The Hispanic gubernatorial debates: Who is lying?

(Texas) Yesterday I sent out an email stating that I had communicated with the attorney for the promoters of the Hispanic gubernatorial debates and was told that no decision had yet been made on who was going to participate in the debates. I was told that there are standard parameters in these matters regarding who would participate and I would be sent a copy of those parameters by Tuesday.

I did not reveal the attorney's name because I did not want to swamp him with calls from the press before something was put in writing. Until something is put into writing in this matter, there is nothing concrete to talk about to the press. When I get the letter, the firm and the actual clients will be revealed.

Today, there is an article in the San Antonio Express (see below) that Emilio Nicolas, Telemundo vice president and general manager of KVDA-TV, has said that the debates will proceed and only Sanchez and Morales will be invited.

First, I would like to point out that no reporter would put his byline on the story. This means that whoever wrote the story is probably lying about some or all of its content.

Second, as an attorney, I am going to give the attorney for the debate promoters the benefit of the doubt and believe that he was telling me the truth (that no final decisions had yet been made on the debates) and that he is simply having trouble controlling one of his clients. Statements like those from Mr. Nicolas complicate lawsuits and create potential liability for the defendants and also hurt the credibility of their attorney because it breaks down the trust between the lawyers who are trying to work out the matter without a lawsuit. In a word, Mr. Nicolas needs to keep his mouth shut or his lawyer needs to quit lying about what is going on with the debates.

Third, the reality is that you can't hold a debate with just the Hispanic candidates if that is the only real criteria. It is against the State and Federal Constitutions. My numbers in the polls are equal to Sanchez's and are greater than Morales' who has none. My expenditures are greater than Morales. 

Mr. Nicolas is going to have to answer why the law means nothing to him or his television station. It has created the impression that his attorney is negotiating in bad faith which is not going to be looked on favorably by the judge if suit is filed. It has undermined his attorney. It has created all kinds of campaign issues that will not reflect positively on the two undeniably corrupt Hispanic who are running for governor. It also creates the impression that the promoters are going to fund a corrupt poll showing whatever they want in order to legally hold the debates. All in all it is just a prelude to more corruption from two corrupt Hispanic candidates and their surrogates.

It is 5 am and I just left a message with the promoters' attorney that he needs to immediately call me and explain Mr. Nicolas statements. When I talk to him, I am going to require that he explain Mr. Nicolas' statements in his letter to me regarding his clients official position on the debates. I am to receive the letter by Tuesday.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
"A real Texan for ALL Texans"
"No more corruption. No more Monicas"

January 19, 2002

Campaign notebook: Date for Spanish gubernatorial debate not yet set 

San Antonio Express-News 

Web Posted : 01/19/2002 12:00 AM 

Executives at San Antonio's Telemundo affiliate presented two proposed dates Friday to Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez for a historic Spanish-language debate before the March 12 primary.

Emilio Nicolas, Telemundo vice president and general manager of KVDA-TV, said both campaigns were asked to choose between Feb. 24 and March 3 to hold the two-hour broadcast that would be made available to television stations statewide.

Aides with both campaigns said they received the information late Friday but still were not ready to commit to either date.

Geronimo Rodriguez, Morales' campaign director, said he still is frustrated by not being able to negotiate the terms of the debate directly with the Sanchez campaign despite repeated requests.

Michelle Kucera, a Sanchez spokeswoman, said the campaign is talking to both Telemundo and Univision to ensure the "widest exposure" possible for the debate. 

The two-hour broadcast will take place from the University of the Incarnate Word's Fine Arts auditorium, which seats more than 850 people.

"This debate is more than just a Spanish-language debate," Nicolas said. "It's a Latino debate of issues that are important to all Texans."

The two candidates are heading into a primary that many analysts believe has the potential to turn out a record number of Hispanic voters.

The other candidates are Waxahachie businessman Bill Lyon and Houston lawyer John WorldPeace, who has threatened to file a lawsuit if all the candidates are not included in the debate.

But Nicolas said the debate "is the way it is," with Sanchez and Morales as the only invitees.