Sherry Sylvester (San Antonio Punch and Cookie Reporter) and Don Sanchez

So what is up with the San Antonio Express?  Well here below we have this punch and cookie article that subtly mentions the fact that Rick Perry and Molly Beth have switched parties.  This is an attempt to down play the fact that Don Tony Sanchez is another Republican turncoat.  But the article does not mention that Sanchez gave Bush $350,000.  So there is the rank and file Republican turncoat Molly Beth and then there is Don Sanchez who was able to pick up the phone and talk to little george any time he wanted.

And then there is this mention of the fact that Don Sanchez voted last week.  Isn't that great?  Pass out the punch and cookies and let us have a toast to Tony. 

And then at the end of the article, we read about Tony's little girl working for the now governor elect of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey.  Well I think we all know that daddy Tony gave a wad of money to Jim to let his little girl share some limelight.  God knows there were no political races going on here in Texas from which she might have learned a few things.  Oh well, such is the benefits of money.  Purchasing images.  Presenting the daughter of a crook as a wholesome young political activist.

But in the end, forgetting that Sherry and Peggy are promoting Don Sanchez in a punch and cookie sort of way and refusing to speak the fearsome name "WorldPeace", we have to ask Sherry and Peggy about the real questions regarding Don Sanchez that they have yet to ask. 1) Have you used illegal drugs?, 2) Have you hired illegal aliens?, 3) Aren't you the guy who laundered $25 million in drug money through Tesoro Savings and Loan before you bankrupted it and cost the taxpayers $139 million?, 4) Didn't you work for the corrupt mafia connected Morris Jaffe?, 5) Didn't the corrupt Ben Barnes buy Marty Akins out of the governor's race for you?, 6) Isn't Tony Canales, the megabucks Laredo attorney who defends drug lords who bring tons of cocaine into Texas, your attorney?, 7) And where is that Henry Cuellar "death threat" letter?, 8) and wasn't that Don Sanchez the homophobe? who called the Honorable Henry Cuellar a homosexual?, 9) and what about that part about Tony being a Viet Nam era draft dodger?  Who cares, Right? That war is over?  Only 40,000 real Americans died.

They say that Judas hanged himself after taking the 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus.  Oh well, not to worry, we are only talking about Texas and not the savior of mankind.  In Texas its money that counts.  The morality and character of Tony Sanchez does not matter.  Where he got his money does not matter.  Drugs in our society does not matter.  Banking corruption does not matter. God knows that WorldPeace does not matter.  It was only five thousand people and a couple of buildings.  Besides we have by now killed at least that many innocent Afghanies: and made new terrorist out of their sole surviving relatives.

Pass the punch and cookies.  It is good to fiddle, strike that, eat and drink as Texas burns.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

November 11, 2001


Metro and State
It's All Politics: Morales, Perry, Malcolm find politics addictive

By Sherry Sylvester
San Antonio Express-News

Web Posted : 11/11/2001 12:00 AM

When Victor Morales, the truck driving schoolteacher who ran a populist campaign against U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm in 1996, announced last week that he will make a second run for the seat, Austin political consultant Bill Miller immediately diagnosed him as a "political junkie."

"Once you get a taste of politics, it's hard to lay off the stuff," Miller said. "He's addicted."

Gov. Rick Perry told 400 Hispanic business leaders gathered in San Antonio last week that he had a slightly different form of the same addiction.

"My name is Rick Perry and I used to be a Democrat," the governor deadpanned, varying the familiar phraseology of drug and alcohol addiction self-help groups.

Perry joked that both Texas political parties were happy when he switched his allegiance from Democrat to Republican.

On the other side, Texas Democratic Party Chairwoman Molly Beth Malcolm allowed last week that she is a "recovering Republican."

Sanchez votes

Texas experienced one of the lowest voter turnouts in history Tuesday when fewer than 7 percent of Lone Star State voters made their way to the polls. But Laredo gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez was not among the apathetic who stayed home.

Sanchez spokeswoman Michelle Kucera said the Laredo multimillionaire voted early at the Mall del Norte in Laredo.

The vote appears to mark the turning over of a new political leaf for Sanchez.

An Express-News report published in August revealed that Sanchez had only voted in three elections in the past seven years, skipping almost a dozen opportunities to go to the polls.

GOP shakeout

Republican insiders call San Antonio attorney Doug Harlan "the professor" because he knows so much about Bexar County's political wars and the history of the Republican Party here. But the longtime GOP activist won't be bringing all he knows to the upcoming election. Harlan said last week that he has decided not to run for the state legislative seat that Rep. John Shields is vacating.

"The upside of running would be winning and the downside of running would be winning," Harlan laughed.

Harlan has been planning a move out of the legislative district, and becoming a state lawmaker would put those plans on hold.

Five other Republicans still mulling a run for the seat are developer James Allen, retired Gen. Winfred Carroll, Young Republicans leader Paul Knight, attorney David Fritsche and former City Councilman Jeff Webster.

GOP insiders say the field has not yet completely shaken out and at least one more candidate may emerge in the next few weeks.

Job application?

No one has accused Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Sylvia Romo of launching a "charm offensive" in her campaign to convince Perry that he should appoint her secretary of state. In an edgy statement released last week, Romo said that if Perry is serious about Hispanic inclusion in public policy-making, he should strongly consider appointing more Hispanics to high profile positions.

"Texas Hispanic voters want to hear more than Spanish phrases," Romo said.

Romo closed by saying she would "welcome the opportunity of being appointed secretary of state."

Sanchez victory

Another Sanchez, Ana Lee, had a big win last week in New Jersey. Sanchez, the daughter of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Laredo, has been working on the successful campaign of Jim McGreevey. McGreevey won a double-digit victory in the Garden State on Tuesday and will become New Jersey's next governor.

Sanchez was involved with the campaign's field operation and reportedly will bring what she learned about winning back home to her dad's campaign in Texas.

Sherry Sylvester covers politics for the Express-News. E-mail her at Austin Bureau Chief Peggy Fikac contributed to this report.