goes, I will remind you that
all of the slave ships where flying the "stars and stripes." What's next
John, removal of old glory from all the government offices in our wonderful,
Great State of Texas? Good Luck! It is a historic, symbol of pride,
period. You should move on to issues that matter to people, today.

I have to agree with you that that our current Mayor of Houston, "out of
town, Brown" has not done much for the community besides lip service, bad
money management, raised taxes and annexed Kingwood despite their
disapproval, lost one million in computers moving the city hall, took a
speech class on the taxpayers dime, (without good results, I may add) taken
a trip to invest in Nigerian land and oil on the taxpayers dime, promoted a
toy 350 million- dollar Metro train for seven miles, refused to give the
police and firefighters a cost of living raise in the year 2000,and on and
Chris Bell? 

See you at the voting booth this fall,

Kevin Kmetz
Registered voter

Subj: What Chance have ya got?
Date: 8/16/01 11:38:56 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Matthew Hiller)
To: ('')

I have been getting messages on my phone from your organization, it is time
that they stopped.
I am deeply offended by the last message regarding the confederate flag, it
is not a flag representing slavery, rather it represents a part of our
history where certain states were bound together in a common interest in
preserving the rights of states.
A little study in history of the period will teach you that the Dutch were
the main traders of slaves and that most slaves were sold into slavery to
the Dutch by fellow Africans. As a matter of FACT the slave trade still
exists in Africa.
I would suggest doing some more research more making exaggerated claims.
While i deeply respect the rights of every individual to their opinions i
must draw the line when history is misrepresented.
You do both yourself and the integrity of history a misdeed when making
claims that are simply not correct.

Matthew L. Hiller
IT Recruiter
Platinum Solutions
5600 NW Central Dr. # 202
Houston TX 77092
(713) 462-6414


Subj: hideous phone message
Date: 8/16/01 12:02:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Merrell, Emily)
To: ('')

If you want to clean up Texas, you can start with ending the ridiculous and
annoying practice of leaving prerecorded messages on people's answering
machines. It doesn't make me want to vote for you. Quite the opposite.
Secondly, it is so transparently obvious that your whole platform is geared
toward swaying the minority vote in your favor whether you believe in your
platform or not. It is a widely held belief that the Confederate flag is a
symbol of Southern Heritage and not racist in any way. To compare it to the
Nazi flag is sheer ignorance on your part. You are probably one of those
lunatics who favors slavery reparations. Well, I may not be an avid
Confederate Flag supporter, but I think your stance is purely for the sake
of getting votes. You can be assured that you don't have mine.

Emily Merrell
Bechtel Corporation, Project Engineer
11W813 / MS077 713-235-2721


Subj: Inreguards to your phone campaign
Date: 8/20/01 4:40:56 PM Central Daylight Time

Hello John,
I see by your web site you are an educated white lawyer. You really
did NO home work on the main topic of your campaign, the Confederate
battle flag.
1. The Confederate battle flag was only recognized during the years of
the civil war when there was a confederacy 1861 through 1865.
2. It never once flew on a slave ship.
3. Slavery was started in 1620 and every slave that was brought into
America was brought by a northern ship flying the STARS AND STRIPES !!
4. In 1861 Abraham Lincoln proposed the thirteenth amendment. This said
Congress shall not have the power to interfere with any institution
within any state including those held to labor or service by the laws of
that state. In other words he proposed any state with slaves can keep
5. The civil war was not started due to slavery, but states rights. If
Abraham Lincoln was so much against slavery and wanted to abolish it why
did he wait until June 13 1863 to inact the Emancipation Proclamation.
6. Please read " Abraham Linclon,The Man of The People" by Hapgood, on
page 273 he quotes Lincoln as saying "If I could save the Union without
freeing any slaves I would do it". He also said he had NO lawful right
to interfere with states that have slavery.
7 These were all quotes from a Northerner under the Stars and

John, as I listen to your campaign on the recorder, it sounds like you
are big into making this a RACIST campaign. You are trying to excite
the races against each other and even blacks against their own mayor and
his office.
Stop wasting your campaign money!! YOU will never make the



Subj: your pre-recorded message left on my machine
Date: 8/20/01 4:46:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (john pollock)

I can appreciate your wanting to drum up support for your candidacy, but enough is enough. I count five times you've left a recorded message with me and that alone is going to be enough for me not to vote for you, much less the content of your Yankee message! You should be more selective on who you call here in the great state of Texas Mr. John World Peace.someone might just tattoo the confederate flag on your forehead.......

Subj: Solicitations
Date: 8/21/01 6:46:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Ti Shuman)

alone will cause me to NOT cast a vote for you, or any candidate that you
support. The number is 713-995-8541.

FYI: The Confederate flag represents the belief in state's rights, not
slavery. While it is true that most states that believed in state's rights
also believed in slavery, the two items are separate. This is not analagous
to the Nazi flag, as your misleading utterings state. One of the prime
tenets of the Nazi movement was the establishment of a "master race". This
is completely different from the right to choose. I cannot back any
candidate that wants to take away the power of choice and dictate actions,
or put a limit on Constitutional free speech.


Subj: Spend your money elsewhere
Date: 8/21/01 6:57:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (c k)

Dear Mr. Answering Macine tape eater:

Do you like being bothered the minute you come in the door? Why don't you 
put your home and cell numbers on this site so everyone can annoy you when 
you are off?

Please get a new way to spend your money. You rank right up there with the 
nonproductive advertising companies when you leave long messages on people's 
machines in the evenings.

Today, I get home to listen to your two cent view on the rebel flag. I am 
so sick of hearing about the past, and it's racial tension days. We as a 
society are trying to move on, and live with each other in TODAY's society. 
Shame on you for picking such an ugly topic to cause you some attention.

You know the saying 'when someone likes something they hear/experience they 
tell nobody, but when they dislike something they tell EVERYONE?
Well, keep up the worthless messages, and I'll keep telling everyone how 
annoying you and the people you are rooting for are.....

Thank you,

Mr. At Home Wanting Peace man


Subj: your phony voice message
Date: 8/21/01 9:40:54 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Texasklassix
To: John WorldPeace

You are sickening. I have many intellegent black friends that are not whiners and they actually agreed with your ideas concerning Lee P. Brown, but to use the Confederate flag as a symbol like you care about the blacks sufferage, therefore "YOU WILL BRING IT DOWN" is really not fooling the intellegent people black or white. I despise the way blacks were treated just as the way the Jews and Irish were treated and killed many years ago, but let it go with your left wing radical self righteous crap. My mother is 77 years old and she was going to vote for you and your colleges, but after your phone message, she decided otherwise. It is people like you that keep bringing up the past and creating hate just as the far right wing religious whako's do. When will people like you give credit to the voters and create your votes on intellectual levels instead of utilizing your discusting tactics. The people could unite if they had leaders the would attempt to unite them instead of using the dividing factors. What will you do next, go after the Texas Flag with the Lone Star because the Mexicans were defeated. May be a good idea for you radicals to get some Mexican votes. 


Subj: confederate flag
Date: 8/22/01 8:30:22 PM Central Daylight Time
From: PinkyLA67
To: John WorldPeace



Subj: No Subject
Date: 8/23/01 5:28:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From: GG auntAnn
To: John WorldPeace

John, lighten up! The Confederate Flag has nothing to do with racial discrimination as far as most Southerners are concerned. People who in no way support slavery, or discrimination of Blacks still take pride in being Southerners!
I also want you to know that I resent your having a machine call my home and interrupt my cooking for my family. If you want to tackle a real issue, how about "automated dialing"?
On the issue of Mayor Brown, I do have to agree with you. He definitely misrepresented himself as a Black and has done little to help "his" community.
I am very sensitive to discrimination of any race but I do think that some things are trumped up issues. Even the term "Afro-American" is not any more correct than my being called French/Irish/American. IF we want to eliminate discrimination then we have to eliminate such terms which only serve to separate us.
Ann biundo


Subj: sillyness
Date: 8/23/01 7:32:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JoeyReb
To: John WorldPeace

While you are taking down symbols of inhumanity and social injustice why don't you start with the Americna flag?


