The WorldPeace - Sanchez War

The Judas Goats of the Democratic Party finally raised their traitorous heads on October 27, 2001.  These are the sixty individuals of the Democratic Executive Committee who endorsed the corrupt Don Tony Sanchez for governor; four months prior to the Democratic Primary.  These sixty individuals represent everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party in Texas.  These sixty points of cancer are the reason that the Democratic Party is in peril in Texas as evidenced by the decade long losing streak in the statewide races.  These 60 corrupt little judases are the reason that our children are having to cope with drugs from the friends of Don Sanchez.  They are the reason that the citizens of Texas have lost faith in the Democratic process which is more and more being sold to the highest bidder.  

I have been John WorldPeace for fourteen years and in those 14 years I have learned first hand that the reason that we do not have peace and justice in society is because those of us who want peace have allowed the forces of evil to dominate.  By changing my name 14 years ago, I have stood up for peace and justice and an end to the corruption and I have spoken up for a more fair and sane society.  Now it is time for the armies of good to stand up and be counted.  The time has come to quit listening to the evil corruptors of humanity who say that WorldPeace is a "crackpot", that WorldPeace will never be, that WorldPeace is crazy.

There is a darkness that everyone in Texas is presently facing.  And that darkness wants to take what's good and fair and lay it all to waste and that darkness will cover everything in sight unless it is confronted by the light.

I doubt that there has ever been a political race where the choices between the candidates has been so clear.  The choice is the between, Tony Sanchez, a drug using, mafia friendly, Vietnam era draft dodger and Republican turncoat who gave George Bush $350,000 and John WorldPeace, who stood up of peace and justice and the American way 14 years ago by changing his name.  John WorldPeace, a God fearing man who has spent his life helping others as opposed to accumulating money for money's sake; a man who has never used drugs, has honorably served in the United States Army from 1970 to 1972, and who is against virtually everything that Tony Sanchez believes and represents.

I, John WorldPeace, am declaring war on Tony Sanchez and all those who stand with him.  I am going to do everything I can within the law to not only defeat Tony Sanchez but also to hold him and his co-conspirators accountable for his corruption and his corruption of society in general and the people in specific.  The time is now to put an end to politics as usual.  The time is now for those who see the corruption of the Democratic Party to work with me to end it.  It is time to make a difference.  It is time to stand up.  It is time purge the Democratic Party of the cancerous evil that has undeniably taken root within.  It is time to give our children the legacy of truth and justice, equality and peace upon which our founding fathers built this great nation.  It is time to quit emphasizing the illusion of money and to begin to value the morality and character of the person.  It is time to quit judging people by the amount of money they have without looking at the source of that money.

You cannot serve God and money.  The Democratic choice is clear.  WorldPeace or Don Tony Sanchez.

John WorldPeace

The next governor of Texas

November 10, 2001


This is the telephone message that I am presently running statewide.  We will see what effect 100,000 calls per day will have on the corrupt Don Sanchez.

November 10, 2001 Sanchez and the Executive Committee

The Texas Democratic Party is in peril because 60 members of its executive committee have endorsed Don Tony Sanchez as its gubernatorial candidate four months before the primary. This is the same Don Sanchez who laundered $25 million in drug money through his Tesoro Savings and Loan and then cost the taxpayers $139 million to clean up the mess after he sent Tesoro into bankruptcy. This is the same drug using, Mafia friendly, Viet Nam era draft dodger and Republican turncoat Tony Sanchez who gave Bush $350,000. Obviously these dirty Democrats have taken their 30 pieces of silver to sell out the Democratic Party.

The choice for governor is clear, the Republican turncoat Sanchez and his corruption or John WorldPeace, attorney at law, who has always been a Democrat, has never used illegal drugs, and who proudly served as an infantry sergeant in the US Army from 1970-72. John WorldPeace the only real choice for governor in these terroristic times.

It is time to cut the Sanchez cancer from the Democratic Executive Committee. It is time to send a message to the executive committee that the Democratic Party is not for sale. You can find the evidence of Don Sanchezí corruption as well as the names and addresses of the 60 Judas goats on my web page at Never has there been a time in Texas when the forces of corruption have so blatantly raised their evil heads.

God bless Texas, God bless America and God save the Democratic Party in Texas. Vote for WorldPeace.


From Don Sanchez' web page at

Tony Sanchez Endorsed By Members of Texas State Democratic Executive Committee

AUSTIN - - Today, the Tony Sanchez for Governor campaign announced that 60 Texas State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) members have endorsed Sanchez's bid for governor.

SDEC members from across Texas gathered in Austin this weekend for a meeting at the Radisson Hotel. Sanchez addressed the group on Saturday morning.

Acknowledging how important this early endorsement is, Sanchez said, "I am honored to have the support of such prominent Democratic Party leaders from across the state. Our Party is uniting and organizing like never before for victory in 2002."

Since his official announcement last month, Sanchez has been gratified by the level of enthusiasm and support his candidacy has generated among a broad spectrum of Texans.

Sanchez said his campaign will remain focused on the hopes and dreams all Texans have for themselves and their families. He vowed to run an issue based campaign focused on improving education, increasing access to health care and strengthening our economy.

"Democrats are right on the issues, we are focused on the future and together we will work to build a better Texas," concluded Sanchez.

Those endorsing Sanchez for Governor include:
Ben Alexander
Carol Alvarado
David Bagley
John Baker
Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos
John Bell
Ealy Boyd
Steve Burch
Allan Butcher
Hector Carreno
Etta Crockett
Cecilia Crossley
James Cumming
Veronica De La Fuente
Joy Demark
George Dowlen
Concepcion Elizondo
Rep. Pete Gallego
Jaime Gonzalez, Jr. (DNC)
Tom Grieco
(SDEC Vice-Chair/DNC)
Katy Griffith
Pat Grusendorf
Mary Hatfield
Kathleen Hawkins
Minnie Dora Haynes
June Hicks
Roberta Hicks
Walter Hinojosa (SDEC Secretary)
David Holmes
Anna Marie Hornsby
Mae Jackson
Patsy Johnson
Mary Kirkwood
Sue Lovell (DNC)
Susie Luna-Saldana
Fernando Mancias
Barbara Mayo
Jo McCall
Ed Miller (DNC)
Ken Molberg
Frank Ortega
Charlie Osborn
Socorro Ramos
Frumencio Reyes
(SDEC Vice-Chair/DNC)
Carroll Robinson (DNC)
Leonard Rockwell
Rose A. Salas
Ann Marie Schroeder
Bill Scruggs
Mary Seymore
Bob Slagle (DNC)
Danny Snooks
Oscar Soliz (DNC)
Lenora Sorola-Pohlman
Dennis Speight
Dennis Teal
Rosa Walker (DNC)
Peggy Wildman
Martha Williams
Ruth Wyrick