Hays County and WorldPeace 

1) Reporters, Party members and other folks are unable to comprehend the money that a good trial lawyer can make. For those who have paid attention, before my divorce in 1987, I was doing about 100 sets of accounting books per month, 1200 tax returns a year and I had over 350 open legal files. I was the only lawyer in my businesses and I had my ex-wife and 14 employees working for me. After my divorce, I shut down everything to raise my children. A radical move in the minds of most because I used up every bit of my assets in the process. I was 39 years old in 1987. The following year, I changed my name. In 1996, after raising all my children, I returned to Houston to restart my law practice. I have been doing family law and criminal law to pay the monthly bills but I have accumulated about 10 multimillion dollar lawsuits where some average citizen has been screwed by some very large privately held corporation. With just the cases that I have now, I could make enough to retire in about 3 years.

The bottom line is that virtually all you people have underestimated John WorldPeace. You cannot begin to relate to the battles that I have fought all my life. None of you have any concept of what it is to determine to fight the whole world. None of you have any understanding of what kind of internal fortitude and guts and faith that it takes to believe so strongly in a cause that you will change you name and thereby become the target of little people whose lives are focused on stomping on every dream they find.

For those who have been paying attention, this is a new millennium. The world has changed. 911 and Enron are just the beginning if the population does not wake up. The days of Corruption and Immorality are coming to an end. Scumbags like Tony Sanchez and fools like Dan Morales are never going to occupy the governor's mansion and those who support them are dinosaurs about to become extinct and flushed into oblivion.

In the words of that great American Patriot, "I have not yet begun to fight". No more corruption. No more Monicas.

2) The Hayes County "Drawing for a Place on the Ballot" event took place last evening on December 12, 2002. Of course Sanchez and Morales stayed under their respective rocks on the Ben Barnes ranch.

Bill Lyon and WorldPeace met for the first time and considered holding an alternative debate in pig Latin outside the Morales Sanchez Spanish only debate; which will turn out to be one of the biggest fiascoes in recent Democratic Party history, if it ever takes place.

Morales and Sanchez refused to attend because their corruption and immorality cannot stand in the light of WorldPeace. And the press encourages this by refusing to report the real issues in this governor's race and refuses to report the corruption and immorality of these jaybirds. The press is reporting on who is going to be the governor of South Texas as opposed to who is going to be the governor of the entire state.

At each event that WorldPeace has attended over the last 12 1/2 months, he has always brought campaign buttons and a flyer of some sort regarding his agenda and the negative baggage carried by his opponents. The current flyer consists of WorldPeace's contract with the citizens of Texas and a small negative flyer on Morales and a larger one on Sanchez.

In addition, WorldPeace printed the following flyer as a summary of his "just the facts" campaign speech at future party events.

John WorldPeace
Attorney at Law and The next Governor of Texas

"A Real Texan for ALL Texans"

The WorldPeace Agenda (For more details go to: www.johnworldpeace.com)

1) Equality and Justice for All: I will allocate 1/2 of all my appointments as governor to women and I will allocate appointments of Hispanics and Blacks in the percentages they vote in the November 2002 general election.

2) No increased taxes in the 2003 legislative session.

3) I will give teachers a $2,500 across the board pay raise.

4) We already have gambling in Texas. I will bring gambling to the Indian Reservations and the state's part of that revenue will be used for education only.

5) I will return God to the schools with a "moment of silence to acknowledge God". If putting "In God we Trust" on our coins and one nation "under God" in our pledge of allegiance does not establish religion, then a moment of silent to acknowledge God in our schools will not either.

6) I will fight corruption and immorality at every turn. No more Savings and Loan scandals! No more Enrons! No more Monicas!

Regarding Tony Sanchez

1) A Republican turncoat who was a Bush "Pioneer" along with Ken Lay of Enron.

2) After 15 months as the Democratic Party's choice for governor, he is still only 18% against Perry's 48% in the December 2001 Scripps Howard Poll. (WorldPeace was 17% to 53% in the September poll.)

3) He bankrupted Tesoro Savings and Loan through his fraudulent loans and his corrupt business practices ($25 million of drug money was laundered through Tesoso) and cost the taxpayers $161 million dollars while he paid a $1 million fine.

Regarding Dan Morales

1) He tried to funnel $250 million of the $18 billion tobacco settlement to his friend Marc Murr.

2) Through his application of the Hopwood case when he was Attorney General, Morales did everything he could to kill affirmative action for children of color trying to enter college in Texas.

3) His wife is an ex-exotic dancer who will any day now appear on the cover of some tabloid and embarrass the state of Texas.

There was a "straw ballot" held at the Hays event. The results were Morales 67, Sanchez 40, WorldPeace 4 and Lyon 3. What is interesting is that Sanchez is dropping like a rock and in my opinion he is dropping because he is an arrogant ass who has done virtually nothing for the party. He refused to campaign, he refused to even declare until September 4th, he has refused to spend any money for other candidates, and he has taken large contributions even though he promised to self finance his campaign. In a word, just like I have been saying for a year, Sanchez is a corrupt, worthless liar who doesn't have a dog's chance of beating Perry in November.

Tony Sanchez is a corrupt businessman who does not waste money on lost causes and who considers a campaign an investment. In other words, he is running for governor because he believes he can make money as governor. 

Morales, while doing virtually nothing, is still flushing the Sanchez campaign. Due to the efforts of WorldPeace and his never ending attacks on Sanchez over the last year, he destroyed Sanchez and yet the Party held firm behind Sanchez until Morales came into the race. A credit to Party discipline and Party stupidity.

Sometime shortly after August of last year I destroyed Marty Akins' campaign (August 25, Coalition of Black Democrats in Austin when I make him look inept, confused and mindless in a forum, and on August 26, at the LBJ party in Hays County where I called attention to the fact that I had served in the military and he had not.) Shortly thereafter, I sent a letter to the party officials and told them if anyone tried to step into the governor race at that time I would consider that person no more than a Jackal or Hyena who was trying to feed of the Lion's (WorldPeace) kill.

I said at that time that I would destroy anyone who tried to come into the governor's race. Well, Dan Morales came in on January 2, 2002, thirty minutes before the filing deadline. It was a big mistake.

Mr. Morales is every bit as corrupt as Tony Sanchez as evidenced by his attempt to funnel $250 million of the Texas tobacco settlement to his friend Marc Murr.

Mr. Sanchez has contempt for the average Hispanic as evidenced by his International Banc of Commerce's refusal to loan to poor Hispanics and the fact that in Laredo there exists a colonias (slum) toward which he is apathetic.

Mr. Morales, the Harvard graduate, has contempt for Hispanics and Blacks as evidenced by his strict interpretation of the Hopwood case and his efforts to end affirmative actions in Texas Universities such that children of color are denied college educations. Dan is just another Republican. And by the way, Tony Sanchez is on the UT Board of Regents and has done nothing of significance to help Hispanic students.

But the real problem that Mr. Morales has is his ex-stripper wife. There will be no ex-strippers in the governor's mansion. I do not judge Ms. Morales. I have clients who are ex-strippers and I have family members who have done the same. But none of them are trying to move into the governor's mansion.

The WorldPeace campaign is anti corruption, pro God and adverse to immortality. The people of Texas are not going to put an ex-stripper in the governor's mansion and if the Democratic Party cadre or the press believes differently, they are stupid and idiotic. Texans are sick of Monicas. 

Lastly, there was a drawing held for a place on the ballot in Hays County last night and my angelic wife drew for me. I will be at the top of the Hays County Ballot because Kay drew a King of diamonds.

John WorldPeace
The next Governor of Texas

January 13, 2002