Subj: Gov. of Texas
Date: 8/24/01 1:30:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Cheryl Wroe)

Mr. World Peace,
I will be praying to God everynight that some of your nature will not be elected gov. of Texas. I am SICK and tired of YOUR propaganda being left on my answering machine. Remove my phone number from your list. The number is 281-495-0168. I hope the afrian amercian populace see thru you. You should trying being for all people....regardless of thier race, color, reglion, creed.... 

The confederate flag is a part of our history, and you or anyone else can't take that way. I notice that you are one the SLAVERY bandwagon... Funny how when votes are at stake people forget a few things....
1.) The civil war was about more than slavery...
2.) All people are suppose to be treated equal.. and your denying people part of thier history? OR do you just feel that only the afrian americans count? Aww i get it just thier votes count...
3.)Martin Luther King, who was a great man, fought for desegration.. Now it seems you want segration.. to cater to special groups.

Don't count on my vote or the votes of my family or friends.

Cheryl Ann Wroe
Systems Analyst - Adminstrative Applications
713/ 791-2071


Date: 8/24/01 5:38:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Joyce M. Authement)

do not call my house and leave your propaganda messages on my phone
anymore. I will consider it to be illegal and will notify the authorities
you are
encouraging graffitti. I like the rebel flag by the way, it is an
American icon
of history. it is a battle flag, not a political symbol of racism, what
the blacks
have done is racism. What they do all over the place is racism. Freedom
speech and expression is supposed to cover all of us. If you try to
outlaw the
rebel flag, then you will be tresspassing on our right of freedom of
speech and
expression and the freedom to preserve an American historical icon.

Subj: Campaign
Date: 8/27/01 12:05:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Vadamutt
To: John WorldPeace

To Whom It May Concern:

Please remove me from your call list! The telephone number is 210-497-1467.

I will NOT vote for you. I do not appreciate unsolicited phone calls. You are no better than a telemarketer.

Additionally, I WANT the Confederate Flag to remain. No, I am not a racist. The Confederate Flag is part of MY heritage. I am against reparations to descendents of slaves also. It is sad that slavery happened, but that is also a part of our whole nation's history. We learn from the past not to repeat it. Reparations will not change the past. Besides, for years, everyone in this great country and even greater State of Texas has been given equal opportunity. If anything the white person is held back. When I was in school, I applied for a grant. I was told that it was only for blacks. I applied for another and was told that since my mother who was single and raising three children on her own was working 3 jobs to put food on the table that I could not qualify. If we went on food stamps and let the state support us, then I could get help. Since we are white and trying to pay our own way, there was no help for us.

I am so sick of hearing about these people that want something for nothing! We all have to work for what we get, unless we are black or hispanic. They get everything given to them.

Take me off your list!

Thank you!

Subj: Confederate Flag in publicly funded places
Date: 8/28/01 4:04:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (soc84)

Dear Sir,
No, no you will not receive my vote, nor will any of the candidates you support. You obviously have no idea what the confederate flag stands for. It is heritage not hate. The confederate flag was a BATTLE flag originally used by the Confederate navy. This BATTLE flag was then adopted by the Confederate army. The reason it was used was to distinguish Union troops from Confederate troops because at the beginning of the war, they all had the same color uniforms. Also, the flag is raised in public because it is one of the "SIX flag over Texas". I'm sure you know of this. They stand for the six different countries that ruled over Texas. If you do not know them they are Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The Confederacy, and The United States of America. I hope you never gain any political power because you are too ignorant to ever be a leader of any kind. I will see to it that none of the people I know or come in contact will vote for you or the candidates you support. You are an insult to this state, and a pathetic excuse for a Texan.

Ben Perry

P.S.- If you wish to contact me you can e-mail me at


Subj: Your Recorded Message
Date: 8/28/01 9:14:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JasJhay
To: John WorldPeace

For one, I do not appreciate being called by a machine at my home at 9:00pm on a weekday. For another, if you knew anything about southern history, you would know that the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of slavery, and never was. As the granddaughter of an official Louisiana historian, and descendent of Civil War veterans, I have a very good account of this time period. Do your homework before you make ignorant statements like this. And no, I am not a racist or Neo-Nazi, or Klu Klux Klan member. Those people disgust me! I do believe that people of minority groups are treated unfairly and need to be protected from the people who would harm or deny those people the same rights as "white America". However, by hiding behind an ignorant statement like the one on your recording, you are not helping anyone. What does that do to end racism, increase job opportunities, or educational opportunities. NOTHING!!!! It's just a nonissue for you to hide behind so you don't have to face the real issues that need addressing. Not to mention, you are passing out false information!! Oh, and the other thing about putting up the ten commandments in court rooms, there is seperation of church and state. Why don't you try protecting the tenants of our Constitution instead of violating them. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and many other religions that might not find your ten commandments in a court room that impressive. Think before you throw out political buzz terms on a recording, and you might make a poor politician, but an honorable man. 

Subj: Do not call me again!!!!!!!!!
Date: 8/29/01 7:48:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (william e. overstreet)

The REBEL FLAG to me is touching my Heritage. I know that everything was not right then or occasionally now. I do not like the wearing of foreign traditional clothes or hats of people that now live in our American Society. They are in OUR COUNTRY now and must assume our customs and forget what they think we should do, are go BACK. No two ways. I am working for my Heritage and not their heritage. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME ANOTHER MESSAGE ON MY TELEPHONE (281) 855-2242. This e-mail is saved and will be forwarded to other people.


Subj: Flag
Date: 8/30/01 6:38:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MINGY20
To: John WorldPeace

John, I'm sorry I don't agree with you on the Confederate Flag. I am a white male 56 years old and I sure don't call myself a racist by any means. I have had black friends all my life. The Confederate Flag to me has become a symbol of the South, not the slave states. Today you have people talk about Rebels & Yanks just like two guys arguing Ford vs. Chevy. Today it's just Southern Pride, the Flag is what you make out of it. My wife has a delivery man come to where she works, he is black and he will tell you he has a Confederate Flag on his truck because he is proud to be from the South. The bookkeeper there is also black, she will tell you the black people should go back and read their history books because it was the black people in Africa going inland and bringing the people back to the coast and selling their own people into slavery. You can do away with the Flag and I guarantee it will change nothing except make people mad. The people that are racist will continue to be racist Flag or no Flag. There are things I don't agree with like anyone being able to burn the American Flag. Also a Nazi being able to run for President, but hey this is America, people are free to do about anything they want. My one other main pet peeve is the misuse of the word hero. Any sports figure, politician, or movie star are not heroes. A true Hero is someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty and puts his of her life on the line to help someone else. To me hero is the most misused word today.
Sorry to take up your time if you do spend the time to read this. I just had to say my piece because if you do away with the Flag I don't think it will change anything.

