What value integrity? What price corruption?

No one can deny that the Democratic Party in Texas is in peril. No one can deny that there has been a continuous erosion of Party members for the last eight years such that for the first time in over a hundred years the Democrats may lose control of the House in Texas.

Many people have theories and ideas of how to stop this erosion but unfortunately only the election will determine if the course that was taken by the Party turns out to be the path to victory or more defeat.

One thing that discourages me greatly is that the citizens of Texas in general and the members of the Democratic Party in specific have become so cynical that they see little if anything wrong with immoral, unethical and corrupt men running for governor of Texas. Both Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales have been investigated by the Feds for their illegal activities: Sanchez for his bankrupt S & L which laundered $25 million in drug money and cost the taxpayers $161 million and Morales for his attempt to funnel money to his friend Marc Murr in connection with the tobacco settlement. And this is just the tip of their corruption.

Each of these candidates are offering themselves up as the best man to lead Texas. Each of these men are offering themselves up as examples of what the children of Texas should consider as outstanding role models. Yet we all know that these men are not just flawed but arrogant and unrepentant. 

In ten weeks, the members of the Democratic Party are going to vote in the Democratic Primary for the person they think best to lead Texas for the next four years. Party members are going to have to consider 911 and Enron and the S & L scandal and the tobacco settlement and the role of money in elections and whether God is just a mass delusion or whether God is in fact real and present.

In that voting space, each citizen is going to have to decide if the person they are voting for really is the best person for the job; someone who can be trusted to look out for the interests of the majority of the people as opposed to someone who will sell out to those who would victimize others for personal gain. Each citizen is going to have to decide whether the man they select is a man of honor and good faith or a man who will betray his trust with the citizens of Texas.

The time has come to vote for WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

January 3, 2002