The Sanchez Morales kissy fight

After months of being shut down by WorldPeace, the mighty press has awakened to report a kissy fight between Sanchez and Morales staged and paid for by Ben Barnes and complete with bought and paid for reporters, pollsters, Party chairs and an assortment of other clowns starring in their 2002 dog and pony show of shows.

The reporters lick their chops as they cut and paste well worn phrases about Sanchez and Morales, the two worst examples of Hispanic leaders, and ignore the real story about WorldPeace, truth, justice, morality and God verses the Sanchez Morales lies, theft, immorality and godless attempt to become governor of a state that has clearly posted a sign on the capitol doors: No Hispanic need apply.

The real story is how WorldPeace has committed a lifetime to equality and justice and Sanchez has used his bank to squeeze the life out of the poor and pitiful Hispanics who reside in South Texas and Morales reaffirms his committment to ending affirmative action and thus slamming the doors of higher education on innumerable children of color. 

Dan Morales who grew the prison industry by refusing to challenge William Wayne Justice's control over the Texas prison system. And no doubt that the honorable Morales took his skin money to keep the doors of many a tata bar open for his personal pleasure.

Ah yes, let the games begin. My comments are interlineated within Sam's article below.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

January 4, 2002

Morales' surprise bid may fuel caustic primary fight 
Opponent Sanchez chides fellow Democrat for changing his mind 


By SAM ATTLESEY / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN Former Attorney General Dan Morales said Thursday that he decided to make a surprise run for governor, instead of the Senate, after encouragement from Democratic partisans unexcited by the other candidates and because he has more experience and interest in state issues.>>
Well Dan I cannot wait to see your list of 60 as soon as you get your web page up. Hey Dan, early voting is only seven weeks off. But we know that Tony is going to get out in a week or two. That's the plan. By the way Dan, did you send a death theat letter to Tony? Did he call you a homosexual yet? He and Tony Canales like to do that sort of thing. I think they are homophobics

<<"It's a natural fit, and one I decided made sense," Mr. Morales said. >>
Yeah Dan, I thought that Tony taking a year to decide to declare his candidacy was strange but you take the cake: 30 minutes before the deadline after four years of contemplation and after I ended the Sanchez campaign.

<<A closer look 
What Democrat Dan Morales has said over time about his political plans: 
December 1997: "The time has simply come for a break," when he announced he wouldn't campaign for a third term as attorney general to devote more time to his family. >>
Meaning if I don't get the heck out of Dodge John Cornyn is going to put me in a cage and make a name for himself over my attempted skimming of the tobacco monies.

<<July 1998: "No better than 50-50," on the prospects that he would ever run for office again. >>
Yes and that 50/50 was in effect up until 5:30pm yesterday.

<<Thursday: "It is my intention to seek the Democratic nomination for the Senate." >> Yeah we heard that same kind of BS from Marty Akins back in September after he dipped into the Barnes cash box.

<<"Over the course of the fall, more and more Democratic activists ... suggested I consider running for governor instead of the United States Senate.">>
Yeah, they began to see that Tony was corrupt, worthless, lazy, stupid, and most of all apathetic and indecisive.

<<As he outlined his nascent campaign for governor in a series of interviews, his chief rival, Tony Sanchez, a Laredo businessman, moved quickly to blunt any momentum Mr. Morales might gain.>>
No his chief rival is WorldPeace. Sanchez is just another corrupt Hispanic.

<<The Sanchez campaign manager sent an e-mail to supporters that chided Mr. Morales, saying he "once again changed his mind" on his political plans and that "there is a lot of speculation" about why Mr. Morales is running.>>
Glenn Smith is an idiot. Tony took a full year after he had the full endorsement of the entire Democratic Party before he made his ill fated September 4, 2001 declaration to run for governor. Then Phil Gramm slammed him and then 911 and then Tony went back to sleep.