Thanks, Ron 


Subj: Your Run for Governor
Date: 9/10/01 2:33:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: TxCSA1861
To: John WorldPeace

Dear Mr. WorldPeace:

I am a proud citizen of the great Southern state of Texas! When I found out that you were planning on running for the Governor's position I had one major feeling run through me.......sickness! All of this sickness is for one major reason. What reason you ask? Well I'd be more than happy to tell you.
"No More Confederate Flags in Publicly Funded Places." That pretty much sums it up right there! You have stated that between now and the time that you are elected Governor you are going to do everything in your power to bring down the Confederate flag in publicly funded places.....and if you haven' the time you are sworn in...the first thing you are going to do is sign an executive order prohibiting the flying of the Confederate flag. You also said that you hope all private establishments will voluntarily refuse to fly the Confederate flag. Well what are you gonna do about it if we don't? Sign another executive order prohibiting our freedom of speech?!?!
You state that the Confederate flag represents 300 years of the "Black Holocaust" in America. Well I want to ask you a few questions about that ignorant statement. (1) Did Southerners or Northerners ever ship blacks into camps....strip them from all valuables....and shoot them just because. Did Southerners or Northerners ever burn these people alive? (Note: Union General Sherman did in fact get Southern women & children and ship them up North to work during the war....never to see their families again. If you want proof I'd be more than happy to send you TONS of information!). (2) How can a symbol that was only in existence for 4 years (the Confederate flag was not in existence until after the beginning of the war) represent 300 years of slavery? Does this not seem a bit odd to you? Don't you think that the symbol used over these people for the other 296 years serves a little bit of controversy? I certainly think so!
You have also said that "The Civil War mentality will not be tolerated in WorldPeace's administration and the Confederate flag as a representation of that mentality will be forever retired so as not to further humiliate or subordinate the Black citizens of this state or the black persons who choose to visit Texas. The Civil War is over. God bless the South's honored but misguided veterans of that war." Sir, I don't know where you come from....but in my neck of the woods....those are "fightin' words." How can you have the nerve to call honorable men who died on soil hundreds of miles away from their own...misguided? How can you have the nerve to call honorable men who died for their country misguided? Well sir for your threat that the Civil War mentality will not be tolerated, I ask you the question "You and what army?!?" Most honorable Southerners still and will remain to look up to those braves souls that saw what our tyrannical government was becoming! And most honorable Southerners still and will remain to stand up (no matter the cost) to what we still believe true and honorable!
In closing sir, I would like to ask God's mercy upon you and may you be educated to the true history of your state and region before making remarks such as this again. May God guide & direct us all and bless our beloved Dixie.


Clay Steelman
1657 Barber Road
Gilmer, Texas 75644
(903) 762-6212

Subj: John WorldPeace
Date: 9/10/01 3:34:32 PM Central Daylight Time
From: TxCSA1861
CC:, SCV 1295,
CC:,, Secesh13
CC: John WorldPeace

Here's one that will get your blood pumping! Mr. John Worldpeace of Houston, Tx is planning on running for Governor of Texas in 2002 under the Democratic ticket! Mr. Worldpeace has a website that you can see his views of different issues but this alone should tell you how to vote. This is Mr. Worldpeace's views on the Confederate flag....and us modern-day Confederates. 

No More Confederate Flags in Publicly Funded Places 

Between now and the time I am elected governor, I will do everything I can to bring down the Confederate Flag in publicly funded places. If I have not accomplished this goal by the time I am sworn into office, my first official act as governor of Texas will be to sign an executive order prohibiting the flying of the Confederate Flag on the premises of any publicly funded place. It is my hope that all private establishments will voluntarily refuse to fly the Confederate Flag. 

The Confederate Flag is as much of an abomination to Afro-Amercans as the Nazi Flag is to the Jews even though the Jewish Holocaust lasted only ten years compared to the Black Holocaust in America which lasted three hundred years. 

The Confederate Flag represents the horrific immorality and extreme cruelty of three hundred years of slavery in America. 

In Laredo Texas, hometown to Patron Tony Sanchez, the Laredo International Airport flies the Confederate Flag and has placed the flag in the tile work on the floor of the airport terminal. This airport was built about 3 years ago when Fredrico Pena was the United States Transportation secretary. In addition, the Laredo Morning Times also has the Confederate Flag as part of its masthead (logo). 

There are about 100 Blacks of non-Hispanic origin currently living in Laredo which makes Laredo to South Texas what Vidor with its 8 Blacks is to East Texas. Blacks are openly unwelcomed in either city. 

The Texas Democratic Party cannot afford to put forward any man from Laredo as a gubernatorial candidate. And this especially goes for Patron Sanchez who despite his vast wealth has done virtually nothing to speak out against the Black racism in Laredo. The citizens of Texas in general and the Black citizens of Texas can never endorse or vote for Patron Sanchez. 

The Civil War mentality will not be tolerated in WorldPeace's administration and the Confederate Flag as a representation of that mentality will be forever retired so as not to further humiliate or subordinate the Black citizens of this state or the Black persons who choose to visit Texas. The Civil War is over. God bless the South's honored but misguided veteran's of that war. 

God bless us with a color blind Texas. 
John WorldPeace 
July 28, 2001 

If you would like more information about Mr. Worldpeace please feel free to visit his website at Please email him and let him know that we will not see his kind in any position over a Southern state! Also, please CC all letters that you send to others concerning Mr. Worldpeace. I think that this tactic will show him that we are spreading the word ALL THROUGH DIXIE about his views on politics. May God bless all of you and our beloved Dixie!

Clay Steelman

Subj: Fw: To Southern American: From S.P.A.
Date: 9/10/01 11:27:27 PM Central Daylight Time

You have defamed the honor and memory of my G-G-G-Grandfather who fought
for the "correct" side during the War of Northern Aggression. You, Sir,
are a jerk.
Paul E. Sojka, Jr.
A copperhead in New jersey

Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 9/11/01 7:18:52 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Caron Wilcox)

My ancestors were devout Christians who did not own
slaves and did not believe in slavery.


My ancestors even further back had a black female
servant. She was a free woman who owned her husband.
How about that? A black person could own another black

Learn your history before you start shooting off your

Caron Wilcox
God Bless Texas

Date: 9/11/01 9:14:25 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (TheLadyRebel)

This man is a Communist pig. Now I know why Texas always elects the likes of George Bush. My suggestion would be that he form his own country somewhere besides Texas and move all the minorities who are offended by history (including their own) and homosexuals there and he can be the supreme dictator he wishes to be. Hail Hitler, get out of town! Do you have a last name or do you have to make one up so no one can find you? Norma, Native Texan.

Subj: No peace to those who attempt to eradicate our heritage
Date: 9/11/01 10:34:51 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Piper Will
To: John WorldPeace

I just read your statement about eradicating the Confederate Flag if elected Governor of Texas.

Rest assured, if you wanted to galvanize support for pro-flag advocates with your diatribe, you've gone about it the right way.

The only reason some minorities are offended by the battle flag, is because people like you that infest our society at the very highest levels, have propagandized them into believing the flag stands for slavery. This lie continues in the media, schools and even our places of worship at an alarming level and I will continue to fight you, and everything you represent, to my last breath.

You preach peace in your public statements as the cornerstone of your philosophy. In the latter times, the Bible tells us men will cry peace. But there will be no peace. Christ said "I came not to bring peace but a sword". The antichrist will assuredly adopt the same demented platform I see in your web page, except he will probably be more adept at bamboozling and confusing the masses than you are. You sir are pretty transparent.

Subj: declaration of your intentions
Date: 9/11/01 3:57:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JJug50
To: John WorldPeace

Dear Mr Peace,

I am truly sorry to hear that you are running for govenor in the great state of Texas. I am also appalled at your intention of removing the Confederate flag from all public places in that state. My question to you is this, sir, "Who gave you the right to make these statements and just what kind of administration will you bring to Texas if this is your platform upon which you are running?" 
To declare that the Confederate battle flag and the Nazi Swatizka one in the same is an abomination. To slander the fallen heroes of the South for fighting for independance, not slavery, is to show your ignorance. 
I wish you well , sir, but you will lose and will see that you cannot slander Southern Heritage and the good people of Texas will show you that at the polls.

Deo Vindice,

johnny johnson

Subj: flag
Date: 9/11/01 4:30:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Otis Alford)
Reply-to: (Otis Alford)

You are not only STUPID, you are also an IDIOT! Did you EVER pay attention during history class??? The War Between the States lasted 4 years=which means the Confederate flag flew over the South for 4 years. So for 4 years the Confederate flag flew over slavery, while the AMERICAN FLAG flew over slavery for nearly 100 years-even after being illegal in DIXIE!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU ACTING LIKE A FOOL AND WANTING TO REMOVE THE AMERICAN FLAG??? YOU ARE AN I-D-I-O-T! 

If you get 10% of the Texas vote, I would be dissappointed in Texas. You obviously was a "dope smoking hippie" in the '60s-who else would change their name to "worldpeace"?

