Bye Bye Marty Akins

Yesterday Mr. Akins, who I think is probably a nice guy, was finally bought out of the governor's race by Tony Sanchez and his buddy Ben (The Pariah) Barnes.  They could not let Marty take a shot at Land Commissioner and so they let him run for Comptroller.  The truth is that the Comptroller thing was just so that Marty could save face.  Like everything else with Ben and Tony, the real truth comes with following the money.  Marty got his money and an endorsement to save face and so he got out of the governor's race.

Now, what I find the most hilarious in today's newspapers is the fact that Marty did not want to hurt the Democratic Party by continuing to attack Big Tony.  Tony never even noticed Marty because no one in the state took Marty serious, especially after his comments about LBJ and his stories about rooming with Blacks in college. (Republicans running in the Democratic Party need to be attacked Marty.  But you would not know that, being a Republican yourself.)

Now, here comes the truth.  I do not know what is going on in the Republican Party but there seems to be a lot of pressure on David Dewhurst not to run for the Senate.  In the end, David has enough gold to break from who ever it is in the Republican Party that is trying to keep him out of the Senate race.  The chance for a White guy to run for the most exclusive club in the world in a race that will have no incumbent is just too tempting for a guy with $400 million.  Dewhurst is going to run for the Senate because when it is all said and done, the Republicans will have to support him after he is elected.

When David enters the Senate race next week, then the Democratic Party is going to have to move Big Tony to the Senate race and out of the governor's race for two reasons.  One is all this talk about how important it is to run a Hispanic at the top of the Democratic ticket and how Black and White Texans are looking forward to electing a Hispanic to high office in the state.  Second, and more to the point, no one can match Dewhurst's money except Tony.  The $5,000 cap on Federal political contributions sets up a scenario where only a $600 million man like Big Tony who has committed $30 million of his own money to try to buy the governor's office can match the $400 million man David Dewhurst's $20 million that he committed to the Lt. Governor's race.  David will commit more for the Senate.

I expect Dewhurst to announce for the Senate the first of next week and then Big Tony to announce the following week.  The Democratic Party in Texas already knows that WorldPeace is going to be hard to beat, especially since the World Trade Center tragedy and they are frantically looking for someone to run against him in the primary.  They also know that once Dewhurst announces, he will immediately begin to spend $1.5 million each week on ads.  In fact, in my opinion, one of the reasons that Dewhurst is taking his time to declare for Senare is that he has to re-shoot his ads and it takes time to script and shoot them.  Big Tony cannot let Dewhurst run a month's worth of ads before he gets into the Senate race.  The race is going to be too close for that. 

The only horse the Democrats have to run against WorldPeace is Jim Mattox; the guy who lost against Ann Richards in the 1990 Democratic Primary for governor, the guy who lost against Fisher in the 1994 Democratic Primary for Senator, and in 1998 the guy who ran against Cornyn in the general election and again lost.  So the Party will take a week after Dewhurst announces to face reality.  They do not want to pull Sanchez out of the governor's race until they have a replacement to run against WorldPeace.

Here is the truth about Tony Sanchez: 1) He said Secretary of State Henry Cuellar sent him a "death threat" letter back in March, but he has refused to show it to anyone, 2) His drug defending buddy, Tony Canales, sent two goons to intimidate Mr. Cuellar and label him a homosexual, 3) He worked for Ben (the Pariah) Barnes in the early sixties, 4) After Ben (The Pariah) Barnes' career ended with the Sharpstown scandal, Old Ben introduced Tony to Morris Jaffe, who died a few months ago, for whom Tony went to work as a landman for years (Morris Jaffe is the guy who hung Jim Wright out to dry before a U S Congressional investigation and the guy who had connections with the New Orleans Mafia - oh yes, Morris is dead but he has two sons who are very much alive), 4) He bankrupted his Tesoro S & L but not until after he laundered $25 million in drug money (and did anyone think about what it takes to accumulate $600 million in a couple of decades), 5) He is trying to sell the Camino Columbia Toll Road fiasco (in which his bank has a big investment) to the state of Texas, 6) He successfully drilled under the Falcon Reservoir south of Laredo and on the Texas Mexico border without the Mexicans drilling from their side of the Reservior, and 7) he was one of Bush's Pioneers (someone who contributed more than $100,000 to Bush, actually Tony Contributed $300,000) so Tony is a really big Republican running in the Democratic Party (How is that possible? - Hey, FOLLOW THE MONEY).  Tony is into banking and oil.  How much money do you think he can launder and how many state parks can he plunder drilling for oil as governor?

