Sanchez, WorldPeace and the Democratic Party

Tuesday, September 4, 2001, will be a very important day in Texas politics.  It could be a day when  the Democratic Party formulates a winning strategy to take back the state.  Or it could be the beginning of a long and nasty battle between WorldPeace and Sanchez for control of the Democratic Party which will probably result in a serious crippling of the Democratic Party.

First the two key offices that are coming up in 2002 are for Senator (Gramm's seat) and for Governor.  It appears that Senator Gramm is going to retire and become the President of Texas A & M.  Praise God.

The contenders in the governor's race:  John WorldPeace who declared on Janurary 1, 2001, Marty Akins who officially declared in June 2001, Tony Sanchez who is supposed to declare on September 4, 2001, and now that old self proclaimed "junk yard dog" Jim Mattox is being encourage to enter the race by some.

Jim Mattox had a good political career through the 1980's.  Since then he has not been able to win much of anything.  He ran for governor in 1990 and could not win the primary against Ann Richards.  He called her a drug abuser and alcoholic but she still beat him.  In 1994, old Jim tried to run for U. S. Senate and he lost the Primary to Richard Fisher.  Then in 1998, he tried to get his old job back as attorney general and he lost to John Cornyn in the general election.  With all due respect, why would anyone want to bring "old Jim" out again in 2002.  

The Republican Devil Rick Perry makes Ann Richards and John Cornyn look like Sunday school teachers.  John Sharp, who is about as strong a candidate as the Democrats have right now lost a 14 point lead which he had just after the primary and lost the general election to Perry by an additional 3 points in the lt. governor's race in 1998.  Sharp is a stronger candidate than Mattox and Sharp knows better than to try to take on Rick Perry.  That is why Sharp is running for lt. governor and not governor.  So whoever is encouraging "old Jim" needs to go back to sleep and let the rest of us engage in a serious discussion about who should run for governor.

Marty Akins.  Marty Akins could not tell the truth if you were threatening to cut off his arm.  The newspapers have widely criticized him for lying about his alleged contacts with Lyndon Johnson and his rooming with Blacks in college and his activities with the union.  He has also probably lied about his "me too" death threats after Tony Sanchez said that Secretary of State Henry Cuellar threatened his life.  And then on Monday, August 27, 2001, Marty went to see that old pariah Ben Barnes (who was drummed out of politics after the Sharpstown scandal in the 1970's) to try to see how much money he could get from Barnes to drop out of the governor's race.  Old Ben wanted to clear the field for his long time buddy Tony Sanchez.  Marty has also stated that he is out of money because his campaign has already given him the $2.6 million he loaned his campaign to pay of his services as the candidate.  Marty needs to open a football clinic for kids.  He needs to be doing some work that he understands and leave the politics to others.  Oh yes, Marty is a long time Republican who switched parties two years ago when Bush did not appoint him to the Railroad Commission.

Tony Sanchez's biggest problem is that as a Hispanic, he can never beat Rick Perry, a White guy, in the governor's race.  This state is still too racially oriented for that.  Tony's second biggest problem is that he was one of Bush's top ten supporters ($300 thousand plus).  In addition, Tony is carrying more baggage that Southwest Airlines.  He allegedly received a death threat letter from Henry Cuellar which he will not show to anyone.  He called Mr. Cuellar, the present Secretary of State, a homosexual in an attempt to smear Mr. Cuellar's good name. He bankrupted a S & L and hurt a lot of people.  He laundered $25 million of drug money through that S & L.  He comes from one of the most anti-Black cities in the state, Laredo - where they still fly the Confederate Flag at the International Airport.  And then there is his old buddy Ben (the Pariah) Barnes who has been recognized as the premier shady politician in this state since the 1970's.  Almost anyone over fifty knows to stay away from Ben Barnes if you intend to have a political career in this state.

WorldPeace is the only candidate who does not have the stigma of having lost three statewide races like Mattox, is definitely not a liar like Akins, and does not have the negative baggage of Sanchez.  In addition, WorldPeace is the only candidate that can carry all the Blacks (because he is the only candidate that supports them - proven by his commitment to take down the Confederate Flag in Publicly Funded Places) can carry the Hispanics even if Tony runs because Hispanics are not going to vote for a character like Tony just because he is Hispanic and has a lot of money (and the Blacks will not support a Hispanic), and WorldPeace will carry the women voters because he has committed to allocate half of his appointments to them when he takes office (not to mention having Republican women cross party lines to vote for WorldPeace); unlike Mattox who indirectly disparaged women when he was attacking Ann Richards in his1990 bid for governor.

WorldPeace will also by default get the liberal and the environmental voters (no way for Tony who wants to drill for oil and gas on all public lands).  WorldPeace will get the teachers because of his commitment to a $2,500 across the board raise for them as well as championing equal rights for them in relation to their students.  WorldPeace will also take in a large part of the Christian right because he supports the displaying of the Ten Commandments in court rooms because they are historically the foundation of the law.  Neither Tony, Marty nor Jim can create and maintain this coalition.

In a word, Marty should get out of the governor's race.  Tony should stay out of the governor's race.  And Jim should forget about the governor's race.

