WorldPeace shuts down Hispanic debates

As you know, I sent a letter to the promoters of the alleged Sanchez/Morales debates (see my web page) telling them that if they proceeded with the debates, that I would sue on the grounds of racial discrimination. My first letter gave them until Wednesday to respond but I sent a followup letter allowing them until today (Friday, January 18th) to respond or suit would be filed. I was prepared to file suit on Monday, January 21, 2002.

Today (January 18th) I received a call from an attorney with one of the largest law firms in the state. He stated that he represented all the promoters and was responding to my letter. We talked for about 20 minutes.

1) I was told that the debates were not set for certain at this time. He stated that there was still several months to go before that decision was made. I reminded him that early voting started in five weeks and that the debates were allegedly scheduled for the first of March, six weeks from now.

2) I was told that these were not Hispanic debates and that there was a list of criteria for the potential participants. I then told the attorney that I had polled 17% against Perry's 53% in September and Sanchez had only polled 18% against Perry's 48% in December. I also reminded him that there were no numbers on Morales and the polls have a 3% margin of error. In addition, I told the attorney that I had outspent Morales by $600,000 last year. His indication was that if what I said was true, that I should be included in the debate. There was a mention of a 6% threshold of support needed to participate in these debates: I have 17%. 

3) I informed him that the five major newspapers in the state had reported that the debates were essentially a done deal between Sanchez and Morales. According to what he was saying, I said those reports were blatantly false. He agreed.

4) I told him that in order to get an injunction to stop the debates that I would have to show a judge that I had made efforts to stop the debates as soon as I found out about them. In other words, if there were only three days notice for a debate, I would have to show cause as to why the media should lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if he stopped the debate. Therefore, it is necessary for me to put the promoters on notice that I will file a for an Injunction as soon as they announce any debate that does not include me. The attorney agreed to send me a letter on Tuesday stating their position and also include a list of the standard parameters in these matters. In response, I agreed not to file suit on Monday. I also put the attorney on notice that his Tuesday letter would immediately be forwarded to the press and to write it with that in mind.

5) With this letter, which has been emailed to all the political reporters with the major state papers as well as some of the national and local political reporters, said reporters are on notice that any discussions about a debate which would not include WorldPeace will cause a reaction from WorldPeace. The press is going to be held accountable in this election cycle for their reporting. They are going to be held accountable to the citizens of Texas. The skewing of articles favoring Sanchez and Morales is coming to an end because Sanchez and Morales are not leading in this campaign for governor and everyone knows it.

The reality is that WorldPeace, the crackpot per the Sanchez camp, has shut down the debates as well as the reporting of the debates. Other than what is in this email, there is nothing to report. There will be nothing to report, other than the fact that WorldPeace has threatened to file suit, until such time as WorldPeace receives a response from the attorney for the debate promoters.

We all know that Sanchez and Morales will not debate. They were successful yesterday in shutting down the Jewish Community Candidate Forum, B'nai B'rith San Antonio, Contact: Lucille Behar Mitrani 210-862-0985 that was scheduled for January 28th. Everyone knows that neither Morales nor Sanchez can stand up to WorldPeace in a debate. Call Morris Overstreet and ask him what happened at the Coalition of Black Democrats Forum on August 25, 2001, in Austin. Ask him how John Sharp, Marty Akins and Gil Coronado faired against WorldPeace. Regardless of the fact that these Hispanic jokers are corrupt, they have no agenda. Morales has no web page. And Tony's web page is just a meaningless, issueless, ego trip.

The press needs to report that WorldPeace shut down the debates. The press needs to recognize that WorldPeace killed Morales attempt at free press. If any truthful reporting is done now regarding the debates, it will have to include WorldPeace and that will just put more nails in the Sanchez and Morales coffins.

This is how a governor takes charge of things. This is how a real Texas governor operates. A serious candidate for governor doesn't sneak into the race at the last minute. A serious candidate for governor does not designate lackeys to speak for him. The people of Texas want a real man for governor. They do not want a spineless Hispanic who hides from WorldPeace. Maybe Tony will send his mother or daughter to debate WorldPeace. Maybe Dan Morales will send "Diva". Maybe Tony will post his goons at Democratic events he attends like he did in League City last year. Tony's goons, the hotel security and the League City Police were all called out to keep WorldPeace from getting anywhere near Tony at the Neighborhood Democrats fundraiser. What a ridiculous excuse for a man.
Especially one running for governor.

It is time to end this stupid chrade of Morales and Sanchez for Governor and speak the truth that WorldPeace is the next governor of Texas as opposed to two Hispanic wannabes for the governorship of South Texas. Only insane people believe that Morales or Sanchez have a dog's chance against Rick Perry in November.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas (not just South Texas)
"A real Texan for ALL Texans"
"No more corruption. No more Monicas."

January 18, 2002