The Texas Press: Corrupt?, Ignorant? or Lazy?

Today the press again with their herd mentality gave another "punch and
cookie" report on campaign finance which missed all the really important

First, the question is why did the Governor release his tax return on
Thursday? He was not required to do so. There are three answers. 1)
He wanted to change the subject in the press after his scare the
children speeches because he admitted that he had not adequately
prepared the schools to defend against terrorists. 2) He wanted to draw
attention away from the Dallas Observer article on John WorldPeace and
most importantly 3) he wanted to direct the press's attention to the
fact that Tony Sanchez was deeply involved in the Enron stock scandal;
an encore to his S & L corruption and money laundering.

Before I respond to the following article by Ken Herman, which
incidentally presented the biggest cookie of all the punch and cookie
articles in the big five state newspapers. The other reporters in the
big five state papers were pretty much the same as Mr. Herman's
article. I will give an honorable mention to Peggy Fikac who reported
my tax return. Ms. Fikac personally called me and asked for my return.
The other reporters did not.

The point is that the reporters are intent on selling the corrupt Don
Sanchez to the public. When you are the only paper in a big city, you
can report whatever kind of crud you want. But in the 21st century you
can't report "punch and cookie" articles and not be held accountable on
the internet.

In a nutshell, 1) Perry's wife works for a company through which many
top corporations in the state and nation can and may have indirectly
influenced the governor. 2) The corrupt Sanchez did not release
schedules A, B, C, D, and F with his tax returns and so his income tax
information release was meaningless. All any of the reporters had to do
was to go up to their accounting offices and ask the senior accountant
what Sanchez was hiding. No matter, I am about to do that. 3) The
reporters completely missed the fact that Tony Sanchez controls a
multi-billion dollar trust for his mother and siblings and which would
show additional income. 4) The fact that Tony Sanchez only makes $7
million per year means that he would have to commit 4 years income to
meet his promise to spend $30 million on the governor's campaign. Or he
is going to have to sell about $40 million in assets to net after taxes
this promised $30 million. In a word, Tony ain't gonna spend no $30
million on the governor's campaign. 5) The press ignores the fact that
WorldPeace is the people's lawyer in that he takes many pro bono family
and criminal cases and takes major cases against lawyers and large
closely held corporations on a contingency fee basis for the average
person who has been literally raped by the lawyers, the corporate owners
and/or the judicial system. The press ignores that my pro bono work in
2000 was four times my net income.

If you are looking for someone to blame regarding the problems in
society, you can begin with the press.

Read on. Below I have interlineated the real tax return story that the
press refused to report, ignored or were just to lazy to investigate.

Bottom line, Tony Sanchez is a world class crook and the press is trying
to sell him to the people. At least most of the Democratic Party cadre
can plead ignorance. But career investigative reporters with the big
five newspapers in this state cannot so plead.

John WorldPeace
The next govenor of Texas

December 14, 2001

Perry tax filing shows $484 given to charity
Governor, his challenger release returns, showing 2000 income,
By Ken Herman

American-Statesman Staff

Friday, December 14, 2001

Gov. Rick Perry and his wife, Anita, whose combined post-tax income for
2000 was more than $113,000, listed charitable contributions of $484
during the year, according to income tax returns released Thursday.>>

A pathetic amount of alleged giving for the governor of Texas.

<<The Perrys listed $234 in cash contributions and $250 worth of
merchandise donated to The Settlement Home of Austin for its annual
garage sale.>>

Before I closed my tax business in 1989, I was doing 1200 tax returns a
year and processing 100 sets of accounting records for various business
monthly as well as working on over 350 open legal files. Before my 1987
divorce, I had over 13 employees working for me in these businesses. I
also have a five year Bachelor of Accountancy degree f rom the
University of Houston. The point is that I am very familiar with tax

The governor's alleged donation to the settlement home for $250 was more
than likely an inflated value of old clothes and junk that would not
move in a garage sale. In a garage sale, shirts go for 50 cents and
suits for $5. You have to give a truck load of these kinds of items to
add up to a real $250.

<<Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt said the Perrys also made some cash
contributions of undetermined amounts, including "cash in the collection
plate" at their church, Tarrytown United Methodist.>>

I'm sure this amounted to at least $100.

