Questions that the Texas Press refuse to ask of Don Sanchez

Here are some questions that the Texas press refuse to ask the corrupt Don Sanchez

1) Have you ever used illegal drugs?  WorldPeace has not.  This was an issue that hounded Bill Clinton and one that killed Douglas Ginsberg's 1987 Supreme Court nomination in just nine days.  Now here is an issue that will not only finish off Don Sanchez but will also finish of Rick Perry.

2) Have you ever hired illegal aliens?  Well now we all know that the Patron, Don Sanchez, has lots of illegals working on his 13 thousand acre ranch.  And we also know how many nominees for high office have been rejected for hiring illegal domestics and nannies.  And gee, does anyone think that immigration may be an issue in the governor's race? I, John WorldPeace, have never hired an illegal alien.

3) Have you ever served in the military?  Well when you take a little peek, I think you are going to find the Don Sanchez was a Viet Nam era draft dodger.  Oops.  There goes the veterans vote.  WorldPeace, his father and his three sons all served, the sons served in the Marines.

4) What was Don Sanchez relationship with Morris Jaffe?  Actually he was a landman for him for many years after Ben Barnes went down in flames in the early seventies.  Texas Monthly did not want to talk about this relationship too much since Morris was connected to the New Orleans mob.  And Morris and Ben Barnes were big buddies also.

5) Demand to see the Henry Cuellar "death threat" letter.  The letter was a lie cooked up by Tony Sanchez and his childhood buddy Tony Canales (the guy who defended Juan Abrego who brought in at least 16 tons of cocaine to the USA.)  Death threat letter?  Is this a Mario Puzo novel superimposed on Texas politics?

6) What about Don Sanchez calling Henry Cuellar a homosexual?  Talk about a smear campaign.  Talk about character assassination.  Is Don Sanchez a homophobe?

7) How much money has the International Bank of Commerce loaned to the Camino Columbia Toll Road?  And doesn't Don Sanchez want to sell that "white elephant" to the state of Texas as part of the NAFTA highway so that his IBOC bank can get off its $13 million loan? 

8) And what about drilling under the Falcon Reservoir south of Laredo.  Isn't that a state park down there?  Is Don Sanchez going to drill in all the state parks?  And what about the fact that the Mexicans did not drill from the Mexican side?  Why not?  All those millions of dollars in oil and gas and they just let Don Sanchez suck it all out of the ground without a word.

9) And who actually got that $139 million that the taxpayers paid to bail out Don Sanchez bankrupt Tesoro Savings and Loan?  And now that Don Sanchez controls IBOC worth about $6 BILLION, why doesn't he pay some of that money back?  Well, let's forget that.  What about the fact that he is just a bad money manager.  Do you think that might get the voters to thinking about the state budget.  And since $25 million was laundered through Tesoro, right under Tony's nose, do you think there may be some fuzzy accounting in the state budget?  We know that Marty Akins is now slumming with Don Sanchez and we know that Marty is running for Comptroller when he can't even count the change in his pockets.

10)  And what about all that money Don Sanchez gave to little George Bush?  What about all those yellow dog Democrats that will never vote for a Republican turncoat?  Did John Sharp figure them into his down ballot Hispanic for governor braintrust.

11)  And what about that Confederate Battle Flag flying high at the Laredo International Airport?  You know Laredo was founded by a Don Sanchez ancestor.  Do you think he has enough pull to take down that flag?  And what about the core issue: name one Black that will vote for Don Sanchez.

I would like to see the press ask the above questions of Don Sanchez.  We have heard all we want to hear about Don Sanchez and his money and his 13 thousand acre ranch and his airplanes.  We want to have some real answers to important questions that impact on the state and speak to his fitness for office.  Ben Barnes, Tony Canales, Morris Jaffe and Don Tony Sanchez: now there is a winning combination for Texas.  We can all sleep well at night with these guys (and their progeny) having a key to the Texas vault.  And if I am not mistaken, reporters have to live in Texas also.  Do reporters take responsibility for the fallout from promoting a corrupt banker for governor?

John WorldPeace

October 29, 2001