A native son of DIXIE,
Otis Alford

Date: 9/12/01 12:45:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (David L Ashburn)

I agree, we should do away with a flag, but not THE STARS AND BARS. The
flag that should be baned is The Mexican Flag. Remember the ALAMO, thats
where Mexicans killed Texans. The Mexican flag is flown over this state
alot more than the Confederate Flag. This is just a cheep trick to get the
Black vote. You are right about Mayor OUT OF TOWN Brown he is dumb as dirt,
but with your stand on the flag I wouldn't vote for you or anybody you

A Native Texan

Subj: Re: Your views on Southern heritage
Date: 9/12/01 9:05:29 PM Central Daylight Time
From: NBForrest64
To: John WorldPeace

Mr. Cracker or halfbreed?

You are one sick minded individual who has never attempted to read Southern history it seems? Halfbreed means: you are transplanted from another region other than Texas or the South. You may have been born in Texas, but I bet your parents or grandparents weren't, who are surely all in hell! Keep using the Bible as your crutch for the govenors race, which you will never win. Especially with the pro wrestling name like "worldpeace"? Your right! I have no BS degrees in law or such, but I live 
comfortably with my $70 plus thousand a year job. Blacks have nothing to do with the Confederate flag unless it is being miss used, as in a Klan rally which you are probably a member of? Only ignorant individuals like you view the battle flag as a symbol of hate or slavery! What about the American slave ships that brought these slaves too America? Never, ever did a ship with slaves have a Confederate flag on it! 
You say the "blacks" have been in a holicost for 300 years, thats bull! Most of their problems are brought on by their on communities, check the facts Mr. Peace! You 
as the politition who needs my vote and several thousands like me don't stand a chance in Texas! I hope you feel the loss of the money you spend on this worthless 
run you are making as govenor of Texas. And remember, the "Flag" will always fly high in the South whether you an your poor, beat down slave followers like it or not!
I myself, with my understanding black friends will laugh as you lose your ass financially and in the govenors race! My low status as you view it, sure is nice down here. Just keep abusing the Lords word in your campaign and you too will inherit the burning fires of hell! which I'm sure you are already have a place reserved. Again, spend some time reading your Southern history before opening your ignorant mouth against your "so called" own people! You are not Southern! just a halfbreed!

Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, CSA

Subj: Candidate
Date: 9/12/01 10:19:01 PM Central Daylight Time
To: John WorldPeace

You poor lost soul. Your web site leaves little doubt that you want public office by means of "gimmicks". Your methodology and approach remind me of one who takes a side and executes it regardless of what is really right. By the way, doesn't your profession use the same approach? You take a stand on slavery and the confederacy with little to no true understanding of reality or history. Texas is not foolish enough to elect a person based on "political" correctness. If you really feel this way about flags, you should be going after the British flags, the French flags, the Mexican flags and the AMERICAN FLAG, since they ALL can represent a negative to some group of Americans. 

Subj: You are wrong!
Date: 9/13/01 1:18:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Rebekah Basford)

Mr. Peace,
As a proud desecendant of a Confederate veteran, I
must say that you are wrong in your recent attack on
the Confederate flag. And if you must stoop low enough
to compare our flag to that of the Nazi flag then you,
sir, are no better than the lowly cowards that
attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon! The
South has rights too and will not be defeated again!
May God bestow apon you the knowledge of truth of the
War Between the States that your "Great State of
Texas" was very much a part of! You can not change
history or hide from it! And you can not make up a
different history to suit the needs of ignorant people
who refuse to listen to the truth. How dare you insult
men who died for what THEY believed in. Not what you
believe in. And believe me, THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

Rebekah Rogers
Confederate American (AND PROUD!)
Member of The Southern Preservation Society

Subj: Confederate flag
Date: 9/13/01 1:55:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Haydenah
To: John WorldPeace

First of all Mr. "World Peace", you need to study your history and stop looking at history with a racist eye.
Black Africans sold their own people into slavery.(to white New Englanders, not Southerners). Slaves were treated as family by their Southern masters. They were provided shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and taught the word of God. It would have been much more ecomical for slave holders to pay hired labor to work eight or twelve hours a day than to provide everything for their slaves twenty four/seven. Had they remained in Africa, they would still be living is grass huts, running through the jungle eating each other.
By the time of the War for Southern Independence, slavery was an inherited institution. Many Southern slave holders were in the process of making their slaves "fit for freedom". They knew what would happen if they were just suddenly set free...exactly what did happen. They were unable to provide for themselves and their families. This act by the "sainted" Abraham Lincoln is the very reason for the struggle blacks have had for so many years. Our Confederate ancestors were men of honor, fighting an army that invaded their country under the pretense of moral superiority, when in reality, they were perpitrating a war of genicide against the Southern people. The U.S. government was trying to do to the South what it has been trying to do to the rest of the world for a hundred and forty them in their own image. We see what that has accomplished...the tragedy in New York and Washington.
Seems to me if you were running for public office, you'd want to at least appear intelligent. However, you, sir, are showing your ignorance.

Aubrey Hayden

Subj: Loss of Votes
Date: 9/19/01 4:30:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Fowler, Greg)
To: ('')

I was interested in voting for you and agreed with you on many issues but
you lost my vote as well as many others when you left the message about the
Confederate flag on my answering machine last week. If you meant for that
message to only to target African-Americans voters then there was a mistake
with your phone committee. I have nothing against African-Americans, only
people who cry about the Confederate flag as well as other non-issues rather
than improving themselves and helping others in there community in more
affective ways. Banning the Confederate Flag will not rebuild streets of
homes in black communities and taking away rights from one group will not
give more rights and freedoms to others. I think that you will find
especially after the past week or so, that the way the Politically correct
way of thinking will change for our country; people will start focusing on
real issues that are best for our country rather than trying so hard to be
politically correct, or even worse, exploiting "political correctness" for
individual gain. By the way many people that support the Confederate flag
more than likely support and stand by many of the same issues you do. Skin
heads and KKK members give the flag a bad name, banning it will not change
there way of thinking.

Thanks and good luck with your campaign,

Subj: your not a racist or bigot?
Date: 9/20/01 11:11:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Familytree2002
To: John WorldPeace

......Then why would you remove all things that one culture honors just to please another? Is it because you need the votes?
.......Why are black peoples "feeling's" more important than MY HERITAGE? Is it because you need the votes?
.......Don't you realize that you are saying "I will decide what you can honor and what you cant"? 
.......Do you really think you can win a race for governor with that kind of bigoted, racist attitude?
........What about all the blacks that have Confederate ancestors? Don't you need their votes? And don't give me that crap about there were no black Confederates. It's all PC hogwash, just like your campaign. If you don't know the real history of the War for Southern Independence then you have no business even bringing it up.
I have made it my mission to get the word out to everyone in this great state that you, sir, are a turncoat (isent that the word you used to describe someone else? I think it fit's you much better) 
And what's with this self righteous name you "gave" yourself? 
I would rather vote for someone else thank you. And so will a hell of a lot of other Texans when you are exposed as the racist, historically ignorant bigot you are!
See ya at the polls
Have a Dixie day

Subj: As regards your campaign...
Date: 9/21/01 8:12:58 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Major Michael Kelley, CSA)

...against any recognition of the reality of Confederate history, many of such
actions are evidence of the lack of knowledge of history which is prevalent
throughout the country as a result of the rewriting of factual history to
accommodate "politically correct" views. 

The words of Irish-born Confederate Major General Patrick Cleburne from his
January, 1864, letter which proposed the emancipation and enlistment of Black
Southerners into the Confederate Army possess great irony:

"Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it
is too late...It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by
the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will
learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed
by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as
traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision...

....It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we
give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our
enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional
superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of
our rights and liberties."

On March 2, 1861, the 36th U. S. Congress (minus the seven seceded states of
the Deep South) passed by a two-thirds majority a proposed amendment to the
Constitution. Had it been ratified by the requisite number of states before
the war intervened and signed by President Lincoln (who looked favorably on it
as a way to lure the Southern states back into the Union), the proposed 13th
Amendment would have prohibited the U. S. government from ever abolishing or
interfering with slavery in any state. 

