More Debate lies from the San Antonio Express

The following article (without a byline) continues the lie that Morales and Sanchez are the leading candidates for governor when the Scripps Howard polls from last year showed that WorldPeace was 17% against Perry's 53% and Sanchez was 18% against Perry's 48%. There are no poll numbers on Morales who for the first time is running with the negative baggage of an ex-stripper wife, a federal investigation into his attempted theft of $250 million of the tobacco settlement and his anti-affirmative action under the Hopwood case when he was Attorney General.

We'll see if the lawsuit impacts on Telemundo or not.

The real question is what are Sanchez and Morales afraid of. The answer is the tremendous negative baggage they both carry.

John WorldPeace
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January 24, 2002
Briefs: Candidate sues to stop debates 

San Antonio Express-News 

Web Posted : 01/24/2002 12:00 AM 

John WorldPeace, a candidate in the Democratic race for governor, filed a lawsuit in state district court Wednesday attempting to stop any gubernatorial debates that are limited to the two leading contenders, who are both Hispanic. 

The lawsuit, filed in the 333rd District Court in Harris County, accuses 10 Texas media companies of racial discrimination by conspiring to prop up the campaigns of Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez by "barring the participation of the white gubernatorial candidates" in debate talks.

The media outlets named in the lawsuit include the Dallas Morning News and San Antonio's Telemundo affiliate, KVDA-TV, which is trying to stage a historic Spanish-language debate between Morales and Sanchez.

Emilio Nicolas, Telemundo vice president and general manager of KVDA, said the legal action would not affect his station's plans.

WorldPeace, a Houston lawyer who is known for campaigning through a vast network of phone and e-mail messages, and Waxahachie businessman Bill Lyon are considered long shots in the March 12 Democratic primary against Sanchez and Morales.