WorldPeace: the token opposition to Don Sanchez

Dear Sam Attlesby,

Saw your article this morning on the 2002 candidates. I was just wondering how it is that I am a token candidate? 

The Houston Chronicle reported the statewide Scripts-Howard poll numbers last September and showed I was only six points behind Sanchez against Perry. (see below) And that was with a 3.5% margin of error.

At the time of that poll, I was getting no statewide press to speak of and Marty Akins was still in the race. Now where do you think all those White folks that were for Akins went. 

And what about the fact that I was only telephoning in Houston at the time of the poll and I have branched out significantly since then. Have you been reading the Austin American Stateman. I know that you and Ken Herman and Jay Root have been assigned to the Don Sanchez "Dog and Pony Show". Surely you have discussed how I have blanketed Austin with telephone calls last month. Do you really think people in Austin and the rest of the state are ignoring the fact that I am saying that Don Sanchez is a Mafia friend, that he is a Viet Nam era draft dodger, a user of dope, an employer of illegal aliens, a big time ex-Republican, and an all around worthless fellow. Do you think that the 1 million calls into Austin with that message have had no influence on the voters. Do you think 1 million phone calls is a token effort.

And what about those two towers that the terrorist blew up? Do you think that people are thinking about WorldPeace? Just a fate thing if you know what I mean but none-the-less probably factor in the way people will vote next year. Think about someone getting into the voter booth and seeing WorldPeace on the ballot. Think about it for just a moment. Actually I know you already have. WorldPeace on the ballot is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.

So, maybe WorldPeace is not the token candidate, maybe WorldPeace is THE CANDIDATE, maybe WorldPeace is the next governor of Texas.

I wonder what the next poll is going to show. I would bet about 48% for Rick and 25% for Sanchez and 40% for WorldPeace. 

I am sort of expecting the next Scripts Howard poll next week. We'll see. 

I know that I can't fly you around the state in my own jet and I can't bring you out to my 13,000 acre ranch. But let's not get carried away with tokenism.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

Candidate lineup as good as decided for '02 


By SAM ATTLESEY / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN It's still two months until the Jan. 2 candidate filing deadline for the 2002 elections, but the statewide tickets for both parties have already been pretty much decided. 

And not one vote has been cast. 

With a couple of notable exceptions, the Democratic and Republican nominees for statewide offices appear to be known well before the March primary contests... 

Governor: Incumbent Rick Perry is so far unopposed for the GOP nomination. On the Democratic side, wealthy Laredo businessman Tony Sanchez is the favorite to win his party's nomination even though he has token opposition from Houston lawyer John WorldPeace. ...

Sam Attlesey is deputy chief of the Austin Bureau of The Dallas Morning News. 

Sept. 4, 2001, 11:05PM

Democrat Sanchez starts bid for governor's office 
Copyright 2001 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau 

AUSTIN -- Laredo millionaire Tony Sanchez launched his bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination Tuesday with promises to improve education and public health care and to take on the health insurance industry....

In the general election, Perry would be the easy winner if it were held today, according to the Texas Poll. 

Perry would defeat Sanchez 53 percent to 23 percent; Akins 52 percent to 19 percent; and WorldPeace 53 percent to 17 percent. 

While Sanchez got support from 41 percent of the Hispanics surveyed, Perry got the support of 37 percent. 

Polls conducted at this point in an election typically reveal mostly name identification. Perry as governor has received a great deal more media attention than the three Democrats. 

The Texas Poll was conducted Aug. 9-28 by the Scripps Howard Data Center. Random interviews were done with 1,000 adult Texans. The general election survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, while the Democratic primary survey had a margin of error of 5.8 points.