And the Democratic Leadership continues to embrace Don Sanchez

Despite the fact that Don Sanchez is rejected out of hand by about 30% of the real Democrats in the Party due to the fact that Don Sanchez is nothing more than a Republican turncoat, and despite the fact that Don Sanchez is in fact closely connected to the Mafia scum that infests our society with drugs, and despite the fact that Don Sanchez is closely associated with the most infamous Pariah in Texas Politics (Ben Barnes) and despite the fact that Don Sanchez was a part of the 1980's Savings and Loan scandal and personally cost the public $139 million for his failed Tesoro Savings and Loan, and despite the fact that Don Sanchez' International Bank of Commerce fought the Clinton administration on the need to investigate multimillion dollar depositors, and despite the fact that Don Sanchez has refused to produce the alleged "death threat" letter from Henry Cuellar and despite the fact that Don Sanchez, who is probably a homophobe, undeniably called Henry Cuellar, the then Secretary of State, a homosexual; the Democratic Party continues to endorse Don Sanchez as the choice of the Democratic Party to run for governor and the press continue to refuse to write about these issues.

I have a tried and true standard that I use to make sense out of nonsense.  I have used this standard virtually all my life and it is this: "When things don't make sense, follow the money."

What does not make sense and some considerations as to why things do not make sense:

1) Why was a Republican, not just any Republican but a Republican who was Bush's number three contributor to the tune of $350 thousand, brought into the Democratic Party to run for governor by John Sharp?  Even if a Hispanic at the top of the ticket could possibly shift the down ballot races to the Democrats, why recruit a high profile Republican supporter?

*** Consider the fact that if Don Sanchez became the gubernatorial candidate, then it would not matter if Perry or Sanchez won the governor's race; Bush would still control Texas.  In the Ben Barnes days, it did not matter if George Bush or Lloyd Benson went into office because they were both controlled by the money players who were behind the scenes financing both candidates: i.e., Frank Erwin, Herman Bennett, Walter Mischer, Herbert Frensley, Ed Stumpf, III, Tom McCrummen, Corbin Robertson, Howard Rose, Robert Strauss, Warren Woodward, Larry Temple, George Christian, Harold Hinn, John Gray, Morris Jaffe.  The only thing that has changed is the fact that the manipulation is presently so blatant.  Out in front, for everyone to see, a Republican is foisted on the public as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.  Barnes lives on.

2) Why have none of the Black representatives in Texas not complained about the fact that the Democratic Party has virtually ignored the Black voters while chasing after the Hispanic voters?

*** They have all been paid off to keep their mouths shut.  Dr. King is probably rolling over in his grave and the Whites are laughing at how the Black leaders have sold out their own people for thirty pieces of silver. 

3) Why have the vast majority of the Democratic Chairs and members of the Democratic Party Executive Committee and the Democratic Representatives in Texas refused to say anything negative about Don Sanchez even though I have placed the facts about his corruption in front of them via email, faxes and regular mail?

*** Because when it was put forth that Sanchez was good for the Party because he could personally afford the $25 million necessary for a governor's race, it was not told that the $2 BILLION of International Bank of Commerce stock that Don Sanchez either owns or controls as trustee and by proxy from his mother, was more than enough to buy off virtually everyone who was anyone in the entire state.

4) Why does the press refuse to print the fact that Don Sanchez has used illegal drugs, hired illegal aliens, is a Vietnam era draft dodger, has created a banking empire virtually overnight in the tradition of the Ben Barnes days of three decades ago (while being closely associated with Ben Barnes), not mentioned how closely he was connected to Morris Jaffe, the demise of Jim Wright among other things, demand to see the Henry Cuellar "death threat" letter, and reveal how many of the bogus loans (Simply speaking: the Savings and Loans went under because $250 thousand loans were fraudulently made on $50 thousand pieces  property and then the system was collapsed leaving the taxpayer's holding the bag.) that Don Sanchez personally approved and who got the $139 million that the taxpayers forked over to bail out Don Sanchez' Tesoro Savings and Loan.  Barnes was heavily involved in the banking corruption of the 70's that ended his political career, then there was the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980's and now the Democratic Party is trying to put a corrupt banker into the governor's mansion. 

*** Well Barnes owned the press in the 1970's.  They covered his back throughout all his corrupt days in office -including his "fastest zipper in the state" reputation (Clinton was such a choir boy).  And now one of those old press boys is running Texas Monthly and we have had three articles on Don Sanchez within the last year.  No articles on Akins when he was running for governor and no articles on WorldPeace.  A man named John WorldPeace, attorney at law, who has since January 1, 2001, made literally millions of telephone calls promoting his campaign for governor and whose name represents the world's concerns since  911, and who in the last poll (August 2001) was running 17% to Perry's 52%, while Sanchez was only running 23% to Perry's 52% (and that was before Akins dropped out, and when WorldPeace was only working Houston and Sanchez was working the state, and when WorldPeace was getting no press and Sanchez was getting lots) is not newsworthy.  I wonder what are those poll numbers now?

5) Why did Don Sanchez not jump into the Senate race?  He has no money problems because he is self financing.  He has no problem with federal campaign contribution limits.  He can easily outspend John Cornyn and require the Republicans to spend a lot of money on Cornyn that will then not be available for the other Republican races. And as a Senate candidate, Don Sanchez could still lead the Democratic ticket.