The proposed 13th Amendment read: "No amendment shall be made to the
Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or
interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions there of,
including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State."
Note that this amendment was designed to be unrepealable (i.e. "No amendment
shall be made . . . .") 

This exposes that claims that the Union went to war in 1861 to free the slaves
were and are patent lies. It also undermines claims that the South seceded
solely to preserve the institution of slavery. If that had been the South's
goal then what better guarantee did it need than an unrepealable amendment to
the Constitution to protect slavery as it then existed?

We suggest for your enlightenment a new book written by the Executive Editor
of EBONY magazine and published by the Johnson Publishing Company titled
"Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream." Of course, it has the
uncomfortable position of dealing with the facts of Lincoln's words and deeds
not the fantasies assigned to him by fawning admirers. You can find it at

Recently the movie "Ride With the Devil" was suppressed in distribution
despite the fact that it was directed by tsensational director Ang Lee and had
received many excellent reviews. It was suppressed by its distributor, USA
Films, because it factually and truthfully portrayed a Black Confederate
soldier fighting with Confederate Bushwhackers in the Kansas-Missouri
operations. The video release of the movie has resulted in removal of the
image of the Black Confederate from the cover art. The character was based
faithfully on Free Black John Noland who rode with Quantrill as a scout and
spy (

The United States flag flew over a slave nation from 1776 until December,
1865, some eight months _after_ the Confederacy and slavery in the South had
ceased to exist. During the four years of the War and afterwards the states
of Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, West Virginia, and Delaware were
Union slaveholding states and slavery was legal under Federal law. 

In 1863, after the "Emancipation Proclamation," Free Men of Color were
arrested, fined, and sold into slavery in Illinois for the "high misdemeanor"
of staying in the state longer than ten days. This was documented in the
Chicago newspapers of the time.

Union General U.S. Grant expelled all Jews from his Army in December, 1862,
and expelled Jewish citizens "as a class" from their homes "within 24 hours" -
he freed his slaves only when compelled to do so by the 13th Amendment. In
comparison, Robert E. Lee had a rabbi on his staff, issued special Passover
furloughs to his Jewish troops, and was openly opposed to slavery even before
the War.

Black Southerners fought alongside white, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish,
and thousands of foreign-born Southerners. They fought in mixed units and
they fought in all-Black units as documented in Tennessee by _Union_ sources.
Federal Official Records, Series I, Vol XVI Part I, pg. 805 records: "There
were also quite a number of negroes attached to the Texas and Georgia troops,
who were armed and equipped, and took part in the several engagements with my
forces during the day." 

The 85th Indiana Volunteer Infantry reported to the Indianapolis Daily Evening
Gazette that on 5 March 1863: "During the fight the [artillery] battery in
charge of the 85th Indiana [Volunteer Infantry] was attacked by [*in italics*]
two rebel negro regiments. [*end italics*]." 

Union soldiers robbed, raped and murdered Free Black and slave Southerners
they had come to "emancipate." Union "recruiters" hunted, kidnapped and
tortured Black Southerners to compel them to serve in the Union Army. At the
Battle of the Crater white Union soldiers bayoneted retreating Black Union
soldiers and the 54th Massachusetts was fired upon by Maine troops while
assaulting Battery Wagner. The Federal Official Records and memoirs of the
USCT document of all these war crimes.

As for a "Black holocaust" their involuntary servitude began with the lawsuit
of one of the original Black indentured servants who arrived in Jamestown,
Virginia, in 1619. During the period in which the importation of slaves into
America was legal the estimated 250,000 to one million Africans who died on
the "middle passage" died at the hands of New England slave ship captains and
crews. The Black population of the South only increased and was never subject
to any form of organized brutality.

The genuine "Black holocaust" which you and other "activists" fail to
recognize or address is the fact that the most recent actuarial tables issued
by the insurance industry to allow their agencies to calculate life insurance
premiums document that the average life expectancy of a Black American man has
fallen from 65 years in the 1960s (before much "social engineering" was
undertaken) to a current low of just _38 years_. 

Black American men are dying at an average age less than that of many
so-called "third world" nations.

What are your plans to address and correct the fact that Black Americans are
slaughtering _each other_ in record numbers? What are your plans for
correcting the fact that almost 80% of Black children are born out of wedlock?
How will you improve the retention of Black students in public schools? How
will you correct the rising tide of drug addiction, AIDS infection, and
alcoholism among Black Americans?

We see nothing on your web site which addresses genuine social issues with
action-based plans...simply trendy, superficial liberalism.

Attacking the Confederacy and its symbols on the basis of ignorance to appeal
to the lowest common denominator glosses over the fact that you and other
apologists have little or no plan for addressing REAL issues - this is a
further demonstration of the superficial nature of your campaign.

Since the Civil War the United States flag has flown over a country that has
continued attempted genocide against its Native Peoples with the able help of
Black "Buffalo Soldiers," condoned the slavery of Orientals in California well
into the 1880s, fought wars to maintain dominance over countries whose people
were not white, and imprisoned its own citizens because of the color of their
skin as they did with the Japanese-Americans from 1941-1945. 

Where is the cry to remove _this_ powerful symbol of slavery, genocide,
racism, and oppression?

If Native Americans objected as a truly oppressed minority to the flag of the
United States would you furl and remove that flag and all symbols honoring the
United States? Certainly, Native Americans have a greater right to object to
symbols which reflect the genocidal practices directed against them for almost
400 years. 

During the War for Southern Independence the Confederacy signed formal
alliances with the Five Civilized Tribes which recognized their ethnic and
geographic sovereignty and offered them equal pay and treatment and Cherokee
Chief Stand Watie served as a decorated Confederate Brigadier General. 
Meanwhile Lincoln was signing orders for the mass hanging of 39 Northeastern
tribesmen - he did not approve of hanging the more than 150 recommended by
state authorities.

The 37th's Regimental Chaplain, Captain Lucas Graywolf of San Antonio, Texas,
formerly Bishop of the Apostolic Catholic Diocese of Texas and a member of the
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma who holds five advanced degrees, is a learned
historian of Native American history who could certainly provide you with a
fact-based viewpoint you may never have considered. You may reach him at

Visit with the 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's), Confederate States Army, the
leading historically-accurate, multiracial Confederate reenactment unit and
the only focal point on the Web for valid research and documentation of the
Forgotten Confederates:

We have the largest, most visited Civil War reenactor web site. With 115 Web
Awards to date it is the most honored Civil War site of any kind. Our ranks
include Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish,
biracial, and female troopers. We have Co. C (Dismounted), Department of the
West, in Los Angeles, California, under command of Captain Edward Aguilar. 
Company D (Dismounted), British Guard, formed in Hampshire, England. 

We are the first Confederate reenactment group to have the endorsement of a
chapter of the NAACP (Jackson County, Mississippi) following a1998
presentation concerning Black Confederates which was made in Confederate

Members of our unit were at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1998 and 1999
to participate in the Annual Symposium, "Brothers In Arms: The
African-American Military Experience." In 1997 and 1998, African American
members of our unit marched in the Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade to
overwhelmingly positive response. 

Through painstaking research and thorough, uncommented documentation we
celebrate the courage, sacrifice, and heritage of ALL Southerners who had to
make agonizing personal choices under impossible circumstances. 

We simply ask that all act upon the _facts_ of history.

Your Obedient Servant,

Major Michael Kelley, CSA
Commanding, 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's)
"We are a band of brothers!"

