Name ID in the Democratic Party

Dear Sam,

Interesting article yesterday on Kirk and Bentson, but the ultimate name ID question revolves around WorldPeace. Don't you think that would be a real interesting story? But if you ran a story like that, it would bring thousands of votes to WorldPeace wouldn't it?

Not to worry. That story is going to be written. It is just a question of who is going to actually write it and when.

And if by chance I lose the Democratic primary to the corrupt S & L king, soon to be named the Enron prince, the Democratic Primary will give WorldPeace legitimacy. People may say "if I had known he was for real, I would have voted for him". That's when they may get a chance to write WorldPeace on their ballot in November. Wouldn't that be interesting? Anyone who really knows me knows that I never quit and there is nothing I love more than hacking through alleged and perceived insurmountable barriers. 

I didn't get where I am by being weak and indecisive. I did not get here by being a quitter. I did get where I am by fighting inertia, ignorance and fear virtually every day of my life. And just to make things interesting, I changed my name in 1988 to WorldPeace knowing that the whole world hates peace and that advocates for peace are targets of indiscriminate fear and sometimes assassin's bullets. I can guarantee you that few people on this planet are as tenacious and as fearless as I am. 

Think about it, I have stood up to the whole world and its love of hatred. As John WorldPeace I have taken more abuse in the last 14 years that anyone can imagine. Do you think the press and the Party's silliness surprises me? Many people have tried to "put me in my place" all to no avail. I am still here. I am still defiant in the name of peace. And every single day I make a difference in the lives of the people I represent as a lawyer, in the people I contact in this campaign, and to people all over the world who daily visit my web pages.

Everyone thinks this Sanchez guy is IT because of his money. How truly funny that is to me because regardless of how many people use money as a gauge of a man, the truth is that it is just paper. 

When you convert everything that Sanchez has into cash and then set fire to the cash, what is left? Not much. Not much at all.

I constantly find myself laughing because there are two gubernatorial candidates who are doorways to the mother load of all news stories. Sanchez's corruption and negative baggage being one. And WorldPeace being the other. It is not a matter of if, it is just a matter of who and when will report these stories. 

There are powers and forces that drive what many perceive as the "real" world. Virtually everyone in the whole world is spiritual or religious to some degree. Yet few really understand the true essence of this reality because religions have so shrouded the truth under the husks of religious rites and rituals and bureaucratic control. But the truth is still there and some serve its dark side and some serve its light side. As the Tao says, The Way can be used for any purpose.

All political campaigns are in truth just journeys that ripple through the local and world societies on one level or another. We'll see how big the WorldPeace ripple turns out to be and we will see how each person is impacted and affected by it.

Sanchez v. WorldPeace: a multidimensional timeless classical confrontation being played out on a Texas political stage while the Texas President conflicts and turmoils the world as he makes war on terrorists and kills blameless and innocent human beings. The press watches but is paralyzed by the truth and afraid to write. So begins the Third Millennium!

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

December 17, 2001

For Democrats, it's all in the name of winning


By SAM ATTLESEY / The Dallas Morning News