Bush "Pioneer" Criminals and Tricky Rick Perry

Thanks to Wayne Slater, (see below) we have the truth of what happened during Tricky Rick's visit to Washington. The other major Texas papers either increased the crowd or failed to mention who was who and why they were there; generally giving a punch and cookie report.

One of the most interesting things I found in Mr. Slater's article was the following, to wit: "Mr. (Wayne) Berman halted his fund-raising role as a Bush Pioneer amid a federal inquiry into possible links to a racketeering and money-laundering scandal in Connecticut." 

Well, guess what? Don Tony Sanchez (You know, the corrupt banker that the Democratic Party and to a large degree most of the Texas press are trying to foist on the Texas voters) is another Bush Pioneer who was also found to have laundered $25 million of Mafia drug money through his Tesoro Savings and Loan before he bankrupted it and cost the taxpayers $139 million. 

Is anyone listening?

Regarding the main story, Tricky Rick Perry will sell out Texas to anyone for the right price. He was supporting Harold Simmons his number 3 supporter's effort to make Texas a nuclear dump for the nation. Not to mention that the dump was over the Ogalala Aquifer. Simmons and Perry were going to be the only benefactors of this legislation (that was thankfully killed) and the rest of the state was going to be its victim.

As an attorney, I am familiar with how the insurance companies (Like Liberty Mutual, the largest workers comp carrier in the state) use their power to hold up funds to small health providers in order to pay them less than what is owed; knowing that many of these small businesses have cash flow problems. In the end, everyone suffers from this corruption. 

Now Tricky Rick Perry has gone off to Washington to collect his thirty pieces of silver for selling out the citizens of Texas with his veto power and further eroding our health care system. In the old days, the real Texans would have probably lynched Tricky Rick for such betrayal. At the least they would have tarred and feathered him and road him out of town on a cedar rail.

The evidence begins to build that the corruption in this state goes back to Bush and Ben Barnes. It seems to make more and more sense that Don Tony Sanchez was sent into the Democratic Party to kill it. Don Sanchez, another corrupt Bush Pioneer, was recruited by John Sharp, a Ben Barnes' puppet, to run for governor in the Democratic Party under the auspices of bringing out the Hispanic vote to shift the down ballot races to the Democrats. (Hispanics vote 50/50 Democrat/Republican. White collar Hispanics being Republicans and blue collar Hispanic being Democrats. So this "red herring" will not swim). 

If Don Sanchez wins the Democratic nomination for governor, then it does not matter if he or Tricky Rick wins the 2002 general election. Bush has an ally in the governor's office and control of Texas. If Sanchez loses, he is paid off with all kinds of corrupt deals similar to the Frank Sharp banking and insurance corruption of Ben Barnes past, as well as a green light to launder all the drug money from Mexico he wants. If Don Sanchez wins, same scenario.

And the sad thing is that the Republicans are laughing their backsides off that the Democrats have actually bought into the plan. And when I say bought, I mean bought as in 30 pieces of silver betrayal. In my opinion, every one of the 60 Democrats on the executive committee who endorsed Tony Sanchez is either stupid, or a coconspirator with the Don Sanchez cartel to destroy the Democratic Party, hand the state over to the Republicans and plunder the state of Texas.

If there is any justice, Don Tony Sanchez, is going to be wearing prison white and his coconspirators Trick Rick Perry and all the 60 Judas goats on the Democratic Party's executive committee are going to be turned out of office.

Not only do I intend to be the next governor of Texas, but I expect to see Don Sanchez in jail for his crimes against the citizens of Texas.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

November 16, 2001

HMO lobbyists raise cash for Perry in DC


By WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN Lobbyists for the HMO industry, which won a key veto from Gov. Rick Perry earlier this year, were among the high-dollar hosts of a Washington fund-raiser for the Republican governor Wednesday. 

An invitation to the Perry fund-raiser indicated that two of seven members of the host committee were lobbyists for the American Association of Health Plans, which represents HMOs. 

Other host committee members, who each contributed $5,000 for Mr. Perry's election next year, included veteran Washington lobbyists and GOP fund-raisers Tom Loeffler and Wayne Berman. 

About 100 people attended the $500-a-person reception at a downtown Washington steakhouse, according to Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt. She declined to say how much money was raised. 

At the request of insurance and business interests, Mr. Perry vetoed a bill in June to require HMOs to promptly reimburse doctors for their services. 

The governor said he objected to a provision in the bill that he said would have increased lawsuits against businesses. Mr. Perry subsequently directed the insurance commissioner to draft prompt-pay rules to meet some of the doctors' concerns. 

HMO lobbyists who played host to Mr. Perry's fund-raiser Wednesday in Washington included Scott Styles, executive director of the American Association of Health Plans, and Henry Gandy, who lists the group among his clients. 

A Texas nonprofit group that monitors campaign contributions said the arrangement had the appearance of a conflict of interest. 

"Fresh from denying the states the benefits of prompt pay, it sounds like it was payback time for Governor Perry in Washington, with the HMO industry rolling out the red carpet," said Andrew Wheat of Texans for Public Justice. 

A telephone call seeking comment from Mr. Perry or his political campaign was not returned. 

According to the invitation, the fund-raiser was organized by Mr. Loeffler, a former Texas congressman who now represents construction, banking, and utility interests. Mr. Loeffler was among George W. Bush's "Pioneers," an elite group that raised more than $100,000 each for his presidential bid. 

Mr. Berman halted his fund-raising role as a Bush Pioneer amid a federal inquiry into possible links to a racketeering and money-laundering scandal in Connecticut. 

Mr. Berman, a former finance chairman for the Republican Governors Association, has denied any improprieties. The federal investigation remains active, according to federal authorities, who have declined to say whether Mr. Berman is a target. 

The Wednesday night fund-raiser was part of a two-day visit to Washington by Mr. Perry, in which he spoke to a breakfast attended by members of the state's congressional delegation and sought federal assistance for the state's border. 

On Thursday, he met privately with Ruben Barrales, the White House liaison to state governors and local officials. According to aides, the governor and Mr. Barrales discussed ways to improve the U.S.-Mexico border economy, which has been suffering since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 

Mr. Perry said he recently sent a team from the Texas secretary of state's office and his office to the border and Mexico to "look at what we can do, what we can ask the federal government for help with, relative to easing Mexicans' entry into Texas and the flow of individuals back across the border." 

Staff writer Christopher Lee in Washington contributed to this report.