Texans at the threshold of tomorrow

Back in October, I made a statement that I would return prayer to the schools. Rick Perry understood that if he did not do something, he would lose some of his Christian constituents. So Rick deliberately attended a school event in Palestine, Texas and participated in a school prayer in the name of Jesus and then stated his support for school prayer.

The press ran to Tony Sanchez to get a response and Tony indicated he was for a moment of silence.

Shortly thereafter, the Rev. David Johnson said there would be a "Rally to return prayer to the schools" in Palestine on December 17th. 

WorldPeace began to call into the area to promote the event. In fact, over 250,000 calls were made and 300 personal letters were sent to churches in Tyler, Waco, Nagocdoches and other towns promoting the event.

Perry said he could not be there and Sanchez also refused to attend. WorldPeace attended but the good Rev. Johnson refused to even acknowledge his presence.

I think it is significant that Perry and Sanchez turned their back on God. Since that time Perry went to Washington to get some money from Wayne Berman for selling out the people's interest to the HMO's. Perry was caught taking $25,000 from Ken Lay of Enron for appointing Mr. Yzaguirre, a corrupt ex-Enron executive and Whooping Crane killer, to the PUC. And today it was revealed that Perry through his surrogates deliberately filed fraudulent reports with the TWC which understated a $1 billion shortfall. 

After the Palestine event, it was found that Sanchez had lied on his appointment application to become a UT regent and Dan Morales entered the governor's race and significantly cut into Sanchez Hispanic constituency. Sanchez also became subjected to negative attacks from Mr. Morales which the press refused to print when WorldPeace said them over the last 13 months.

I find all these things very interesting. I also find the timing of 911 interesting and I find it interesting that the Enron scandal broke at the time it did and exposed over 250 elected officials as being on the Enron payroll. Tony Sanchez did not take any money from Enron, but he refuses to release his schedules B and D to his personal tax returns which will show his trades regarding Enron stock and he refuses to make public his mother's $1.5 billion trust of which he is trustee and beneficiary and which would also show his Enron trades.

A few months ago I attended a gathering at the home of Arthur Schecter (the uncle by marriage of Sue Schecter, the Harris County Democratic Chair who refuses to put my web link on the Harris County Democratic web site). I was invited to attend by Democratic Congressman Martin Frost and Al Lieberman was to attend. In a word, it was a big Democratic event. 

Lee Brown, who had just been reelected Mayor of Houston, attended and shortly after I arrived confronted me saying that I was a racist and that I was a "gd sob". He said this in front of my wife and others. He demanded to know who invited me to the event and said that he was going to have Mr. Schecter throw me out or he was going to leave. I tried to ignore the Mayor. Shortly, Mr. Schecter came over to introduce himself to my wife and I and Brown immediately appeared making his stupid statements and told me to leave. I said that the decision was Mr. Schecter's and Mr. Schecter stated that Brown was his friend. I told Mr. Schecter that my wife and I would leave and we did. Mr. Frost came over as we were leaving and suggested that we just avoid Brown. I told him that Schecter had indicated that we should leave and Frost walked away shaking his head.

Lee Brown has done virtually nothing for District B and D (the Black areas in Houston) in Houston in his four years in office in that streets are nothing more than worn out pot holed asphalt, houses burn all the way to the ground, and the police presence is virtually non existent. Yet Brown was reelected and then immediately went to District B and D and told them that virtually all the promises that he had made during the election were not going to be honored. And as of last week Brown has not been able to find the $100,000 necessary to have the usual Martin Luther King festivities tomorrow. 

In addition, it is just a matter of time before the state and Federal investigators find the connections between Brown and Ken Lay and Enron. Also last week Brown, rammed Arthur Anderson down the throats of Houstonians. Before the Enron matter is concluded, I believe that Lee Brown will be sent to jail.

It is Black elected officials like Lee Brown who have killed the King dream and who have been a part of the Blacks being subordinated to the Hispanics as opposed to both taking their rightful place with the Whites as equals in government. No one has heard from the Black leaders in response to the Hispanic emphasis in Texas politics. The NAACP event in Austin last year was ignored by virtually all the candidates except WorldPeace. The Coalition of Black Democrats has been forced to have a co-event with the Tejano Democrats in San Antonio. One could say that the Blacks no longer ride in the back of the bus; they are no longer even on the bus. 

I am sickened by these developments. I am sickened by the Democratic Party bosses trying to foist an undeniably corrupt Republican Tony Sanchez on the citizens of Texas. I am sickened by the apathy of the Black leadership to the needs of the Black community. I am sickened by the corruption of elected officials selling out the citizens of Texas. I am sickened by the fact that so many elected officials were sucking off the Enron teat to the detriment of their constituents.

The entire state is in peril due to the corruption in government. And I believe that for those who open their eyes, they can see that an accounting is being called for not just in the mechanical pursuit of the Enron scandal but also a spiritual, moral and ethical accounting as well. The Primary next month and the general election in November are going to be a referendum of the people on the future of Texas. 

There is a clear choice between the gubernatorial candidates. There is the corruption and immorality of Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales as well as their intention to represent some of the people as they continue with their corrupt ways. And there is the choice of WorldPeace and an end to the corruption and immorality and the buying of political office followed by the betrayal of the trust of the people. 

I am the only candidate who has made a commitment to ALL the people. I did this 14 years ago when I changed my name to WorldPeace. I am the only candidate who has not been afraid to promote a moment of silence to acknowledge God in our schools without fear of being labeled a Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. I am the only candidate who has committed to promoting the causes of women, Blacks and Hispanics by allocating half my appointments to women and allocating appointments to Blacks and Hispanic in relation to the percentages in which they vote in the general election in November. I am the only candidate who has made a commitment to give the teachers of this state a $2,500 across the board raise as a beginning to take this state from number 48 among the states to the top ten with respect to education.

Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales are bad for Texas. They are apathetic to the needs of the people. Neither have a concrete agenda. Tony has an ego centric web page and Dan has none. Both fear an open debate or forum in which I am a participant because they know the people will immediately recognize their corruption. 

The press has a mandate from the people to report the news. The people still have faith that reporters will be truthful in their reporting. The people want to believe that the media is not totally corrupt and driven by nothing more than selling advertisement. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are the foundations of our democracy and when those freedoms are forgotten and truth is ignored and buried, all our other democratic freedoms are placed in jeopardy.

A democratic society cannot long endure when it forgets the higher moral and ethical grounds upon which it is founded and degenerates into measuring all things on a monetary scale. Capitalism and democracy work well with each other as equals but when capitalism subordinates democratic freedoms to the pursuit of profit, the scales of justice become improperly weighted and every citizen becomes a target of sociopathic men and women who apathetically pray on others in their pursuit of money for the sake of money.

We stand at the threshold of two paths to the future of Texas and our children. One path leads us back to the corruption and turmoil of the 20th century and one path leads us to a new birth of freedom and democracy. Every citizen of this state is a participant in that decision. Together we will live out one or the other futures. Together we will strengthen our democracy or we will subordinate ourselves to the will of a corrupt few who would enslave us all.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans
No more corruption. No more Monicas.

January 20, 2002