*** The answer seems real simple, you can't plunder the state from Washington like you can from the governor's office.

6) Why did all the candidates except John WorldPeace boycott the NAACP conference forum last month?

*** There are over ten candidates from both parties for governor, lt. governor, attorney general , comptroller and senator and only WorldPeace appeared before the NAACP at the designated time.  I think I mentioned before that the real power money owns both parties and determined to boycott the NAACP meeting.

7) Why has Don Sanchez done virtually no campaigning since be was crowned the gubernatorial candidate a year ago?

*** Because if you have promised to finance every single Democratic candidate in the state as well as sending a few bucks to all the county chairs and executive committee members and in exchange requested that they boycott WorldPeace, and when your friend Ben Barnes buys off Marty Akins, why campaign?  It is not like anyone needed to worry about WorldPeace.  It was not like Don Sanchez had any need to campaign under these circumstances.  It is not like he had to actually go out and meet the rank and file Party members.  Spread around a couple of million dollars to the little people around the state and sit back and wait for the primary seems to be Don Sanchez' campaign strategy.

8) Where are the polls that show how far ahead of WorldPeace Don Sanchez is presently?  Where are the polls that show that the public thinks that WorldPeace is a "crackpot" as Don Sanchez has labeled him?

*** Well it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Sanchez (who according to the last Texas Monthly article had chart upon chart of voter statistics statewide) has run a poll or two.  And it does not take an Einstein to know that if Don Sanchez was ahead in those polls, his good buddies in the press would have published the results long ago and banished WorldPeace to "crackpot land". 

The WorldPeace Perspective.

Anyone who has taken a little time to look at my WorldPeace Peace Page knows that I have done extensive research into the sacred and holy texts of the world's major religions.  And one would have to conclude that WorldPeace is a spiritual individual and one who is more concerned about morality than about money.

On 911, everyone agrees that things changed.  The people have changed.  Everything has changed.  But before 911 things had already begun to change.  The people as they moved into the Third Millennium had expectations that things would be different.  They knew that the pursuit of materialism for the sake of materialism was losing its grip on society and that compassion and justice and peace were going to increasingly influence all things.  Now we have had this great 911 tragedy and people have prayed to God like never before and they are seeking to understand what is going on even as they make war on an illusive foe.

On 911, two great towers which represented power and wealth not just of America but of many nations were completely destroyed just as Solomon's Temple was completely destroyed for the second time in 70 AD: and I cannot help but notice the parallels between the two events.

In truth, I have no personal expectations about the future.  I do believe that the governor's race is going to be not only a vote for John WorldPeace the candidate, but I believe that it will also be a referendum on WorldPeace (WorldPeace not being a perfect world but a more sane and just and peaceful world).  I also believe that Don Sanchez represents everything that is wrong with our society in general and Texas in specific.  Don Sanchez represents an over emphasis on money, a disregard for the fact that he is very closely connected with Ben Barnes, an acknowledged corrupt politician from the 1970's whose cancer continues to permeates and corrupt Texas, closely connected to Tony Canales an attorney who represents drug lords who bring hundreds of tons of cocaine and other drugs into America which contribute to the decadence of our society as a whole and our children in specific, and connected with the late Morris Jaffe who was closely associated with the Mafia and who destroyed the political career of Jim Wright and who was also an ally of Ben Barnes.

As I said, I have no personal expectations about the future.   All I know is that at the end of the day I can say that I tried to make a difference.  I do not presume to know what God is about.  But I am not so foolish as to ignore the fact that something has changed in the social consciousness.  I believe, and I think millions of people understand that America and Texas are at a fork in the road that leads to the future and I believe that the choices that we make in next year's elections are going to have significant consequences for the future.  I believe that the wrong choices, that choosing the wrong path, is going to manifest events and consequences for those who continue to worship money to the exclusion of morality are going to be devastating.  For the Christians, Jesus said repeatedly, "Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear."  So let it be.

In the meantime, I will continue on my path to the governor's mansion and I will continue to do everything possible to inform the public that Tony Sanchez is the worst possible choice for any elected office; including the message below which is presently running in Austin and not a single word of which Don Sanchez has denied.  In a court of law, unrebutted statements are taken as true.

John WorldPeace

October 28, 2001


Automatic Telephone Dialer message October 25, 2001

"There is a cancer presently growing in the Democratic Party in Texas. That cancer is Don Tony Sanchez who is running for governor. Don Sanchez is associated with Ben Barnes the corrupt ex-lt. governor of Texas, Don Sanchez' attorney is Tony Canales the drug lord defending attorney from Laredo, and Don Sanchez was also associated with the late Morris Jaffe the Mafia connected financier who ended the career of Representative Jim Wright.

Tony Sanchez represents political corruption, drugs in our society and in our schools, and abuses of the banking system. A vote for Don Sanchez is a pro-drug vote. A vote for Don Sanchez is a vote for the resurrection of the political and financial corruption that is Ben Barnes. A vote for Don Sanchez is a vote for lies about "death threat" letters and character assassination not to mention a Vietnam Era draft dodger.

Your choice is clear; you can vote for Don Sanchez, his corruption and the further disintegration of the Democratic Party in Texas or you can vote for truth, justice and WorldPeace.

For more information, go to on the internet. And if you are really committed to making a change, you can contribute to the WorldPeace for governor campaign. God bless America and God bless Texas. This John WorldPeace the next Democratic governor of Texas. Thank you."