"I came here as a friend...let us stand together. Although we differ in color,
we should not differ in sentiment." - LT Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA,
Memphis, Tennessee - July, 1875

"There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge
that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil." - Col. Robert
E. Lee, USA - December 27, 1856

Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 9/22/01 9:44:40 AM Central Daylight Time
To: John WorldPeace

My, we have some ignorant people running for office these days. Have you sat down and read any of the history of the South, history not written by northern authors. You know that who wins a war writes the history, so we know what a lopsided version of all that happened during the War of Northern Aggression is false. We, in the South, want respect for our culture and for our forefathers who walked and breathed on this land. They fought for a cause they believed in. I will always honor their beliefs and will do everything in my power to see that our symbols and monuments are not destroyed by you or anyone like you. God Save Our South!!!!!!! 

Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 9/23/01 5:34:43 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Lynn Blackstock)

Mr. Worldpeace,
People like you really scare the crap out of me. You will not be getting my vote, needless to say. 
It is people like you that give the Confederacy a bad name. The Rebel Flag does not stand for racism, and I don't know why anyone would be ashamed of their heritage. The war was not about slavery. What I'm ashamed of is the people of the south that do not know their history nor their heritage. I really hope you do not get elected. I'm sure that if you were raised in the south, you had ancestors who fought and die fighting for what they believed in.
Lynn Blackstock

Subj: my flag will be ---your excuse for failure.
Date: 9/23/01 9:07:37 PM Central Daylight Time

my compatriots and I, will spread the word on your miseducated and
ignorant misgivings.
to ensure the good and honorable people of texas vote you back to the
rock--from where you crawlled out of.

Subj: Confederate Heritage
Date: 9/24/01 1:28:44 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (mark)

Because of your bigotry and intollerence towards my Southern and Confederate Heritage I will do everything
in my ability to influence to stop your run for public office.Learn the truth of history and stop preaching lies
and missinformation about the Confederate Battle Flag...Read "The South Was right" for starters. 
I can not believe that a man of your education and intelligence can be so ignorant about the South and its Glorious heritage.
as for your love of SODIMITES...God will punish them for their perversions!
Mark W.Matthews
Canyon Lake,Texas

Subj: I wish I could 
Date: 9/24/01 6:04:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Ellen Williams)

I wish I could vote in Texas so I could vote against you. You are a most
foolish person to think that a state or a nation can maintain "secular
ethics" and at the same time "Christian morality."

Your stand for the marriage of Sodomites is abominable. The Bible calls
Sodomy abominable; I didn't. And by the way, your stand is NOT THE CHRISTIAN

I am extremely glad that you want to take down the Confederate Flag (a
Christian symbol) from public places. I would not want a person of your
character as a supporter of my Christian ancestors' symbol. Thank you for
that stand.
Ellen Williams

Subj: Confederate Flag
Date: 9/24/01 7:37:14 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JohnnyReb1400
To: John WorldPeace

Dear Sir:

What you need to do is to go back to school and this time pay attention in history class. The Confederate Flag flew over the South for four short years. Prior to and again after the War for Southern Independence, the Stars and Stripes flew. It was under that flag that slavery was established in this country; it was under that flag that slaves were allowed to be sold in this country. I believe it is also correct to say that not one slave was ever transported from Africa to this country under the Confederate Flag. I do not think the same can be said for the Stars and Stripes. 

It is time for you and people who think like you to come off of your politically correct high horses and accept the facts. For right or wrong, there was a war that was fought in this country that pitted father against son, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. You can call it by what ever name you wish. However, the facts remain the same. It was fought over the rights and power of the state in opposing the rights and power of the Federal government. I defy you to show me even today in the Constitution where it says the state cannot leave the Union. Yes, slavery was an issue but not the biggest issue and certainly not the main issue. Here is a quote from U.S. Grant "If I thought this war was being fought to free the slaves and not to save the nation, I'd be wearing gray."

I suggest you go to Georgia, and ask the people there how they feel about their new flag and how they got it. My family and I were in Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day Parade this past March. We were standing next to a black family when a unit from Georgia came past with the new flag. To say that family was upset is an understatement. When we asked what they thought about the flag, their response was the same we have heard all over the South from both black and white people. The Confederate flag is part of everyone's history and certain people and organizations need to get past their own prejudices. Take a look at the vote in Mississippi on the flag issue. I believe that the African Americans voted almost two to one to keep the state flag and not allow it to be changed. 

I tell you again to look at history, look at the marches held in Washington D.C. back in the 20's and 30's at the height of the Klan's power and popularity. You will not see one Confederate flag flying in any picture of that time. However, look at all of the Stars and Stripes flying in those pictures. The Klan did not start using the Battle Flag until the civil rights movement of the 60's. I believe that was done more in an effort to upset the young people coming out of the North than anything else.

I just ask you to put yourself in our southern ancestors place and think as they did with an 1860s state of mind not a 2001 state of mind. Most of the soldiers and sailors who fought for that banner you are trying to destroy did so to protect their homes from a Northern invasion. Most of these same people never owned a slave nor did they fight for slavery. I know for a fact my relatives did not own slaves; they were just poor dirt farmers for the most part.

In ending this letter to you sir, let me tell you that I am a proud member of the Son's of Confederate Veteran's. I live in Maryland and I am extremely proud of my southern heritage and I take it personally when anyone attacks the symbols that my ancestors fought and died for. I will work very hard to stop you and people who think like you from ever holding office. I have relatives who fought for the North as well, and yes I am just as proud of them. In fact, I have an ancestor who received the Medal of Honor in defending his units colors. I am a veteran. I served under the Stars and Stripes and would have gladly given my life defending her. I will also defend Confederate symbols with just as much fervor.


John A. Garcia 

2885 Huddersfield CT.
Waldorf, MD 20602

Subj: Please Read and Think 
Date: 9/24/01 9:44:33 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (BZKofCSA)

Open Yer Eyes,
The War Was Not Fought Over Slavery

You say that,
"The Confederate Flag represents the horrific immorality and extreme cruelty
of three hundred years of slavery in America."

And do you think,
"The War for Southern Independence (or as the U.S. Congress officially
declared it to be- The War Between the States; it was not a "civil war") was
fought over slavery, with the North fighting to free Southern slaves and the
South fighting to keep her slaves."
Well read on...

First of all, All thirteen original states which seceded from England in
1776 and which formed the United States of America, from Maine (a part of
Massachusetts at that time) to Georgia, owned slaves. Was the First American
Revolution fought over slaver . If not, then neither was the Second American
Revolution fought over slavery when the Southern states withdrew from the
Union and formed the Confederate States of America. Is the Fourth of July a
racist holiday because all thirteen original colonies had slaves? If not,
then neither are our Confederate holidays. Is the U.S. flag a racist flag
because all thirteen original states had slaves? If not, then neither is the
Confederate battle flag a racist flag -- or do these intolerant individuals
and the news media advocate taking down the U.S. flag as well? If they do,
then they will need to take down nearly every national flag in the world,
starting with the flag of Nigeria in Africa. What blatant bigotry to call
the Confederate flag racist!

During the War for Southern Independence, many in the North also had slaves,
but refused to free their slaves until after the War. People in Delaware,
Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, and even Washington, D.C.,
owned slaves; these states never seceded and were under the control of the
United States throughout the course of the entire War. However, they were
not required to free their slaves by the U.S. government. The U.S. Congress
in 1862 even refused to pass a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery,
when the only Senators and Representatives in Congress were from the North
(all Southerners had left Congress to form their own nation). How could the
North be fighting the War to free Southern slaves when they would not free
their own, such as Ulysses S. Grant's personal slave or Abraham Lincoln's
father-in-law's slaves? What hypocrisy! Even worse, Lincoln and the U.S.
Congress offered to pass a constitutional amendment for the South,
guaranteeing permanent slavery forever in the slave states, if only the
Southern states would return to the Union. The South refused the offer.

