The God question: the Prayer issue

The following article is an example of how stupid this God and prayer issue is getting.  It is also evidence that Trick Rick has no idea how to handle it.  Certainly the money god Don Sanchez has no idea what to do.

Now here is the simple WorldPeace resolution. "In God we trust" on our money.  One nation "under God" in our pledge of alligence.  God bless America on a marquee anywhere is OK.  

If I were the governor, I would call Principal Olivas and ask him to return "God bless America" to the marquee.  

The problem is a lack of leadership. The problem is that the Coca Cola Cowboy is trying to calculate the political fallout from taking a real stand.  Don Sanchez is about the business of serving the money god.  WorldPeace is speaking up to a deaf press.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

November 15, 2001


Sign of the times: School removes reference to God
Associated Press

Thursday, November 15, 2001

EL PASO -- A West Texas high school's marquee with the words "God Bless America" on it was changed after a senior suggested that it could be offensive to some. 

The sign at Eastwood High School now reads, "United We Stand." 

Assistant Principal Mike Olivas said the school decided to change the sign to make sure everyone at Eastwood High School has a voice in school activities. Olivas said he did not believe "God Bless America" constituted a violation of the Constitution.