<<"Whatever the rumors, and there are many, the Sanchez campaign takes the Dan Morales campaign seriously," said the note from Glenn Smith, who called on backers to help spread the word about "Tony's aggressive campaign and let everyone know that you were with Tony Sanchez from the very beginning.">>
Glenn is such a joke. Tony doesn't take anything serious. He doesn't have to because he continuously blames others for his screwups. The bank examiners made him make all those bogus Tesoro loans and that negligent bank employee was to blame for not filing those contribution forms for two years.

<<The message underscored the political shakeup caused by the Morales decision, especially for Democratic Party leaders who had pushed Mr. Sanchez to run in the belief that his wealth and ethnic background can spark a big Hispanic voter turnout to beat GOP Gov. Rick Perry in November.>>
Sanchez can't beat a drum.

<<Now, Democrats are facing a potentially caustic primary March 12, and Republicans say Mr. Morales' "rebellion" candidacy could hobble whoever wins the Democratic nomination.>>
Hobble heck. All it is going to do is put two corrupt Hispanics into the garbage.

<<Mr. Morales said he has nothing against Mr. Sanchez and that he promised an upbeat, clean race. "I really don't have a thing in the world against Mr. Sanchez. We are acquaintances, but I don't know him that well," he said.>>
Kissy Kissy Dan. Play nice.

<<Mr. Sanchez, who is making his first political race, told reporters, "I look forward to a very spirited campaign over the next few months.>>
Well I am sure that Tony read this from a note card handed to him by Glenn Smith.

<<"I think it's going to be fun, and we will discuss the issues," he said.>>
Fun. Right. Kissy Kissy.

<<Mr. Morales, who for the last three months had said he would run for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Phil Gramm, said Thursday he began considering switching to the governor's race several weeks ago.>>

<<"More and more Democratic activists ... suggested I consider running for governor instead of the U.S. Senate," he said. "It was a combination of outside encouragement from Democratic activists plus a recognition on my part that in terms of experience and expertise and exposure I've had to issues, it's been pretty much focused on state government as opposed to federal issues.">>
Actually the Federal pond is just too big for you Dan. And it is too confining. It is harder to steal in Washington than it has been in Texas. 

<<Some of Mr. Morales' friends said his travels through Texas made him believe that Mr. Sanchez's candidacy wasn't generating enthusiasm.>>
Now there is an understatement. But Tony was a work in process. I wonder if he is finished cooking now.

<<,Mr. Morales said his decision to switch races was not out of anger with party leaders who had discouraged him from running for the Senate.>>
No. It was out of Ben Barnes cash that made him quit the Senate race.

<<State Rep. Richard Raymond, D-Laredo, a strong supporter of Mr. Sanchez, said of Mr. Morales, "I think he's throwing a tantrum.">>
I think he may be faking a tantrum. But anyone who is for Sanchez is a co-conspirator in Tony's corruption and can be ignored.

<<"That one is not true," responded Mr. Morales with a laugh.>>
A tantrum laugh no doubt.

<<Houston lawyer John WorldPeace and Waxahachie businessman Bill Lyon also are in the Democratic primary race for governor.>>
Thanks for the plug Sam.

<<Mr. Perry, who did not draw a primary opponent, had a simple message Thursday for Mr. Morales: "Welcome to the race.">>
Yeah, Perry welcomes all Hispanics who he knows have no chance of being governor of this state in 2002.

<<Deirdre Delisi, the Perry campaign manager, said of Mr. Morales, "Political watchers view him as the front-runner, but only time will tell.">>
There is that word again. Yes, he is in front of Sanchez who is in the back of WorldPeace.

<<Jump into race 

Mr. Morales' jump into the governor's contest was made without explanation Wednesday in the final hour before the deadline to get on the March 12 primary ballot. He did not make himself widely available to reporters, but his decision dominated the state's news media.>>
Yes it did. Funny how fast the stories were hammered out. The internet versions were on line before midnight in the Star, Statesman and Express; a record. The press was in on it. They got their cash from Barnes. They were ready for the surprise.

<<He continued controlling the story Thursday as he parceled out interviews and said that he would make a formal announcement for governor on Saturday in his hometown of San Antonio promising him even more coverage in the big Sunday newspapers.>>
Sounds funny that he would know that the would get a lot of coverage on Sunday. How much did that cost Barnes?

