Praise God!
A New Age Now Begins!

Today's is the first day of a new beginning in Texas politics, national
politics and world politics. Today the old political paradigm of money
politics is being subordinated to a more inclusive democratic world view
under which the secular ideals of our democratic Constitution begin to
manifest under God whose name is stamped on all our coins.

One hundred and forty years ago this nation, which was founded under God
on the proposition that all men are created equal, entered into a
horrific Civil War to end the United States of America's undermining of
the will of God as manifested in the sacred democractic experiment
wherein all the nations, all the races, all the religions and both men
and women were to live in peace and harmony as a beacon to the entire
world; and that WorldPeace was in fact an attainable dream.

The founding fathers were willing instruments in the creation of this
great experiment which was to become a light for the world. And that
light, that beacon, that miraculous endeavor has evolved and continues
to evolve toward the actualization of the highest of ideals of democracy
inspired by God and made manifest in the birth of this nation.

One hundred and forty years ago this nation was ripped asunder as a
legalized economy based on slavery, a blatant breaking of faith with the
high ideals upon which this nation was founded, demanded that it
continue in absolute contradiction to the Constitution under which all
men were declared equal - the Confederacy disasterously determined that
it could in fact exists in an immoral affront to humanity and to God.

In the end, the Confederacy was destroyed and the cancer of slavery was
removed from the body of the sacred experiment of the government of all
the people, by all the people for all the people. Only the most obtuse
minds can deny the hand of God in that tragic war.

Over the last two centuries the great social experiment, this great
democratic government, has continued to struggle and purge itself of the
flaws in the application of the great ideals of the Constitution of the
United States of America - and the journey continues and the work goes

We have now entered a new era in which we as a democratic people are
again being tested. In this the third millennium, we have arrived at a
crossroads wherein we must begin a second great purging if we are to
preserve the great experiment. Two decisions weigh heavily upon us.
Two decisions must be made and our choices will determine if our
civilization will betray our covenant with God and reap a second
horrific purging or if we will honor the sacred experiment and bring
peace and WorldPeace to the rest of the world as was always our mandate.

1) Will we expand the great democracy to the rest of the world or will
we continue to be an elitist nation subordinating the rest of humanity
to the evils which have been deemed criminal within our borders. Will
we bring light and peace to the rest of the world or will we continue to
rape and pillage the earth, and under a facade of justice and for the
sake of profit, murder and subordinate defenseless and innocent people
around the world.

2) Will we allow great wealth, both personal and corporate, to control
and manipulate the democracy for the benefit of the few at the expense
of the many? Will we continue to feed upon ourselves as corporate
shareholders endorse criminal acts against ourselves as citizens of this
great democracy?

Shall we continue to refuse to allow an official acknowledgment of God
in our schools in order that we may continue to eat away and undermine
this one nation under God? Shall we refuse to allow our children to
officially acknowledge God in our schools so that they will not question
the unethical and immoral reality that money has begun to accumulate in
the hands of the few; that during the past two centuries the great
wealth of America has been continuously transferred from the majority of
the people to those who have corrupted the democracy for their personal

In many ways, Texas has become a focal point of all that is wrong with
politics. Texas is a focal point because the most powerful politician
on the planet, the President of the United States, is from Texas.

This man is not powerful just because of his status as President of the
United States but more importantly due to the fact that he has been able
to consolidate the power of many of the wealthiest people in the United
States along with the representatives of the largest corporations in

George W. Bush brought in over $100 million for his campaign for
President; a phenomenal sum considering the federal limitations on
campaign contributions. These contributions did not come without an
understanding that something was expected in return. In reality, George
Bush took office owing more favors than any politician in the history of
the United States. The Bush "Pioneers", those who were responsible for
bringing in more than $100 thousand to the Bush campaign, are and are
representatives of the most powerful people in American business.

Have no doubt that I, John WorldPeace, am very much a capitalist. I am
unwavering in my support of business and businessmen who are responsible
for jobs that employ the rank and file members of this society. But
when the practices of business are corrupt and are simultaneously
detrimental to the majority of the people and to the benefit of the few,
I draw the line.

The savings and loan scandal of fifteen years ago, of which the
President's brother was a part, and which transferred billions of
dollars from the average citizen to the wealthy through corrupt and
fraudulent loans, is not capitalism but theft.

The refusal by Geroge Bush while he was governor of Texas to insist that
corporations abide by pollution restrictions turned Texas into one of
the most polluted states in the United States. It was done in repayment
of campaign contributions.

Now we have the Enron scandal in which Ken Lay and his coconspirators
manipulated Enron's financial statements but made the necessary campaign
contributions such that again billions of dollars were transferred to
the wealthy at the expense of not only retired employees of Enron but
also to the detriment of the teacher retirement system in Texas which
lost millions through its Enron investments.

And as a side note, Texas under George Bush was ranked number 48 of 50
states in the quality of its education. If you remove God from the
schools and then refuse to teach the children, they become Godless and
ignorant and consequently easier to manipulate by those who would be

Ken Lay and Tony Sanchez (the other Democratic candidate for governor of
Texas) were Bush "Pioneers". Tony Sanchez laundered $25 million of drug
money through his Tesoro Savings and Loan before Tesoro went bankrupt
due to the fraudulent loans authorized by Mr. Sanchez. Sanchez bought
out of his sociopathic acts for $1 million as the taxpayers picked up
the $161 million bailout. Tony Sanchez made millions on Enron stock as
thousands of people without his inside knowledge had their retirement
funds diminished or erased.

Rick Perry received $125,000 the day after he vetoed 82 bills. He went
to Washington several weeks ago and collected thousands of dollars from
Wayne Berman a HMO lobbyist and money launderer and Bush "Pioneer". And
Perry took $25,000 from Ken Lay and Enron after Perry appointed Mr.
Yzaguirre, an ex-Enron employee to the PUC. Perry also tried to help
his friend Harold Simmons establish a national nuclear dump over the
Edwards Acquafer. The dump would have benefited Simmons and Perry and
harmed virtually everyone else in Texas.

Perry Sanchez are Siamese Republican twins. They are both corrupt and
are undeniably willing to sell out the citizens of Texas. They are
sociopathic predators who after espousing returning prayer to the
schools refused to acknowledge God by not attending the "Rally to Return
Prayer to the Schools" in Palestine on December 17, 2001.

This year, the citizens of Texas are going to have a clear choice at the
polls. The choice is the Godless corrupt politics of Perry Sanchez or a
return to democracy and one nation under God as endorsed by John

The third millennium has arrived and the world has been given a 911 wake
up call. We must listen to the rest of the world and we must not ignore
the warning signs. We must begin to apply our knowledge and our
democratic principles of equality and justice to the rest of the world.
We must not discount human life in our pursuit of justice. And we must
not allow money to become our God if we expect to continue to grow and
prosper as a nation.

Unless we rededicate ourselves to manifesting the ideals of our sacred
secular Constitution as one nation under God in whom we trust, we shall
surely pay a heavy price; for our abandonment of truth and justice.

Texas is at a crossroads. The choices are clear and the repercussions
of these choices are also clear. Seldom are the citizens of any
democracy given such a momentous choice. Almost never are a democratic
people given a choice of renewing their allegiance to the highest ideals
of democracy or endorsing corruption and its inevitable calamities and

Perry Sanchez represent the road toward chaos, anarchy and destruction
of Texas.

John WorldPeace represents a renewal of our democratic principles under
God, a reduction in blatant political corruption where the few benefit
to the detriment of the many and a legacy of truth, justice and
democracy for our children and the children of the world.

A New Age Now Begins! Vote for WorldPeace!

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

January 1, 2001