Debates: The Racist Democrats and AFL-CIO

Well, it seems that the Democratic Party and the AFL-CIO have posted a NO WHITES NEED APPLY sign in front of their headquarters and convention. It seems that the Hispanics have taken over the Party promoting by Sanchez and Morales and freezing out WorldPeace and Lyon the White candidates. This should come as no surprise considering the war on minorities issues that Morales has waged in the wake of the Hopwood case.

I think is also interesting that Sanchez said that he wants to debate Morales in Spanish. What is that all about? More racism? If they want to debate in Spanish let them go to Mexico. This is America and English is the primary language.

Neither of these corrupt Hispanics can stand up in a debate with WorldPeace because a) they do not have the technical skills and b) since when did corruption, immorality and darkness ever stand in the light of truth, morality and God. Sanchez avoided every single debate format in 2001 against WorldPeace and used his goons and the hotel security and the League City Police to bar WorldPeace from attending a democratic fundraiser where Sanchez was speaking last summer. These are the tactics of Sanchez.

In addition, WorldPeace is the only other candidate who appeared in the Scripps Howard gubernatorial polls last year. In September he posted 17% to Perry's 53% and Sanchez had only posted 18% to Perry's 48% in December. I have never seen Morales in the polls. We do not know where he is. People think he is high in the polls but he has never run with a stripper wife as baggage. 

No one knows how such immorality is going to play with the voters of Texas. We do know that the Internet is being invaded by purveyors of porno such that those of us who have been on the net for a long time are flooded daily with porno, get rich quick ideas, investigative technology and so on. I doubt that Dan Morales is going to be hard on these people with a wife who used to strip under the stage name of "Diva."

In addition, the candidates who had no agenda seem to be drawing freely from John WorldPeace's web page. Yet none will commit to a specific raise for teachers. And the press refuses to identify the source of these corrupters agenda.

The reality of all this nonsense is that neither Sanchez nor Morales can beat Perry. First, they have a huge mountain to climb because Texas is still very racist and a Hispanic is not going to become governor of this state. Second, in addition to being Hispanic, both of these fellows are corrupt. Sanchez has been investigated by the Feds for money laundering and his fraudulent loans which bankrupted his Tesoro Savings and Loan and cost the taxpayers $161 million. Morales is still being investigated by the Feds because he tried to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars from the Texas tobacco settlement to his friend Marc Murr but more importantly he is trying to move a stripper into the governor's mansion. 

And let us not forget that the corrupt Sanchez after 15 months of campaigning is still only 18% to Perry 48% in the December Scripps Howard poll. 

It is time for the Democratic Party to get off the Hispanic train to oblivion and get on the WorldPeace train to a new birth within the Party.

It seems that the Democratic Party has lost its democracy.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

January 8, 2002

Sept. 4, 2001, 11:05PM

Democrat Sanchez starts bid for governor's office 
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In the general election, Perry would be the easy winner if it were held today, according to the Texas Poll. 

Perry would defeat Sanchez 53 percent to 23 percent; Akins 52 percent to 19 percent; and WorldPeace 53 percent to 17 percent. 

While Sanchez got support from 41 percent of the Hispanics surveyed, Perry got the support of 37 percent. 

Perry leads Sanchez in Texas Poll 

The Associated Press 

AUSTIN Gov. Rick Perry's job approval rating is up from the beginning of the year and the Republican is well-positioned to win election in 2002, according to a recent Scripps Howard poll.

The poll published Saturday shows the Republican has a 67 percent job approval rating, 20 percentage points higher than in February.

When matched up against his likely Democratic opponent Laredo businessman Tony Sanchez Perry holds a 48 percent to 18 percent lead.