Marty talked about a rugged primary race but he did not know how rugged I intend to make it if Tony does not get out of the governor's race.  I am set to run 200,000 telephone messages a day statewide.  Everything is in place.  All I am doing is waiting, out of respect for the Democratic Party, for Tony to get out of my race for governor and run for Senator like a good boy.  I will give Tony one week after Dewhurst announces to change races (or until October 3) and then I am going to run the above "seven deadly sins" message statewide at the rate of 200,000 per day (16,000 per hour, 266 per minute) from 9 am to 9 pm every day until the primary in March.  Now, that is Rugged with a capital "R". 

Now for what is going on in the WorldPeace campaign?  1) I am presently running a telephone messages in Houston promising women to allocate half of all my appointments to them after I am elected, promising to audit the state payroll to remove any pay discrepancies in the state payroll, and promising to erect a monument on the Capitol grounds honoring the contributions of women in Texas.  This is not only going to bring a significant number of women to my campaign from the Republican Party, it is going to cause them to vote in the Democratic Primary. 2)  I am preparing a platform in my campaign to endorse prayer in schools based on the fact that the World Trade Center tragedy has shown that Americans very much believe in prayer and the fact that "In God we Trust" is stamped all over our money.  I have already advocated allowing judges to post the Ten Commandments in their courtrooms.  This is what I believe should be done as John WorldPeace but coincidentally, so does the Republican right.  So there is going to be more Republicans than anyone could believe crossing party lines to vote in the Democratic Primary for WorldPeace as well as voting for WorldPeace in the general election.  3) Anyone who does not see the hand of God in the World Trade Center tragedy is blind.  Anyone who does not consider that this nation is headed for hard times if little George makes a misstep in his pursuit of terrorist and the body bags start coming home as well as a nuclear explosion in one of our cities if he lets Rumsfield use nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.  Believe me, as a person who has had a WorldPeace web page up for almost six years, people are concerned about the future of this nation not to mention their very lives. 

Believe me, the apocalypic visions in the Book of Revelation are back in the Christian news.  I can guarantee you that when the people of Texas come to realize that there is a guy named John WorldPeace running for governor in Texas, there is going to be a significant change in the political landscape here.  The press knows it.  The Party knows it.  Everyone knows it.  It is not something I planned, it is just something that has come to pass.  And interestingly enough, I have served in the U S Army as an infantry sergeant from 1970 to 1972 and I have three sons who served as U S Marines.  I have the experience and the right to talk about war and the fallout of war unlike Tony Sanchez.

The choices are clear for the Texas Democratic Party now that Marty is not mucking up the playing field.  The choice is clear, Big Tony the corrupt Republican turncoat or the premier Democrat John WorldPeace. 

Politics is a hard game.  In the coming election, the Democratic candidate for governor will have to cut into Perry's Republican voters in order to get elected.  Only WorldPeace can do that.  My web page gives the details.  In politics, you do not ever want to bet on the wrong horse and most especially you do not want to associated with those who attempted to hamstring the future governor.  Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear.

God Bless Texas and God grant peace to those who are suffering from the World Trade Center tragedy.  God do not allow the President to believe that the citizens of the United States are bullet proof as he prepares to war against terrorism.  The war on drugs in South America has not worked but we knew that the drug lords would not drive passenger airplanes into office buildings or set off nuclear bombs or release Anthrax in our cities.

John WorldPeace, a man for the times and
The next governor of Texas

September 20, 2001