Northern slaves were even exempt from Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.
Furthermore, captured Southern slaves on the Mississippi River were forced
to work on the plantations as slaves for the United States Army, growing
cotton for Northern factories, rather than being set free. Also, during the
War, just as many Union soldiers owned slaves as Confederate soldiers. Is
the U.S. flag a symbol of slavery because the North owned slaves during the
War? If not, then neither is the Confederate battle flag a symbol of
slavery. How could the War have been fought over slavery when both sides had
slaves? The War for Southern Independence was fought over local
self-government by the South versus centralist government by the North; the
centralist government won and the local self-government lost. The
Confederate battle flag is the symbol of the right of the local people and
the states to govern themselves and is flown in memory and honor of our
Confederate ancestors and veterans who gave their lives for less government,
less taxes, and Southern independence. In his inaugural address of March 4,
1861, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln stated, "I have no purpose, directly or
indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where
it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no
inclination to do so." Furthermore, Union General U.S. Grant said, "If I
thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission, and
offer my sword to the other side." A war over slavery? Not hardly! The
Confederate States of America even offered to free all Southern slaves in
return for independence; Lincoln refused the offer. The term "free state"
meant free from Blacks. Northerners did not want to live with Blacks, slave
or free, and many Northern states and territories actually passed laws
prohibiting free Blacks from entering into them. Lincoln himself stated the
opinion of the Northern people at during a meeting with a group of Black
leaders during the War, saying:

There is an unwillingness on the part of our people [Northern Whites] to
live with the free colored people. Whether this is right or wrong, I am not
prepared to discuss, but it is a fact with which we must deal. Therefore, I
think it best for us to separate.

Acting upon this sentiment, Abraham Lincoln and the United States Congress
purchased land, passed laws, and started shipping free Northern Blacks out
of the country down to poverty-stricken Haiti. Lincoln put together several
such schemes to remove free Blacks from the United States, to send some back
to Africa and some to Central and South America. At the end of the War, a
few weeks before Lincoln was assassinated, Union General Benjamin Butler
asked him what he was going to do with all the recently free Southern
Blacks. To this Lincoln replied, "I think we should deport them all."
Meanwhile, down South, Confederate States President Jefferson Davis and his
wife Varina were adopting an eight-year-old free Black orphan boy named Jim
Limber. After his mother died, little Jim was placed with a free Black
family as foster parents. However, this family badly mistreated him to such
a degree that the news reached the ears of the President and Mrs. Davis,
who, in the middle of the War, took the time and effort to intercede and
rescue Jim from this child abuse. Little Jim's wounds were doctored and he
was welcomed into the Confederate White House as a member of the Davis
family. President Davis himself went to court in Richmond and had free
papers registered on Jim Limber, so he would always be free. Even when our
President was on his way to prison for trying to obtain independence and
self-government for the Southern people, he made arrangements and provided
for Jim Limber's future education and care. In the Old South it was not
uncommon for Blacks to take in orphaned Whites or for Whites to take in
orphaned Blacks. There was a relationship between Blacks and Whites that
Northerners even today do not understand or appreciate.

The War for Southern Independence was fought over the right of the local
people to govern themselves versus a centralist government by the few, the
rich, and the powerful. The South wanted less government, less taxes,
independence, and decisions made at the local level where the people have
control. The North wanted more taxes, more government, and centralism, with
a compulsory union at bayonet point and decisions made in Washington D.C.
rather than by the local people. The South stood on the principles of the
Southerner Thomas Jefferson, who in the Declaration of Independence, stated:
Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes
destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute a new government.

In other words, the people should control the government, not the government
controlling the people. The North stood on the principles of the Northerner
Alexander Hamilton, who believed that government should be ruled by an
intellectual aristocracy, maintained by the enlightened self-interest of the
wealthy rather than the common people, governing themselves. Northern
Abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison, burned the U.S. Constitution
in the streets, calling it "a pact with the devil." Lincoln likewise
brutally violated nearly every article and amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, throwing over 35,000 Northern Citizens in prison as political
prisoners, including state legislators, without cause or trial, as well as,
violently closing a dozen opposition newspapers and suppressing freedom of

President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate States Congress never did such
things. The Southern people took the U.S. Constitution with them when they
voluntarily withdrew from the voluntary Union and brought forth upon this
continent, a new nation, where the right of the local people to govern
themselves was protected.

Just as with the War for American Independence of 1776, the War for Southern
Independence of 1861 was fought over "taxation without representation." The
North was constantly trying to raise taxes on Southerners through high
tariffs on imported goods, in order to protect the inefficient big
businesses in the North which could not compete with manufactured goods from
England and France with whom the South traded cotton. The South did not have
factories and had to import most finished products. The Industrial
Revolution allowed England and France to produce and ship across the
Atlantic products that were cheaper than the products Northern
manufacturers, who refused to modernize, could produce with their White
child labor- ten-year-old children working sixteen hours a day in "sweat
shops" for mere pennies and sleeping in the streets. Slaves in the South
were treated much better than child laborers in the North. When the taxes on
imports were rejected, rich big businessmen in the North were promised that,
if elected, Lincoln would drastically raise the import tax. That is why the
Southern states quickly began to escape from the tax net that Lincoln was
spreading. Within Lincoln's first month in office, the U.S. Congress had
passed the Morrill Tariff, which was the highest import tax in U.S. history,
more than doubling the import tax rate from 20% to 47%, which was enough to
bankrupt many Southerners. This oppressive tax was what pushed Southern
states to legally withdraw from the voluntary Union, not slavery. Since the
Southerners had escaped the tax by withdrawing from the Union, the only way
the North could collect this oppressive tax was to invade the Confederate
States and force them at gunpoint back into the Union. It was to collect
this import tax to satisfy his Northern industrialist supporters that
Abraham Lincoln invaded our South and not to free any slaves. Lincoln's war
cost the lives of 600,000 Americans.

When Lincoln invaded Charleston and then Virginia, all Southerners- Whites,
Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Orientals, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, rich
and poor, male and female almost to a person rose up and volunteered their
services in defense of the Confederate States of America because all were
going to suffer from this horrible federal tax. Nowhere in the history of
movements of independence and self-government have a people been so united
in purpose and dedicated to the cause of Independence. No, not even in 1776
did the thirteen colonies receive such support and sacrifice by the people,
and that war was fought over a 3% tax on tea!

My fellow Americans, the South was right! The Confederate battle flag
represents all Southerners and even Northern Confederates from states such
as Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and others, who supported the South and who even
tried to secede from the Union and form their own nation but whose efforts
for freedom were crushed by Lincoln's troops. Confederate Indians,
Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites all received Confederate pensions after the
War and attended Confederate veterans' reunions together, year after year,
just as they had suffered and fought together during the War. The
Confederate battle flag represents all Confederates, regardless of race or
religion, and is the symbol of less government, less taxes, and the right of
a people to govern themselves. It is flown in memory and honor of our
Confederate ancestors and veterans who willingly shed their blood for
Southern independence.

If You say that,
"The Confederate Flag represents the horrific immorality and extreme cruelty
of three hundred years of slavery in America."
Then you had better take down that Union Flag because IT was the CAUSE of all the 
Pain and Suffering in this Nation for "THE PAST THREE HUNDRED YEARS OF SLAVERY",
keep in mind that 300 years takes us to the year 1701 the Confederacy did not come to be until 1861
That's right 150 years prior to the CSA, and 75 years prior to the American Independence.
The Union flag was born from slavery. Slavery that migrated here, not started here.

Friday Aug. 22, 1862

Three days ago Horace Greeley, writing in his New York Tribune, had 
published his classic "Prayer of Twenty Million", imploring Abraham Lincoln 
to make the abolition of slavery the main aim of the current war. Today 
Lincoln responded with a statement so clear even a newspaperman should have 
understood it: "I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way 
under the Constitution.. ...If I could save the Union without freeing any 
slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I 
would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone 
I would also do that."

If the War was fought over slavery why did the Confederacy decline to stay in the union when Abe offered to let them keep the slaves only if they would just stay in the union?

If you cant use an open mind and weigh the facts for what they are, Then stay out of politics we have enough idiots in there already.

(Thanks Charles Davidson
And to All that really can see the truth.)

