Tony Sanchez the corrupt Mexican American

In response to the following Sherry Sylvester article:

Don Sanchez came out of his hacienda last week to let everyone know he
is now a Mexican American and he is still alive. Sanchez, the favorite
son of the Democratic Party, again awoke from his 15 month siesta
campaign to read his little "punch and cookie" (or should I say "beer
and pretzels") speech about who cares what.

The Democratic braintrust headed by John Sharp at the Democratic
Hispanic Caucus last year decided that a Hispanic (Mexican American) at
the top of the Democratic ticket would shift the down ballot races for
the Democrats. Sharp then recruited Tony Sanchez, a money laundering, S

& L bankrupting, draft dodging, Bush "Pioneer" Republican, to run for
governor. Word was that Senor Sanchez was going to pump $30 million
into the Democratic Party. In reality, what an apathetic buffoon Tony
Sanchez has turned out to be. The Mexican American Claytie Williams.
Not only no dinero, no presence.

The Houston Mayor's race yesterday proved that Blacks will not vote
Hispanic. It also proved that Hispanics don't mind voting Republican.
Of course we all know that Hispanics are divided about even between
Democrats and Republicans with the more affluent ones voting
Republican. And we found that no matter how much money is spent, the
White folks seem to prefer Black over Hispanic; at least in the Houston
mayor's race.

What are you going to do with a rich Mexican American Democratic
Candidate for governor who is worth $ 2 billion but has been so tight
with his money that I doubt that any Texas Democrat got more than $500
in Tony contributions this year if anything at all. Tony Sanchez, a
Mexican American who didn't seriously campaign for any Democrat in May
or November; not even in the Houston race which was a toss up before the

election. Siesta Tony could have confused the Houston ballot
significantly by campaigning for Democratic Mayor Lee Brown who was
running against Republican Orlando Sanchez; Tony Sanchez the Democrat
urging Hispanic Democrats to vote for Brown. But no, Tony could not get

interested beyond a letter of recommendation for Brown. But hey, he did

post it on the internet.

(By the way, where was Tricky Rick Perry during the Houston runoff? Why

didn't he come to Orlando Sanchez's aid? Does anyone get the feeling
that there is a rift between the Bushes and the Aggie Rick Perry? Is it

social elitism or is it just politics? Someone needs to look into

On second thought, Brown probably realized that having a corrupt money
launderer and S & L bankrupter would not help his campaign. Especially
since Houstonians are well aware of the corrupt acts of Ken Lay that
incredibly bankrupted Enron.

And there is the matter of a Hispanic not being able to win the
governor's office. I was the first to say this nine months ago and I am

still saying it. It is the realitity of Texas politics. It is a carry
over from the over 50 baby boomers who did not attend integrated schools

in Texas. As each day goes by, those over 50 folks die off and are
replaced by new Texans who are less burdened with racial distinctions.
In a few years, people of color will have a better chance at Senator,
Governor and Lt. Governor in Texas. But not now.

Regardless of that, even if a Hispanic had a chance, a corrupt Mexican
American Republican running as a Democrat with ties to the Mafia has no
chance. And by the way, whoever advised Siesta Tony to start calling
himself a Mexican American must have been smoking some of that Mexican
grass that some of Tony's money laundering amigos sell. The public has
become very sensitive to racial names and the term "Mexican Americans"
takes the over 50 crowd back to the not so distant past when all
Hispanics were just Mexicans. No one much uses Mexican anymore but
maybe they will if Tony insists that we turn back the clock. As they
are saying more and more, "How do you say Claytie Williams in Spainish?
- Tony Sanchez!"

In regards to the negative campaign debate, Lee Brown did two things in
the Houston run off; he used the telephone dialers extensively and he
ran a heavy duty negative campaign. During the runoff, I received a
telephone dialer message a day from Brown, James Byrd's sister, Brown's
wife, Bob Lanier, a Houston police officer, Sheila Jackson Lee and
others supporting Brown. Orlando Sanchez refused to get into the mud
and just like his counter part in LA, Sanchez lost. There are a group
of people who hate negative campaigns, I guess we all do, but when the
negativity is founded on truth, the people listen and they respond.
Remember what sells newspapers; money, sex, and scandals among the rich
and famos.

