Where are you now Molly Beth?

Well as most of you know from my last correspondence, I was prohibited from attending the Neighborhood Democrats function put on by Carl and Deborah Silverman last Friday night at the South Shore Harbor Resort and Hotel in League City. The $30 per person event was to feature Tony Sanchez as a guest speaker. The Neighborhood Democratsí web site says they do not endorse any candidates and yet what is it (if not endorsement) if you invite one of the gubernatorial candidates to speak and then call the police to keep the other candidate out of the hotel where the event is taking place?

For those who are interested, here are the police details: Sgt. J. Butler #A12, Officers C. Woitena #833, K. Schroeder #840, 6:50pm, Friday, September 28, 2001, South Shore Harbor Resort and Hotel, Event (incident) # 01710234.

Now the question is where is all that Democratic leadership that everyone is telling me about. Where is Molly Beth who told me that the Democrats do not endorse any one candidate until after the primaries?  I guess the truth is that those words are just empty and meaningless;  or that the Party Chair is too weak to enforce them.

And consider The Rules of the Democratic Party of Texas

"Article I, Statement of Principles:

The Democratic Party of Texas hereby adopts the following statement of Principles as the foundation of the Party activities at ALL LEVELS...

To achieve these principles, we hereby make these declarations and adopt the following Rules to govern Party activities at ALL LEVELS:

Public meetings at all levels of the Democratic Party shall be open to all members of the Democratic Party of Texas, regardless of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, economic status, PHILOSOPHICAL PERSUASION, handicap or disability."

And despite this, little demigods like Carl Silverman and the fascist members of the Neighborhood Democrats (not one of who stepped up for truth and justice but only stood sheepishly at the hotel windows looking on as the events played out) intentionally, knowingly and maliciously denied John WorldPeace (a declared and legitimate Democratic candidate for governor of Texas since January 1, 2001) access to their Democratic function by maliciously using police officers from League City to prevent him from attending their event. Not to mention that John WorldPeaceís wife, campaign manager Dan Kerr, and his good friend and Democratic candidate for Councilman District B City of Houston, the honorable Kurtyce Cole were not only denied entrance to the event but were also forced off the hotel premises including parking lots and the private access road to the hotel under the threat of being arrested.

Only the autocratic actions of Adolph Hitler and his Brown Shirts prior to World War II have demonstrated such behavior as Carl Silverman and his god Tony Sanchez and their goons and thugs foisted upon John WorldPeace, Kay WorldPeace, Dan Kerr and Kurtyce Cole last Friday night.

Tell me how is it that the Democratic Party has gotten behind a candidate so weak that the police have to literally be called out to keep John WorldPeace not just out of the event but completely off the premises of the hotel where the event is taking place? Is it possible that Tony Sanchez has bought off the entire Party?  He and his mother together have $2.6 billion of stock in their International Bank of Commerce. That could buy just about everyone in the state. But all of it could not buy one honest man.

Incidentally, there is not one single instance where I, John WorldPeace, have created any kind of physical confrontation or shouting match or anything like it at any event that I have ever attended. There was no reason to believe and no evidence to support any allegation that I was going to do anything but listen to the dribble coming out of Don Sanchezís mouth.

But Carl Silverman told me on the prior Thursday that he would get me for running negative telephone messages against Don Sanchez within 45 miles of the event. I told Carl that this was just politics. Carl said no one would show up to his event. I said that 160,000 telephone calls had gotten him more publicity than he could have ever afforded and that the people wanted to see the two gubernatorial candidates side by side even if only one was allowed to speak by order of the Neighborhood fascists.

The truth is that Tony Sanchez is such a bad gubernatorial candidate that he needed a little demigod and thirty pieces of silver(man) to run interference for him in the name of the Democratic Party.

Let me say this, Rick Perry is a tough competitor. If you donít believe it, just ask John Sharp and read up on the 1998 Lt. Governorís race. Rick Perry is not going to be easy to beat. And a timid indecisive milk toast candidate like Tony Sanchez is not going to have a chance. It is going to take an honorable man with plenty of fire in his belly to go head-to-head with Rick Perry and win. 

Don Sanchez has not learned one thing from the Henry Cuellar mess he created earlier this year: that is that the rank and file citizens of this state are not under the same restrictions and mind sets as hired corporate lackies.

"What is the Spanish word for Clayton Williams?"  Answer: "Tony Sanchez!"

I am going to run Tony Sanchez out of the Democratic governorís race because he is weak, he is corrupt, and because he is a Republican turncoat. He is an albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party and if I have to remove his cancerous presence and Republican taint out of the Party single-handedly, that is what I am going to do. But I am going to do it man-to-man and not by using corrupt lackies like Carl Silverman to fight for me.

In terroristic times like these, the nation needs leaders at all levels who can stand up to terrorist and who can be an example to our children; men and women who are not corrupted by money and power and who do not endorse corruption through their relationships with known Mafia connected persons. Men and women who through their activities do not support nacro terrorism anymore than political terrorism.  Men and women like John WorldPeace who committed long ago to stand up for what is right and to speak up for what is true.

Everyone has told me that I have been too hard on Molly Beth. Well letís see what Molly is going to do now?

Molly Beth said that each candidate would have one opportunity to speak to the executive committee. I am formally making that demand for the October 27, 2001, executive meeting and I formally request that during the time that I speak that the executive meeting be open to the public.

And lastly, I demand that Molly Beth send a letter to all the Democratic Chairs in the state instructing them to make available to their rank and file members and function attendees the correspondence they receive from John WorldPeace. In many of the county functions that I have attended, the rank and file members tell me that they have no knowledge of even the most basic facts about Tony Sanchez (that he was one of Bushís top contributors: $300,000)

The question is whether there is going to be a fair competition between John WorldPeace and Tony Sanchez or if the Party is going to have to continue to prop him up just so that the Democrats can be humiliated in November when Rick Perry beats Don Sanchez like a tied goat.

The following telephone message is now running in Laredo. Don Sanchez can run but he canít hide. He can buy off the television stations and the statewide newspapers and he can buy off the Democratic Party but he cannot buy off the telephone company and he cannot stop John WorldPeace from proceeding with the ultimate grass roots campaign to bring the truth to the rank and file citizens of the state of Texas.

John WorldPeace

The next governor of Texas

September 30, 2001


September 30, 2001 Telephone dialer message

Hey Tony

Hey Tony Sanchez where are you hiding. This is John WorldPeace the next governor or Texas.  Hey Tony how much did you pay KGNS-TV to say that I was out of the governorís race? You wish! Hey Tony tell the citizens of Laredo how you called the League City Police to keep me away from your speaking engagement Friday night at the Southshore Harbor Resort. Hey Tony you canít hide your corruption and you canít buy me off like Marty Akins. Hey Tony take your corrupt money and get out of the governorís race and out of the Democratic Party.

Tony youíre not going to show up at the NAACP convention this Friday in Austin are you? They wonít take your money will they? But if you find the courage to show up, bring that "death threat" letter that Henry Cuellar sent you or send one of your lackeys with your withdrawal. Hey Tony if you are a real man, youíll meet me in Austin on Friday.

This is John WorldPeace, Attorney at Law, Democrat, and the next governor of Texas. Citizens of Laredo, are you really proud of Don Sanchez and his corruption? Is he what Laredo is all about? Vote for WorldPeace, the only true Democrat, the only candidate with integrity, the only real Texan in the governorís race.

For more information see johnworldpeace.com on the internet. Thank you.