Dump Sanchez Now! - The Real Democrats

The response to the first version of the following message has been very supportive. People are definitely fed up with the corruption of the Democratic Party and its losing ways. Consequently, I have modified the message to better reflect the preferences and frustrations of the real Democrats who are presently in the Party and the Democrats who desperately want to return to the Party. The real Democrats are telling me that it is about time that someone took out the garbage. The real Democrats are telling me that no money is better than drug money; than no candidate is better than a Republican candidate; and that in these patriotic times, a draft dodger is absolutely unacceptable.

Promote and endorse Don Sanchez at your own risk. The real Democrats have spoken.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

November 11, 2001
Veteranís Day


November 11, 2001 Statewide Telephone Dialer Message

The Texas Democratic Party is in peril because 60 members of its executive committee have endorsed Don Tony Sanchez as its gubernatorial candidate four months before the primary. This is the same Don Sanchez who laundered $25 million in drug money through his Tesoro Savings and Loan and then cost the taxpayers $139 million to clean up the mess after he sent Tesoro into bankruptcy. This is the same drug using, Mafia friendly, Viet Nam era draft dodger and Republican turncoat Tony Sanchez who gave Bush $350,000. Obviously these dirty Democrats have taken their 30 pieces of silver to sell out the Democratic Party. This time they have gone too far.

The choice for governor is clear, the Republican turncoat Sanchez and his corruption or John WorldPeace, attorney at law, who has always been a Democrat, has never used illegal drugs, and who honorably served as an infantry sergeant in the US Army from 1970-72. John WorldPeace the only real choice for governor in these terroristic times.

It is time to cut the Sanchez cancer from the Democratic Executive Committee. It is time to send a message to the executive committee that the Democratic Party is not for sale. You can find the evidence of Don Sanchezí corruption as well as the names and addresses of the 60 Judas goats on my web page at www.johnworldpeace.com.

Never has there been a time in Texas when the forces of corruption have so blatantly raised their evil heads. It is time for the real Democrats in Texas to join me in purging the Party of these corrupt officers who have cost the Democrats all the statewide offices for the last ten years. It is time to send the likes of Don Tony Sanchez to jail: not to the governorís office.

God bless Texas, God bless America and God save the Democratic Party in Texas. Vote for WorldPeace. Thank you.