As far as worrying about Republicans, Tony needs to worry about John
WorldPeace. It is John WorldPeace who has been in his face for the last

11 months. It is John WorldPeace who is running the negative truth
about Don Sanchez 100,000 times statewide everyday. It is John
WorldPeace who Tony has refused to meet in any public forum. It is Tony

Sanchez who avoided WorldPeace at the Letter Carriers convention in
Beaumont, at the Black Coalition of Democrats in Austin, at the NAACP
convention in Austin, to name a few political forums. And it was Tony
who when he spoke at a Neighborhood Democrats fund raiser in Clear Lake
(South of Houston) several months ago had his green toothed goons, the
hotel security and the League City Police block WorldPeace, his wife and

campaign manager from even entering the Hotel because Tony is a corrupt
wimp who knows he cannot stand in the light of WorldPeace even for a

Well Tony, do not worry about the Republicans. You are not going to get

that far. You and I have a meeting tomorrow, December 3, 2001, at the
Texas Farm Bureau convention in Waco. I am to speak at 3:00 pm and you
at 3:15 pm. If you know what is good for you, you will not only fail to

attend, you will send out a press release in the morning saying you are
not going to further embarrass the Democratic Party with your ridiculous

campaign. What excuse will it be this time and which of your lackies
will you send to give your apologies.

The Democratic Party is in peril. Republican redistricting has become a

reality. And the Democrats were hurt in redistricting because they have

been statewide losers for the last 8 years. The party has been weakened

to the point that the Republicans drew the maps. And for the first
time in 100 years, since Reconstruction, it looks like the Speaker of
the House is going to be a Republican.

Now in the wake of redistricting, 60 members of the Democratic Executive

Committee want to run a corrupt Mexican American ex-Republican elephant
who they know cannot beat Rick Perry just to show how liberal the Party
has become. Well if that happens, if the Party continues to back Siesta

Tony who has shown about as much interest in leading the Democratic
Party as a half-awake retarded goat, then the Texas Democratic Party
will die in 2002 and we can all get used to the statewide elections in
Texas taking place in the Republican Primary.

Everyone has been talking about the positive effects of running a
Hispanic as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and picking up
Hispanic voters to shift the down ballot races to the Democats. But has

anyone considered the negative coat tails of a Mexican American - sounds

like Mexican Drug Lord - who laundered $25 million of drug money and
passed $139 million of the taxpayers money to his friends through bogus
loans while he was running Tesoro S & L. Could be that the stench at
the top of the Party will smell up the entire ticket.

I hope that I will not be telling the Democratic Party in November 2002:

"It was Sanchez, stupid."

Any bets on Sanchez showing up in Waco tomorrow? Any bets on him
wishing that he had stayed home? Any bets on whether he and his goons
can keep me out of the convention? I understand the candidate speakers
begin at 1:30 pm with John Cornyn.

Later in the evening tomorrow, I will be at a small function in Houston
that will be attended by Senator Lieberman and other significant
Democrats. In addition, there is a rally for prayer in the schools that

will take place in Palestine, Texas on December 17, 2001 which is the
only issue other than education upon which Siesta Tony has taken a
stand. We'll see if the corrupt Mexican American Catholic Sanchez will
attend the East Texas Baptist Belt rally with WorldPeace.

And lastly, due to the fact that there are presently many variables in
play with regards to statewide and national party politics, and due to
the fact that I have several things on my personal political agenda
which I have determined to resolve before I file, I may not file for
office until after Christmas. Let no one doubt that WorldPeace will be
a very big political presence in 2002.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

December 2, 2001.

It's all politics: Sanchez emphasizes ethnicity

By Sherry Sylvester
San Antonio Express-News

Web Posted : 12/02/2001 12:00 AM

Tony Sanchez, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Laredo, has
started to refer to himself as a Mexican American. He also predicted
last week his ethnicity will become a political target.

The last time Sanchez spoke in the Alamo City, he called himself a
Texan. He said proudly that his family, which has been in the border
town since the 1700s, "was in Texas before it was Texas."

But Sanchez had a new stump speech when he spoke to local Democrats at a

downtown watering hole last week.

"You're gonna hear that there is no problem having a Mexican American
governor, just not in this cycle maybe in the next cycle or the one
after that," Sanchez said.

He also said he expected Republicans would try to destroy his character
with personal attacks.

"In their warped way of thinking, that is the only way they can win," he