Democrats prepare to die of a THEORY

What fool is there who would drive his or her car 90 miles per hour straight into a brick wall. The Democratic Party bosses that's who. The general advocating of a Hispanic dominance of Texas politics which ignores Black and White voters and the specific advocating of the undeniably corrupt Republican Tony Sanchez by sixty of the Democratic Party elite (plus Joe Gunn, Ben Barnes and John Sharp) are driving the Democratic Party toward certain November oblivion. 

It was true when I said it 10 months ago and the events of the last 10 months including yesterday's Dallas Mayor's election have continued to verify my truth.

Yesterday, the citizens of Dallas went to the polls and sent a loud and clear message regarding the November elections. And the message is that Hispanics are not mindless Democrats, corruption is out and truth is in, money is not the determining factor in a political race in 21st century Texas, and there is a progressive movement afoot in Texas.

Nineteen months ago, John Sharp, as spokesman for Ben Barnes at the Hispanic Caucus at the Democratic Convention, announced his THEORY that if a Hispanic were placed at the top of the Democratic ticket it would energize the Hispanic voters, bring them to the polls in record numbers and shift all the down ballot races to the Democrats. At that moment, the Black and White Democrats were demoted to second class citizens and the Hispanics were placed at the top of the pyramid. The THEORY was insane and contrary to all good political sense.

But what was more insane was Sharp's recruiting of the corrupt Republican, money laundering, Tesoro bankrupting, draft dodging, little Mafia man Tony Sanchez to be the Hispanic to head the Democratic Party. He didn't go after Dan Morales, who is also corrupt and who happens to have an ex-stripper wife but at least Morales is a Democrat. He didn't go after Victor Morales a simple man of the people who proved his worth against Phil Gramm. No, they went to the Republican garbage dump and dredged up Tony Sanchez. Why? Because the plan was always about corruption. 

Ben Barnes who is the king of Texas dirty business saw the banking, energy and Mafia connections that are Tony Sanchez and began to calculate just how much he could steal from the state with Tony Sanchez as governor. So ole Ben comes up with his Hispanics are king THEORY and sells it to the Democratic Party bosses who see new trucks and pockets of cash from the Sanchez deal. Then ole Ben called in his old sixties buddies from the press and got them to spread the Hispanic THEORY like gospel across the state.

Then a totally unexpected thing happened. Thirteen months ago on January 1, 2001, I declared my candidacy for governor of Texas. I knew the Democratic Party was in peril and decline and had been since 1994. And I knew that little George would take all the upper Republican cadre off to Washington. Consequently, there would be a level playing field in Texas politics and I would have a chance to become governor.

The first thing I said (And everything I have said can be verified from my web page and the dated articles there) was that a Hispanic didn't have a dog's chance of being governor of Texas and if the Democrats placed a Hispanic against Rick Perry in the governor's race, then White moderate Democrats would cross Party lines and vote for Perry. The Party bosses were outraged and the press took issue but even though I may have been a minority of one, "the truth is still the truth."

The Democratic Party shunned me at every turn. The press ignored me and discounted my candidacy. And yet I continued to make 20 million telephone calls across the state in 2001 promoting truth, equality, justice, and an end to corruption and immorality.

Tony Sanchez sat on his backside all through 2001. He went only where he could be the guest speaker and avoided rank and file Democratic functions. He avoided WorldPeace everywhere. He finally announced his candidacy on September 4, 2001, and two hours later Phil Gramm announced his retirement and shut Tony out of the press until 911 the following week. 

In the first poll in March 2001, Tony was 21% against Perry's 56% and in the last poll in December 2001, Tony was 18% to Perry's 48%. In other words, Tony can't beat Perry. Yet the Party continued to tout Tony and the press continued to tout Tony. Insanity and stupidity across the board everywhere except within the rank and file citizens of Texas who were paying attention to WorldPeace and ignoring the press and the Party bosses.

Those 20 million phone calls I made were being heard by the citizens of Texas. In the September polls I was 17% to Perry's 53% and Sanchez registered 23% to Perry's 53%. In December, the press and others conspired to keep WorldPeace out of the polls and the numbers reported were 18% for Sanchez and 48% for Perry. No report for WorldPeace. And yet there was the fact that Sanchez and Perry each lost 5% between September and December which no one could account for. The support had gone to WorldPeace. And the combined Hispanic vote for Perry and Sanchez had dropped from 78% in September to 56% in December. A 22% drop and no one could account for the drop. The Hispanic had moved to WorldPeace.