<<The Perrys' return, filed in October as a result of an extension
granted in April, showed total pretax income of $137,430. The family
paid $24,048 in federal income tax.>>

This seems a reasonable amount of taxes for that much income.

<<Also Thursday, Laredo businessman Tony Sanchez, the front-runner>>
Tony is not the front runner and all the reporters know it. They all
know that the latest Scripps Howard poll was manipulated to hide the
fact that I, John WorldPeace, am head to head with Perry and two to one
ahead of the corrupt Sanchez. Where is the story as to why WorldPeace
was in the May and September Scripps Howard polls but not in the
December poll. And why coincidentally was there a 10% shift to the
alleged undecided column since September and why has the combined
Hispanic vote for Perry and Sanchez slipped from 78% to 56% in the same
period. Any why did the December poll take 12 as opposed to ten days to
process like the prior two polls. Anyone who says that Sanchez is the
front runner in the governor's race is just flat out lying.

<< for the Democratic nomination to challenge Perry next year, released
his 2000 income tax return showing $6.4 million in pretax income.
Sanchez, who filed jointly with wife Maria, paid $852,416 in income
taxes after getting a refund of $571,186.
Sanchez, who plans on pumping some of his substantial personal wealth
into the campaign,>>

As I said above, Sanchez does not intend to pump jack into the
campaign. That is why he begged $230,000 from Ben Barnes and company
last week. Just another lie.

<< released only the summary information pages from his return. He did
not release the related schedules that flesh out the numbers.>>

Now let us examine why he did not release those schedules.

Schedule A. Would have itemized his medical expenses, property taxes
paid, interest paid on mortgages, specific charity gifts, casualty
losses and any a few other misc. deductable expenses.

Schedule B. Would have shown where Tony's interest income came from.
And it would have shown specifically which stock dividends he received.
Most importantly it would have shown how much his ENRON dividends were.

Schedule C. This would have shown the details of the profit and losses
of any businesses that he owned.

Schedule D. This would have shown the sales of stock. Most importantly
it would have shown how much and when Tony dumped his ENRON stock. THIS
the press covered Tony backside and refused to ask the question.

Schedule E. This would have shown income from real estate, royalties
(AS IN OIL AND GAS) partnerships, S corporations, estates, trusts (AS IN

Schedule F. This would have shown the income from Tony's 13,000 acre
ranch. Funny that was not mentioned in any of the press articles. I
think that the farm may be owned by someone other than Tony or maybe it
is in the trust. You see if you don't farm or ranch on that much
acreage, then the property taxes go sky high

. And most farmers and ranchers lose money. And for a rich guy like
Tony you can bet that the ranch is a major write off. The question is
where is he reporting it.


<<Campaign spokeswoman Michelle Kucera said those schedules show that
the Sanchezes made $79,698 in charitable contributions in 2000. That
calculates to 1.4 percent of their post-tax income. >>

As we say in the courtroom, "Objection your honor, The best evidence of
what he gave to charity is a copy of Schedule A from his income tax

<<The Perrys' contributions equal 0.4 percent of their post-tax

Yes. About equal to the cost of one dress for Ms. Perry.

<< Asked about the Perrys' level of charitable giving, Walt said, "The
governor donated his total pay increase from the state one year to
charity." She was unable to specify which year and how much that
amounted to.>>

I think this is some of President George's fuzzy math rhetoric.

<<"There have been years when the Perrys have given substantially more,"
Walt said.>>

 Substantially more being the equivalent of two dresses for Ms. Perry.

<<Tax returns dating back to 1992 show that the Perrys' charitable
giving peaked in 1999, when they itemized $2,795 in donations (including
$1,194 in cash or checks) in a year when they showed $239,487 in
post-tax income.>>

Great. I closed one family law case two days ago in which the legal
fees should have been $28,000. My fee over the last two years was $400.

<<In 1998, when they reported $131,241 in post-tax income, the Perrys
listed $646 in charitable contributions, including $44 in cash or

Actually I think it was $44 and two dresses.

<<Sanchez has amassed a fortune estimated at more than $600 million
through oil and gas interests, banking interests and a wide variety of

Actually it was his father's fortune which he inherited. Actually he
will inherit another billion when his mother passes (may she live
long). And don't forget that $139 million he cost the tax payers when
he mismanaged Tesoro S & L into bankruptcy due to his bogus and
fruadulent loans to his friends.

