Tony Sanchez, Ben (The Pariah) Barnes and Morris Jaffe

I have done everything that I could to communicate to Tony Sanchez that I was not going to allow a corrupt banker and oilman to hoodwink the public into believing that his candidacy was anything more than a conspiracy to plunder the state of Texas.  I tried to reinforce the reality that no Hispanic (or Black) can win the governor's race in Texas at this time.  I tried to get him to run for the Senate where I felt that others would bring out the matters below.  Yet nothing has worked and Tony continues to travel the state with his sinister Dog and Pony Show while the majority of the good people who sit on the Democratic executive committee and in the county and precinct chairs wonder how a Republican turncoat has been endorsed by virtually the entire Democratic Party.

The time has come to clear the air and place light upon the darkness that is Tony Sanchez.  It is time to get upon the square and remove the hoodwink from those who are blindly endorsing the Tony Sanchez conspiracy.  It is time to send a message to the corrupt and dark souls whose total focus in life is money and power to the detriment of the rank and file citizens of this state.  It is time to turn on the lights and forever sweep from the back rooms and dark alleys those political players who have come close to buying off this entire state.  

I do not need to retell the story of Ben (the Pariah) Barnes who three decades ago was determined by the citizens of this state to be unfit and unworthy of serving in public office as a result of his suspected involvement in the Sharpstown scandal.  This is the same Ben Barnes who just last week had a meeting with Marty Akins regarding his withdrawal from the governor's race in exchange for the office of Texas Land Commissioner.  Apparently Ben Barnes was going to buy off those Land Commissioner candidates with some amount of money or promise of public office.  Who knows?  The corruption that is Ben Barnes runs deep in this state even thirty years after he was cast down like Satan from the hallowed halls of high office.

The Tony Sanchez story begins with John Sharp who last year at the Hispanic caucus floated the theory that if the Democrats would endorse a Hispanic candidate for the governor's race, then the Hispanic turnout would be increased to the point where all the down ballot statewide races that the Democrats had lost by small margins in 1998 could be won in 2002.  No one questioned the fact that the Hispanic vote generally is divided evenly between Republicans and Democrats with the upper income Hispanics (of which there are many) voting Republican.  The theory did not make sense when considered with even a little bit of scrutiny.  But the whole of the Democratic Party elite seemed to take the bait.

But things got stranger when the Democratic elite of the elite went out and solicited a Republican, Tony Sanchez, as their Democratic candidate for governor.  How bizarre to find not only a Republican but a Republican who was one of little George's Pioneer Republicans (someone who contributed more than $100,000, actually Tony gave over $300,000).  Yet no one still got the picture that something was rotten in the State of Texas.  Or as is the case, the ones in the know, took the payoffs from Tony and his co-conspirators to shut up.  

And I will submit to you that every single one of the Black Democrats in this state took the money.  Why do I say this?  Because not one single Black Democrat, NOT ONE, has said a word about the fact that the Black voters have been completely discounted with the new emphasis on the Hispanic voters.  Think about it.  Not one single Black has stood up and complained about the fact that the Blacks have not even been mentioned in this Hispanic debate that has gone on for over a year.  It makes more sense when you find out that Tony Sanchez has had virtually all the Texas Black representatives out to his ranch.  Tony bought off the Black reps and the Black reps took their thirty pieces of silver each and totally corrupted everything that Dr. King fought and died for thirty years ago.  The rank and file Black voters have been sold out by their representatives.  I am curious to see how many Black reps are going to deny visiting with Big Tony at his ranch.  And I am interested in what excuse they will have for not standing up for their constituents.

Now I know that the story so far seems credible but not totally persuasive at this point.  But consider another player.  Consider Morris Jaffe.  Consider excerpts from the following internet and Houston Chronicle articles.

"MORRIS and DOUG JAFFE, father-and-son businessmen from San Antonio, Morris is an associate of Marvin Haass and Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans Mafia boss. Doug borrowed from Ed McBirney's Sunbelt Savings and provided jet airplane noise-limitation equipment for Farhad Azima and others. 

Henry Cisneros: Clinton once called the former HUD secretary a man of integrity and character, though he proved far from it in several instances . . . lied to the FBI about payments to three-year lover Linda Medlar . . . got caught up in dirty business dealings with oil entrepreneur Morris Jaffe. 

