The primal requirements of chiefs

Dear R G,

Interesting article you have regarding the land commissioner candidates.

However, I have been dumping truck loads of mud on Senor Sanchez for
almost a year. So I think I am the first mud slinger. The problem is
that none of the press wants to print the mud that I have slung because
it is all true and would end Senor Sanchez's candidacy post haste. And
we know that all that mug is true because it all came from the state's
best and brightest reporters; you being one of them.

So lets bring out the mud on Senor Sanchez and see what he has to say
about it.

If you want something new, you can ask the Senor why his driver's
license says that he is 5' 7" when 5' 4" would be closer to the truth.
Politics is a vicious endeavor but the populace can be even more
brutal. The people of this state have certain expectations of a
governor and height like race is important.

It's a cold hard world but the reality is that human beings for all
their technology and high civilization are still primal. There is still
something about looking at a person and asking the primal question of
would I follow this man into battle, can he protect my family. Men are
still attracted to women who appear to be child bearers and women still
have a primal instinct to select a dominate male who will produce strong

John Tower ran for U S Senator. Who knows if he could have been
governor. He was a small man who cast a big shadow. No comparison to
Senor Sanchez.

Campaigns are at their core primal. Today, the fight to be chief
(governor) is waged without physical combat but there is still an innate
demand that leaders have a presence based on height, intellect, stamina
or charisma. If you have none of the above, you lend people money and
foreclose on their property when they get in a bind.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

December 5, 2001


Dec. 5, 2001, 9:36PM

Hopefuls for land post first to sling mud
Republicans clash over drilling, honesty
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AUSTIN -- The first mud-slinging contest of the 2002 elections erupted
Wednesday as the two Republican candidates for state land commissioner
accused one another of dishonesty and incompetence...