<< In September, after announcing his gubernatorial campaign, Sanchez
submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission the summary pages of his income
tax returns dating back to 1991.>> 

Good for him. Those summaries, as I have shown, are meaningless.
They are feel good punch and cookie stuff.

<<The Sanchezes returns from 1991 through 2000 showed total pre-tax
income of more than $58 million.>>

Yes. About $6.5 million per year. Now where is the $30 million coming

<<Their 2000 return shows that the family income included $58,333 in
wages, salaries and tips; $937,814 in taxable interest>>
WHERE?<< $2.3 million in dividends>> AND HOW MUCH WAS FROM ENRON<<;
$57,785 in business income>>
<<and $4.3 million in capital gains. >> AND HOW MUCH WAS FROM THE SALE OF

<<The Sanchez family also listed $1.3 million in business losses.>>

Well you see the business income and losses are reported on one or
more Schedule C's. So he had a net income or a net loss. Which is it?

<<Both candidates received filing extensions and filed in October.>>
So what?

<<The bulk of the Perrys' 2000 income consisted of the $66,000 Anita
Perry earned from Perryman Consultants Inc., a Waco-based economic
research firm. She served as director of client services, working on a
consultant basis, prior to leaving the firm last December.>>

Well the question is how many of those companies that Perryman
Consultants represent contributed to Governor's Rick's campaigns and how
many benefited from his veto binge earlier this year?

<<Perry, who was lieutenant governor until he replaced George W. Bush
last December, reported $32,642 in income.

Of that, $30,596 came in payments Perry received for serving as governor
while Bush was out of state on the presidential campaign trail.

As lieutenant governor, Perry received the same $600 monthly salary paid
to state lawmakers. >>

And people pay $25 million to be governor so they can earn $100

<<The Perrys' income also included $16,940 in interest and $25,021
generated by royalties and other payments from business interests. Most
of Perry's holdings are in a blind trust he created in 1996.>>


<<"The governor doesn't know what's in it, and he doesn't know what the
holdings are," Walt said.>>

 Probably true of the blind trust.

<<Austin accountant Jeff Meador, who prepared the Perrys' tax return,
said the blind trust is overseen by Morgan Keegan & Co., a brokerage

"The theory is someone else is managing his assets so it doesn't
influence his decisions as governor," Meador said.

 True. Unlike his wife's clients who he is familiar with.

<<In February of this year, Perry announced that he and his wife had
sold their Mount Bonnell-area home for $940,000. They built the house in
1997 for $459,000.>> 

He should have kept it. He''ll be moving at the end of next year.

<<The Perrys later purchased a lot in Horseshoe Bay for $310,000, with
plans to build a residence there.>> 

Funny. This is where "Glory Days" Marty Akins moved to recently if
I am not mistaken. I guess Marty still likes socializing with the
Republicans even though he is now a real Democrat.

<<Perry, who has profited from land deals since moving to Austin in
1991, increased his bottom line in 1995 when he made about $330,000 on a
$36,000 investment when he sold a small tract of undeveloped Travis
County land to Michael Dell. Perry bought the land in 1993.>>

Michael Dell of Dell Computers. Interesting. The numbers are close to
those that ended Jim Wright's political career. But Michael Dell is not
Morris Jaffe is he?

<<Perry also has profited from other Austin-area land deals. In 1991, he
bought an undeveloped Lake Travis tract for $49,500. Two years later he
sold it for $125,000.>>

 Well Austin real estate is truly on the rise.

<<Charitable contributions

Charitable contributions listed on income tax returns filed by Gov. Rick
Perry and his wife, Anita.

Year Post-tax Charitable Position
income donations held
2000 $113,382 $484 Lt. Gov., Gov.
1999 $239,487 $2,795 Lt. Gov.
1998 $131,241 $646 Agriculture Comm.
1997 $155,534 $1,277 Agriculture Comm.
1996 $143,173 $626 Agriculture Comm.
1995 $348,436 $501 Agriculture Comm.
1994 $130,400 $130 Agriculture Comm.
1993 $85,493 $193 Agriculture Comm.
1992 $71,822 $257 Agriculture Comm.

Source: Perry family tax returns>>

Well no one will be building any churches based on these commitments!

Please pass the punch. I am choking on these cookies.

John WorldPeace
The people's lawyer
The next governor of Texas

You may contact Ken Herman at or 445-1718.