WorldPeace intends to take the Democratic Party back to its Democratic roots.  And WorldPeace intends to take the higher moral ground in the governor's race by advocating "equality and justice" and an end of corruption in government.


In June 2000, at the Democratic Caucus, John Sharp proposed that if a Hispanic was at the top of the Democratic ticket in the general election in 2002, it would bring out the Hipanics in large enough numbers to swing some of the statewide races to the Democrats.  I do not believe this because I believe that Blacks will not support a Hispanic candidate and the Whites will cross party lines in the governor's race if a Hispanic is the Democratic Candidate for governor.  So in a nutshell, the Hispanic votes that will be picked up will be less than the Whites and Blacks who will not vote for a Hispanic for governor.

But regardless, this Hispanic mindset became the party conventional wisdom last year and then everyone began to chase after Tony Sanchez.  Now we know that this whole idea was probably that of Ben (the pariah) Barnes.  I also think it was stupid for the Democrats to go out and find a Republican Hispanic to run as a Democratic candidate for governor.


The Republican Devil Rick Perry is a tough fighter and will not go down easy.  He has about $12 million in has campaign chest and he will be tough to beat.  He cannot be beaten by Tony Sanchez no matter how much money Tony spends.

However, if Tony were to run for Senator, then we have the best of all worlds.  We have a Hispanic at the top of the Democratic ticket to bring out the Hispanic vote.  I do believe that Whites will be more likely to vote for a Hispanic for Senator than they will for governor.

If Sanchez runs for Senator, then WorldPeace will not have to rip Sanchez's guts out between now and the Democratic Primary in March.  WorldPeace is running the following message in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.  WorldPeace is running this telephone message to give Sanchez a taste of things to come if he declares himself a candidate for governor.  The Republicans have already stated last week that they are going after Tony for the same reasons as those in WorldPeace's message.  I believe the Republican Devil Rick Perry is going to go after Sanchez early to try to knock him out.  So if Sanchez announces next week for governor, he is going to be pulverized by WorldPeace and Perry.  This is going to divide the Democratic Party but WorldPeace will be damned if he is going to allow a Republican turncoat like Sanchez to take the Democratic nomination for governor.

If Sanchez runs for Senator, WorldPeace will support him.  With Tony's baggage and mega bucks, he will fit right into the Washington establishment.

Let us all hope that Tony declares that he is running for Senator on Tuesday.  If he does, all the Democratic competition for Senator will withdraw because they will bow to Tony's money:  it will let him buy a seat in the U S Senate.  I will not let Tony buy the governorship.

Think about it.  If Tony becomes Senator at the same time as WorldPeace is elected governor, little George is simultaneously weakened in the U S Senate and he loses Texas.  He will be a one termer just like his daddy. 

With WorldPeace running for Governor and Sanchez running for Senator, then the Democrats should be able to take the lt. governor and attorney general offices as well.  The whole party should be able to support all the candidates.  And if Tony will announce that he is running for Senator next Tuesday, then WorldPeace can immediately go on the campaign trial against Perry and begin to bleed off his money.  In addition, with Sanchez running for Senator, the Republicans are going to have to take money away from Perry to fight Sanchez.  It is the perfect plan.  It is a workable strategy.  It is a winning campaign.  

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
September 1, 2001



Texas is being taken over by godless men whose corruption is without bounds and this corruption and immorality in high places is about to destroy Texas. Godless men with histories of worshiping money and power openly plot the plundering of Texas.

This is John WorldPeace, Attorney at Law, and the next governor of Texas.

On August 28, 2001, R G Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle exposed the blatant political manipulation at the top of the Democratic Party.

Ben Barnes who 30 years ago was determined by the people of Texas as being unworthy and unfit to be the lt. governor of this state after his suspected involvement in the Sharptown scandal, is obviously trying to use his power to rape and pillage our great state. Mr. Barnes and his candidate for governor, Tony Sanchez, the 600 million dollar man from Laredo, Texas, are even at this moment conferring on how best to plunder our state.

This is the Tony Sanchez whose failed S & L laundered 25 million dollars in drug money. The Tony Sanchez who just five months ago tried to destroy the good name of Henry Cuellar by calling him a homosexual. This is the Tony Sanchez who is about to sell the bankrupt Camino Columbia Toll Road outside Laredo to Texas. This is the Tony Sanchez who is now plotting with his former mentor Ben Barnes to cut a deal with Marty Akins to drop out of the governor’s race: And it is painfully obvious that Marty Akins is open to the idea by virtue of his meeting with Ben Barnes on Monday night.

It is obvious that Barnes has just not offered enough money to Akins for Akins, a proven liar, to withdraw from the governor’s race. He has only offered Akins enough to consider dropping out according to Mr. Ratcliffe’s article.

It is time to clean house. It is time to say no to evil. It is time to say no to Tony Sanchez and Marty Akins and their current puppeteer Ben Barnes. It is time to vote for WorldPeace.  It is time for an end to politics as usual. Vote for WorldPeace.

For more information, go to on the internet. Thank you and God Bless Texas.