The press remained silent. The Party bosses continued to try to discount and ignore WorldPeace. Sue Schecter, the Harris County Democratic Chair, even now refuses to place a WorldPeace link on the Harris County web site.

Then of all things, Dan Morales enters the race thirty minutes before the filing deadline. And the Hispanic vote is now split.

Yesterday, there was a Mayor's race in Dallas that clearly foreshadowed the November general election and shows the nonsense of the Hispanic THEORY. Dallas sent a message to all Democrats that if you run Sanchez or Morales, Perry will win in November.

In the Dallas race the progressive Laura Miller came within 855 votes of beating Tom Dunning, the money man, and Domingo Garcia, the Hispanic, without a run off. Miller got 64,224 votes, Dunning 51,302 and Garcia got 14,631 of the total vote.

But consider this from the various articles about the race. 

1) "A poll conducted for The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV (Channel 8) found that the No. 1 quality voters sought in a mayor was "courage to stand up for what is right." 

Sure sounds like WorldPeace talking about an end to corruption and immorality statewide. 

2) "The Dallas Morning News/WFAA poll, which was done Jan. 13-15 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points, revealed that 51 percent of white voters said they preferred Ms. Miller. Mr. Dunning was the choice of 37 percent of black voters polled. Mr. Garcia did best with Hispanic poll respondents, getting 51 percent approval from those voters." 

Well, the Blacks voted for Miller and Dunning. And the Blacks will vote for WorldPeace because of his stance on taking down the Confederate Battle Flag from publicly funded places like the Laredo International Airport. Tony is from Larado, the Vidor of South Texas. Morales is anti-affirmative action. So who are the Black voters going to vote for in the Primary? Does it really take a rocket scientist to figure this out?

Garcia only got 51% of the Hispanic voters. Better than Sanchez getting only 31% of the Hispanic vote against Perry in the September Scripps Howard poll. And that was before Morales entered the race.

The whole Hispanic THEORY is nonsense and always has been. It was always about corruption. It always meant the end of the Democratic Party in Texas.

Further, Dunning way out spent Miller on TV and radio ads. Just like Sanchez in the governor's race. And Dunning was still 10% behind Miller. Dunning is going to have to get virtually all of Garcia's votes to beat Miller in the run off and that is highly unlikely. 

All Sanchez is doing with his ads is losing voters. Not to mention the fact that he is an idiot to run oil and gas ads in the middle of the Enron fiasco. Bozo the Clown must be running his campaign.

In addition, in my conversation with Scripps Howard last week regarding why I was not in the December 2001 poll, I was told that there is a strong progressive/independent movement in Texas. Scripps Howard has found that there is a solid 10% of the voters in Texas who are independent. These voters will undoubtedly vote for WorldPeace.

In summary, neither Sanchez nor Morales are going to bring any large numbers of Hispanic voters to the polls in November. The last Scripps Howard polls shows Tony only has 31% of the Hispanic vote. In a word, they don't like him. If the Hispanic voters do come to the polls in large numbers, they are going to vote on issues and not on race.

The Dallas citizens are telling the Democratic Party bosses and the press, Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales do not have a dog's chance of beating Perry in November. The Black and White Democrats are in revolt within the Party because of too much Hispanic hype. The people in Limestone County told me last Thursday night, "Thank God there is an alternative to Sanchez and Morales." Let those who have eyes, see and those who have ears, hear.

The Democratic Party bosses brought the corrupt Republican Sanchez to the Party. Now they need to tell him to leave.

Everywhere I speak, people understand that I am speaking the truth. Everyone knows that Sanchez and Morales cannot win in a debate or forum in which I participate because corruption and darkness cannot prevail over truth and light.

The Texas New Democrats canceled their forum yesterday. WorldPeace was going to attend when Bill Lyon called and said the function had been canceled. No notice to anyone. This was the second forum canceled last week.

Sanchez and Morales are killing the Party because of their corruption. People cannot and will not follow these guys. After being the Party's boy for over a year, Sanchez has not cut into Perry lead over him, he has not energized the Party, he did not make any real efforts to help the Democratic candidates last May or November, he has not only refused to lead, he has refused to run. And the press and the Party bosses continue to sing his praises to nonexistent crowds.

WorldPeace is the answer. I have been running hard for over a year. I have run on the issues. I have run on truth, justice and equality. I have run against corruption. I have run against immorality. I am the Party's hope. Sanchez and Morales are the Party's death.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans.
No more corruption. No more Monicas.

January 20, 2002