The Sanchez for Governor (of South Texas) commercials

Well, I saw the Sanchez for Governor (of South Texas) commercials last night in Houston. They made me laugh. 

I am Houston born and raised and all I could think of was all those good ole blue collar White boys down in the refineries in Baytown, Pasadena, Galena Park and Texas City making all kinds of racial remarks about the chubby little @#*& banker on the tube.

And over in District B and D where the Black folks stay, they were saying, "No way Jose" and "We just beat that other Sanchez a few months back and we don't want his stocky little cousin either." 

Good job, Tony. Run that commercial. The more you run it outside San Antonio and South Texas, the more votes you lose. 

Congratulations to the Sanchez brain trust for gut shooting their boy in prime time; over and over and over again.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
"A real Texan for ALL Texans."
"No more Corruption. No more Monicas."