Morales is considering quitting governor's race

Dan Morales is now wishing that he had never entered the governor's race. He only came in at the last minute because Ben Barnes finally admitted that his Sanchez mule was stubborn and lazy and wouldn't run. He thought he could bring in Morales and let Sanchez slide out and give Morales Sanchez momentum. But alas the best laid plans of mice and men seldom work out the way one expects.

Morales' last minute filing shows that he was a reluctant candidate. Morales has known for a very long time that he could not run for Senate because John Cornyn, who drove him out of the 1998 Attorney General's race, was the Republican choice for Senate.

Also, like a lot of us who look back at the past with selective memories, Dan Morales forgot why he got out of politics in 1998 until he went head to head with Sanchez. Morales forgot all the back biting and in fighting and money begging necessary to win office in Texas. So when the governor's race heated up, those memories began to return and Dan asked himself why he let Barnes talk him into running.

In addition, Barnes told Morales that WorldPeace was a minor candidate and Morales did not read WorldPeace's web page. (By the way, does a real candidate in the 21st century run without a web page? No one takes a candidate without a web page serious, especially one running for governor. Morales has no web page two weeks after he filed to run for governor.) Morales didn't understand that he could not beat WorldPeace. He did not understand that WorldPeace was not what the press and the Party bosses and Barnes had portrayed him to be.

Further, the last thing that Morales thought was that WorldPeace would make a big issue of the fact that Morales' wife was an ex-stripper. He did not realize that WorldPeace would cry out: "NO MORE MONICAS" and lead a rally to keep ex-strippers out of the governor's mansion.

Morales had also forgotten just how hard headed and ruthless the Party bosses are. They have been on him like flies on a fresh cow pie to get out of the governor's race and let them sell the corrupt Sanchez to the rank and file. The Party bosses want that Sanchez money. They want their 30 pieces of silver. They want those new trucks.

(What is funny is that there are a lot of very well off Party loyals who know Sanchez is garbage and who are willing to finance a campaign like WorldPeace's as long as their names are not mentioned. They do not want to take the heat that Morales is now taking. So they make their commitments quietly. These are people who don't pay attention to silly punch and cookie press stories meant for mass consumption.)

At any rate, Morales is about to buckle. The Barnes fix did not work out like it was supposed to. Morales is tired out after just two weeks. His wife is worried about the reality of being on the front page of Hustler, Texas Monthly and/or the tabloids dressed like Eve with some "biting banner" carefully crafted over her private parts. 

The kiss of death in Texas is that of Ben Barnes. He was there when Marty Akins went down in flames. He telegraphed Morales' entry into the governor's race on December 31, 2002, in his Peggy Fikac interview where he spoke of leaders who could raise taxes.

The debates went down in flames when WorldPeace sent his letter on Monday to all the relevant parties threatening to file a discrimination suit if there was a Hispanic debate. Of course the press refused to print that story. But Dan got word that he would either have to face WorldPeace chanting "No more corruption, No more Monicas" or give up the free media a debate would bring. Sanchez will never debate WorldPeace.

Yes, Dan's comet is about to flame out. He is about to give the Marty Akins "For the good of the Party" speech. He can keep the rest of his campaign monies to continue his fight with the federal investigators. He can regain some peace for himself and his family. He can ignore the hundreds of nasty phone calls from the bosses and their lackeys.

Good night Dan. Go in peace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas; not the governor of just South Texas.
"A real Texas for ALL the people."
"No more corruption. No more Monicas."

January 16, 2002