White Republicans

Well ladies and gentlemen within weeks after the World Trade Center
tragedy the Republicans have set their slate of unopposed statewide
candidates. Cornyn for Senate, Perry for governor, Dewhurst for lt.
governor, Abbot for Attorney General, Rylander for Comptroller. ALL
WHITE. Is this why Cuellar quit?

The Republicans have sent a message to all Texans that WorldPeace has
been saying for nine months: the whites rule Texas and the top
statewide races are reserved for whites.

Look at the Democrats: Sharp for lt. governor, Watson for Attorney
General, Akins for Comptroller and Cunningham for Senate. Shortly, the
corrupt Don Sanchez will be gone from the governor's race and WorldPeace
will stand alone. The Democratic white ticket.

All that Hispanic talk was just that. The Republicans with their
unopposed white slate of candidates just shut off the Hispanic debate.
They are not running any minorities for the top statewide races. As
they said in the sixties: If you're white, all right; if you're brown,
hang around; if you're black, get back. And what about redistricting
out all those black office holders.

And when John Sharp proposed a Hispanic at the top of the ticket to
bring the Hispanic voters to help win the down ballot races, he did not
mention that all those down ballot races were going to be filled with
white candidates.

The only real Democrat who believes in equality and justice and who is
truly color blind is John WorldPeace. Don Sanchez is the judas goat
tapped to bring the Hispanics to the polls but only for the benefit of
the whites. Don Sanchez sold out. Don Sanchez was not expected to win
and to make sure a Hispanic did not win, a corrupt Republican Hispanic
was recruited to betray the Hispanics.

What did Don Sanchez ever do for the Hispanics? His bank has one of the
worst records for lending money to poor Hispanics. He and his mother
are worth $2.6 BILLION dollars and yet there is virtually no Sanchez
funded Hispanic organizations. Don Sanchez is about money, not about
the people.

Well the reality is that there is only one real Democrat presently in
the entire Democratic Party and that is John WorldPeace. There is only
one Democrat who will work to bring equality and justice to all the
people; red, yellow, black and white, men and women.

The Republicans have lined up their ticket and now have thirteen months
to promote their unopposed candidates. The Democrats need to do the
same. The only fly in the ointment is the corrupt Republican Don
Sanchez. He has to go.

Don Sanchez is a total betrayal to the Hispanics. He refused to declare
his candidacy for a year after the Party designated him as their boy.
He refused to attend any of the rank and file functions. He refused to
rub shoulders with the vast majority of Democratic Hispanics who earn
their living by the sweat of their brow. He refused to try to inspire
other Republican Hispanics to come to the Democratic Party. He refused
to attend any open ended question and answer forums. If I was a
Hispanic, I would be very upset that he blew the opportunity to really
make the Hispanics a force in Texas politics. He was their hope. He
is now their disgrace. Oh well, that is what happens when you try to
make a Republican into a Democrat; a rich guy into someone who really
cares about the people.

The people of color in this state as well as the women of this state
have one and only one advocate and that is John WorldPeace who will
allocate one half of all his appointments to women, and will allocate
appointments of Blacks and Hispanics in proportion to their percentage
of the total vote.

The reality is that Texas is white. The only hope for people of color
is John WorldPeace. Don Sanchez is finished and that is as it should
be. He was never more that a candidate in name. The judas goat needs
to be returned from whence he came and the people need to get behind
WorldPeace the only candidate that can beat the Republican devil Rick

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

October 3, 2001