<<That kind of free publicity is key now for Mr. Morales, who has no visible campaign staff or structure in place for a race that will be decided in about two months.>> 
Well he does not need any of that because Sanchez will be out of the race in a few weeks. He is going to have to get out before they print the ballots. Morales and Sanchez are just Barnes' tag team mules. If the fight between them was real, it would mean that WorldPeace would win the primary without a runoff due to the Hispanic vote splitting and WorldPeace taking of the Black and White vote.

<<That's in contrast with Mr. Sanchez, who this summer reported spending $762,000 traveling the state, opening his political office, and hiring a number of high-level campaign operatives. He is expected to report even higher expenditures in the next financial-disclosure report due in mid-January.>>
I am sure he will. But with all that money he spent, he was nowhere to be found in 2001.

<<Mr. Morales discounted being at a disadvantage. He has high name identification, was a proven vote-getter in his two statewide runs, and has unspent political money that can and will be used in his governor's campaign.>>
And he will get all the Sanchez votes when Sanchez gets out.

<<He would not disclose how much he has but that "it is an adequate amount of finances to run an aggressive primary campaign.">>
Word is $1.2 million.

<<Experience factor 

Jerry Polinard, a political science professor at the University of Texas Pan-American, said Mr. Morales probably opted out of the U.S. Senate contest because he found the race against Mr. Sanchez winnable.>>
Against Sanchez, yes. Against WorldPeace, no!

<<"Morales has much more experience," Mr. Polinard said. "Sanchez has no experience. He's never run a campaign before, though he's clearly the candidate of the Democratic establishment.">>
Sanchez has plenty of experience with business corruption. Morales has a good share of corruption experience in government corruption.

<<Democratic pollster Jeff Montgomery of Austin, who is not involved in the gubernatorial race, said Mr. Sanchez still is the favorite to win the nomination.>>
This is the same Jeff Montgomery who put out that BS poll last July.

<<"This is still Tony Sanchez's race to lose," said Mr. Montgomery, noting the businessman's personal fortune. Aides to Mr. Sanchez have said he is willing to spend as much as $30 million of his own money.>>
Yes and that is why he just took $230 thousand from Barnes and company. Why does a man with $2 billion take $230 thousand?

<<"Dan Morales has upset the apple cart, and it is going to be a topsy turvy 30 to 45 days. But going into the closing weeks, the Sanchez campaign will pull away and win because the guy is worth $600 million.">>
Sanchez will lose because he is Godless. 

<<Other analysts speculated that Mr. Morales opted out of the Senate race because it would have drawn more attention to his handling of the state's $17.3 billion tobacco settlement, including allegations that he tried to improperly secure legal fees for private attorneys.>>
Heck, he has to face that in the governor's race too.

<<The probable Republican nominee for the Senate seat is Attorney General John Cornyn, who has been highly critical Mr. Morales' role in that case.>>
John calls them as they are.

<<Mr. Morales has denied any wrongdoing and said it is not a campaign issue.>>
Thank you Dan but that is not your decision. It is a campaign issue because it proves that you are like an "egg sucking dog" that can never be trusted around the hen house.

<<'Rebellion' candidacy 

Meanwhile, the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Texas suggested that Mr. Morales' "rebellion" candidacy could cause problems for Democrats. "It remains to be seen if they can pull themselves together," said Susan Weddington.>>
WorldPeace will flush the Morales Sanchez garbage and the Party will be purged and then be reborn under the WorldPeace banner.

<<Molly Beth Malcolm, the Democratic Party leader, dismissed the idea that a heated gubernatorial primary will divide her party. "Any time you have a primary, you've got family running against family," she said.>>
No Tony and Dan are not family. They are rogues and sociopaths who will one day share a jail cell.

<< "But we've had primaries in the past where they were bitterly fought, and we came back when they were over to win, and I believe that's what will happen." >>
Yeah, like in the Gary Mauro campaign.

<<Staff writer Gromer Jeffers Jr. and The Associated Press contributed to this report. >>
Did they have your permission to put your name on this article Gromer?