Subj: Heritage
Date: 9/24/01 10:51:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Gary Whitfield)

Mr. Worldpeace,

An attack on all things Confederate has a most transparent veneer. It has
become a mantra by misguided, uninformed and self serving politicos within
the Democratic Party. Though these easily manipulated politicians are quick
to use such rhetoric, it serves no gain in the field of politics, social
good, or citizenship. The vast voting public are not moved by such ignorance
of Texas History or its pride in those who formed and saved this state
during the most horrific times in American History, Reconstruction.

Two things I might mention:
#1 As a former member of the NAACP, (in the past) when we passed through
all the Southern states flying the Confederate Flag, going to our National
Conventions in various states, no one was upset or thought anything about
such things (flags). Being upset with the Confederate flag is contrived. It
was thought of as an easy way to influence the ill educated and those not
educated at all. This in the misguided thought that most Americans fit in
that category. It only fit the category of those whom the perpetrators spent
most of their time.
#2 I have noticed that those who have an agenda which is more personal
than communal have grasped for the anti-Confederate trail. It is both
fruitless and embarrassing especially to the Democratic Party. My family has
a long and strong history in the Democratic Party. Strengthened in this
state by former Confederate veterans.

Finally, I would strongly suggest that you remove any further attacks on
things Confederate from your public addresses. I further suggest that you
recant the vitriolic message (more divisive than any hate of the flag) that
you have put forth. Such a message has the fake presentation of being all
encompassing, when it (in reality) pits groups against one another who
ordinarily would continue to work together harmoniously. Our party has
suffered enough from dividers and self promoters from within.

Gary P. Whitfield
Fort Worth, Texas
p.s. Incidentally, Laredo has a very proud Confederate Heritage for a
reason. It shall remain so.

Subj: my response
Date: 9/24/01 12:44:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (mark)

Dear John,
I sincerely hope and pray to GOD that you never get close enough to the governor's position to see through with your plans to erase Confederate history by removing our honorable flags from publicly funded places. I also shudder with disgust that you could even consider allowing same sex (perverted) marriages inthe great state of Texas. Shame on you. If you don't like the way Texas is run, move to a more liberal state that would welcome your ideas...leave us alone!!

Leslie Matthews
Canyon Lake, TX

Subj: Campaign Topics
Date: 9/24/01 3:13:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: RebelKB
To: John WorldPeace

I am writing to you to express my concerns as an American, which I proudly am. When I read your message to take away the Confederate flag away from "publicly funded places" It really caught my attention. No one has any right to take something away that is protected under the bill of rights. Anyone who try's that is a threat to our society. One, I don't see how the Confederate flag is a "abomination" to afro Americans. If so you should ban the United States flag also because that flag was flying over the ships that brought slaves over here. It also may be of interest to you to know that not one slave ship from Africa came to the CSA because the Confederate government banned the import of slaves. Also I guess the Confederacy was also responsible for all the segregation and mistreatment to black Americans before the 1960s I could have swore that the Confederacy was long gone before that. So I do believe you should re search your History before you make claims like that.

Subj: Governor of Texas
Date: 9/24/01 3:23:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Mary Zimmerly)

I an a Texan by birth and a American by birth BUT I am Southern By The Grace of God. I don't believe in any one world government and I will never give up my freedom to the U.N. or any other government. If any thing there should still be the Confederate States of America.

We Southerners are different than any other part of the country. We have been under a government that has taken over a 138 years to give the South back there rights. They didn't even do this to Japan or Germany. If you think most Texans are going to agree with most of what you said, you really should rethink your run for Governor.

Mary Zimmerly
Goliad, Texas

Subj: Your Views
Date: 9/25/01 11:57:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Jayess5
To: John WorldPeace

I don't know who you have been talking to but I read your webpage with utter dis-belief about your facts concerning Jews and the Confederate flag. As a Jew who had ancestors fight for the Confederate States Army (as over 10,000 of my bretheren did), you should read "Jewish Confederates" by Robert Rosen is you want to know the truth. Also the flag you pobably have confused with the Confederate flag is actually the Battle Flag or Stars and Bars. If you want to get rid of flags that flew during slavery then you should start with the Stars and Stripes as the U.S. flag flew for nearly 100 years longer during slavery than the Stars and Bars did. I am equally proud of my Jewish and Confedrate Heritage and will fight to maintain both and work to defeat those who wish to eliminate any parts of them. 
Jim DeArman

Subj: "World Peace"?
Date: 9/26/01 8:38:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (S. M. Barker)

Surely you jest! I just read your tripe regarding the Confederate
Flag. You sir are a cancer in America. To blame the shame of slavery
on the Confederacy is paramount to blaming Egypt's modern poverty on the
Jews historic exodus.
Actually, I understand you are simply attempting to capitalize on the
ongoing and perpetuated hatred by "organized" black money scammers to
line your pocket and elicit the "block" black vote. Shame on you for
being so divisive.
I would ask one question of you: If it is wrong for public places to
fly the confederate flag in an historical setting, then why is it not
wrong to name streets, parks and public buildings after the communist,
Martin Luther King?
You may libel me and call me a racist, but sir your aim in your attempt
to capture the Texas Governor seat is far more divisive and dangerous.
This sort of demagoguery is what keeps America sliding into Hell.

Silas M. Barker

Subj: Govenor
Date: 9/28/01 9:17:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Chapter C
To: John WorldPeace

Dear Sir.
We do not need people like yourself in our Government. If it is true that you want to erase the past to please a few, Good or bad the symbols of the South are part of our history that all must learn of and from.
Thank you
Larry and Cindy S

Subj: "Don't Know Jack", for Governor
Date: 9/28/01 11:11:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (ventures)

"We will see if the governor or any other candidate other than WorldPeace is willing to stand up against this worn out symbol of inhumanity and social injustice at the expense of the losing votes from the far right conservatives all over Texas. We will see if Marty Akins, the self proclaimed "All American" champion of the civil rights movement at the University of Texas in the early seventies, is ready to help me spearhead the elimination of the Confederate flag from the Laredo International Airport."

I'm sorry, but I just have to say you don't know jack about the Confederate Flag. I can sum you up in 2 words just by reading your BS--"Low Life" or here's 1 -- "Loser". Do you think that the people of Texas will let you even come close to removing this Southern, Christian Cross, that has never stood for racism or hatred? (Oh, of course there's the minds of idiots, who think it does, I forgot). If a gang of hoodlums go around terrorizing people, and a lot of times they wore Denim Jean outfits, are we supposed to call denim Jean outfits a symbol of hatred? Are we to boycott the retail merchants who sell them or the manufacturers? 
Of course not because Denim Jean outfits were never intended to stand as a symbol of that just like the Confederate Flag was not either. And you need to get better educated on the Southern people of the War Between the States era and the Confederacy. Inhumane & social Injustice is something you would label the Northern Federal Govt. that attacked the Confederate States of America.
You're clearly lost and mis-lead--(4th Line down, 35th word) 

Subj: You're good John W. P.
Date: 9/28/01 11:24:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (ventures)

"God bless the South's honored but misguided veteran's of that war"
You keep getting funnier and funnier as I read on. Did I mention to you , "You don't know Jack"... Oh, yes...yes I did. Silly little man. Your " misguided" take on the true history of the "War between the States" and it's people, is what will exactly keep you from becoming "Governor" and you can't even see that. Hey, I hear there might be an office positioning that there going to start. It's called "Jester", you might want to make a run for that instead.

Subj: Re: Texas
Date: 9/29/01 12:10:09 AM Central Daylight Time
From: RebII17
To: John WorldPeace

I can't help but laugh at your lack of knowledge....ask any free black man who fought with MY ancestors what they were fighting sure wasn't to keep slavery. The civil war was not fought over slavery, that only became a issue when the history books needed a good reason know your not worth wasting my knowledge on. Thanks for the interesting piece of response you gave me....I know of many radio stations up here that will love it. Thanks again!

Date: 9/29/01 7:38:32 AM Central Daylight Time
From: THANK 70
To: John WorldPeace

DONT SELL OUT FOR VOTES, What will be next the tearing down of the ALAMO???? Because it offends Mexicans ??? you DONT have my vote