The Austin Statesman's negative spin of WorldPeace

After months of calling WorldPeace the minor candidate, the fringe candidate, the lesser known candidate even though the Scripps Howard poll shows WorldPeace to be even with Tony Sanchez in the polls; in addition to giving Sanchez credit for WorldPeace's agendas on prayer in the schools and the Tiqua Indians; the Statesman could not resist putting a negative spin on the WorldPeace lawsuit against the promoters of Hispanic only debates.

I have interlineated my comments to the below article by Gary Susswein.

John WorldPeace

The next governor of Texas

A real Texan for all Texans

No more corruption. No more Monicas.

January 24, 2002


<<WorldPeace sues over plans to have debate in Spanish

By Gary Susswein

American-Statesman Staff

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and self-declared "real American" John WorldPeace is going to court to stop a Spanish-language debate he wasn't invited to attend. >>

Actually if Mr. Susswein had read the lawsuit, he would have seen that the fact that one debate was going to be in Spanish was incidental and periferal to the racial bias of all the debates.

<<The Houston lawyer filed suit in Harris County District Court on Wednesday against fellow candidates Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales and a slew of media outlets involved in the proposed Spanish debate and a Dallas debate WorldPeace was not invited to attend. >>

Again it was all the debates, not the Spanish debate. You do not need to speak Spanish to debate in these days of high technology. News is simulcast in multiple languages every day. You watch the TV and listen to the language of choice on the radio. I am sure the Spanish debates could be done the same way.

<<WorldPeace's suit says the proposed Spanish debate violates his rights under the Texas Constitution. >>

Mr. Susswein did not request the pre-litigation correspondence that was offered by WorldPeace's email announcing the lawsuit. Therefore, he parroted the Marx Brothers' admonishment of "Don't confuse me with the facts !"

<<He had already challenged the need for a Spanish debate on his campaign's Web site. >>


On the web page. But we are talking here about a lawsuit. Not the same thing.

<<"This is Texas. This is America," WorldPeace wrote on his Web site. "Real Americans and real Texans speak English first. Spanish debates are an affront to the majority of voters and lead Black and White English speaking voters to the conclusion that they are being cut out of part of the political debate. These debates show just how out of touch these Mexican wannabes are.">>

What an obvious attempt by Mr. Susswein to label WorldPeace a bigot. The rest of the above quote states: "I say Mexican because Spanish is what is spoken in Mexico. Obviously these jokers, with the help of the press and the Democratic Party bosses, are going to try to cram bilingual education down the throats of citizens of Texas". Did Mr. Susswein ask Morales and Sanchez about bilingual education? No! In fact, Mr. Susswein didn't even bother to try to call me.


<<The general manager of KVDA, a Spanish language TV station in San Antonio that will produce the debate, said the lawsuit had no merit and that there should be unlimited opportunities for English debates. >>

As we say in the law, Mr. Susswein is off point. In other words, he has confused a tree for the forest. The issue is not that a debate would be in Spanish but that all the debates use race as basis for who would be allowed to participate.

<<"We have a one-hour debate opportunity where, for the first time, we have two candidates who are well-known to our community, and both speak Spanish and want to speak Spanish," Emilio Nicolas Jr. said.


Actually Mr. Sanchez has already commented on Mr. Morales' poor Spanish. If they want to speak Spanish, let them pay for a Spanish commercial. This is an attempt by Mr. Nicolas to promote two corrupt Hispanic candidates for governor and at the same time provide side show entertainment for the Hispanic community all in the name of making money.

<<The Sanchez campaign declined to comment on the suit. >>

I guess Glenn Smith is sick because he usually speaks for Mr. Sanchez anyway.

<<A spokesman for Morales said the suit tries to limit the exchange of ideas by limiting the number of languages candidates can speak.>>

Let Dan Morales pay for commercials in Spanish; not get free airtime with a racially prejudice debate.

<<Waxahachie businessman Bill Lyon is also seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.>>

That he is.


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