Knowing that she was fighting a losing battle, Medlar listed reasons why Cisneros shouldn't take a Cabinet job. She mentioned other alleged extramarital affairs and brought up a $10,000 cash payment he supposedly accepted from Texas developer Morris Jaffe while he served as mayor. Cisneros repeatedly denied any indiscretions with either women or money. 

So far only one Texas name has surfaced as a money player. According to FBI records, San Antonio financier and political benefactor Morris Jaffe helped dump $85,000 into the hush-money account, sources say. Jaffe claims to have provided about $9,000 to Jones after the request of San Antonio district Councilman Frank Wing. No names have yet surfaced from the president's circle, but there are hints of conspiracy charges to come.

Mattox received $50,000 each from the Teamsters and Morris Jaffe of San Antonio. Jaffe , a longtime Democratic activist, was a key figure in the downfall of U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright of Fort Worth. Jaffe brought Wright into an oil deal that netted the speaker $325,000 and then refused to discuss the deal with congressional ethics investigators. 4/30/90 Houston Chronicle"

Ok.  So now we have Jim Mattox and Henry Cisneros connected with Morris Jaffe who has connections with the Mafia.  And by the way, remember that money that was laundered by Tony's S & L; that $25 million in drug money.

So what is the connection?  Well we know that Tony worked for Ben (the Pariah) Barnes as an intern thirty years ago.  But how many know that through Ben (The Pariah) Barnes Tony Sanchez went to work for Morris Jaffe after old Ben's fall from power? 

That's right!  Tony Sanchez who claimed Henry Cuellar sent him  a "death threat" letter (one which he has not produced and the kind of thing that comes out of The Godfather novels - and how many people know that Tony Canales, Tony Sanchez's personal attorney who handled the Cuellar matter, makes his living defending drug related criminals?) and also called Henry a homosexual, who bankrupted his Tesoro S & L, who laundered $25 million of drug money through that S & L, who is trying to sell the bankrupt Camino Columbia Toll Road to the state of Texas, who gave $300,000 to little George, who through his old boss, Ben (The Pariah) Barnes, tried to buy Marty Akins out of the governor's race, who comes from one of the most racist cities in Texas, Laredo, where they still fly the Confederate Flag at the airport and where only about 100 non-Hispanic Blacks reside, who comes from Laredo, a port of entry for much of the drugs from Mexico and South America, who has taken his father's millions and made hundreds of millions more in just twenty short years, who drilled under the Falcon Reservior south of Laredo without any attempt by the Mexicans to drill from the Mexican side.

And this is the man that all Democrats see as the savior of the Democratic Party in 2002?

Let us consider who is in this conspiracy.  Ben (The Pariah) Barnes, probably John Sharp because he is the one who was selected to present the scheme to the Hispanics and from there to the rest of the state; Tony Sanchez for his connections with Barnes; Tony Sanchez for his connections with Morris Jaffe; Jim Mattox for his accepting contributions from Morris Jaffe; and oh yes there is Henry Cisneros by his association with Morris Jaffe; and lastly there is Marty Akins whose staff let it be known that he was negotiating a pay off with Barnes to drop out of the governor's race.

And let me say in closing, that the rips and tears that the press has already inflicted on the Sanchez campaign is just the tip of the iceberg.  Tony Sanchez is going to be the new Pariah of the Democratic Party and it is my feeling that if he continues in this race, that so many skeletons will come out of his many closets that he will in the end go to jail if there is any justice. 

It took Tony a year after he was unofficially declared the hope of the Democratic Party to actually decide to run for office.  It took him a year to buy off everyone who he thought would get in his way.  It took him a year to check and see if he could stand the light of public scrutiny.  Everything looked fine.  But he just did not factor into his scheme John WorldPeace.

There is only one clear choice for governor of Texas and that is John WorldPeace.  As I have already said, the governor's race is going to be a referendum on whether the citizens of this state are going to vote for money and politics as usual or for WorldPeace (equality and justice and an end to corruption). 

If you believe that it is time for a change, then you need to go to and make a contribution to the WorldPeace for Governor campaign.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

September 9, 2001