Morales calls WorldPeace a Kook

Tony Sanchez called Henry Cuellar, the Texas Secretary of State a homosexual and later called WorldPeace a crackpot. Morales' lackey, Jim Moory, in the following article calls WorldPeace a kook. WorldPeace has said that Morales wife is an ex-stripper. 

Henry Cuellar is not a homosexual and WorldPeace is neither a crackpot nor a kook. But Morales' wife is an ex-stripper; incidentally strip joints are known havens for prostitution.

And if WorldPeace is a kook and a crackpot, then AIDS in Africa, people starving in India, planes flying into the World Trade Center and Enron are just a delusion of the population. To emphasize this, I am sure that Mr. Moory has a "Visualize Whirled Peas" sticker on his bumper to help broadcast his social apathy.

The following is a misquote: "He (WorldPeace) said he does not object to the media outlets excluding him from the debates because he has not fared well in polls or entered the race late. But he said he does object to them leaving him out because of his race." 

What I said was: "If I was behind in the polls (which I am not) or if I entered the race late (which I did not, I declared myself a candidate on January 1, 2001, a year ago) then they could exclude me from the debate."

Emilio Nicolas, Jr. has seen the lawsuit.

Nicolas was told on KTSA radio on Wednesday night that WorldPeace did speak Spanish but refused to do so because as a lawyer WorldPeace understands the importance of words and he feels it is hard enough to communicate ideas in English much less trying to do so in Spanish.

Jim Moory is to Dan Morales what Glenn Smith is to Tony Sanchez. These are lackeys that allegedly speak for their masters. WorldPeace speaks for himself.

Contrary to what Nicolas says below, WorldPeace is the only candidate who has spoken to the issues. Compare WorldPeace 500 page web sites, Tony's six page ego trip web site and Dan's nonexistent web site.

Dan Morales has a reputation for a racist philosophy. 1) He over enforced the Hopwood case denying thousands of children of color entrance into college. 2) He refuses to allow the Indians their casino which would help their plight and throw off money for Texas education as WorldPeace has proposed. 3) Unlike WorldPeace who has committed to allocate half his appointments to women and a percentage to Blacks and Hispanics in which they vote in the November 2002 general election, Morales said he will appoint whoever he wants. 

Dan Morales is an enemy of the people. Not to mention his attempted theft of $250 million of the tobacco settlement.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans
No more corruption. No more Monicas.


Debate exclusion 'race-based,' candidate says
By Miguel Liscano (Daily Texan Staff)
January 25, 2002

John WorldPeace, a Houston lawyer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, filed a lawsuit this week against his opponents and seven media outlets, alleging that they will exclude him from upcoming debates because he is not Hispanic.
Although the Democratic candidates have not agreed on whether to debate, WorldPeace said the lawsuit will put everyone "on notice" that he will not stand for "race--based" debates.

"My candidacy is based on equality and justice for all, and this [lawsuit] is an extension of that," WorldPeace said. "I'm telling the people, 'We're not going to have this.'" 

Democratic gubernatorial candidates Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez have disagreed over the past two weeks about how many debates to have. WorldPeace and Bill Lyon, another Democratic gubernatorial candidate, have been left out of those discussions.

In addition to Morales, former Texas attorney general, and Sanchez, a Laredo businessman and UT regent, WorldPeace sued the two media outlets that have agreed to broadcast the debates if they occur and other sponsors of the debates. 

WorldPeace filed the suit Wednesday to ensure that he wouldn't be left out of the debates. If the outlets do not include him in the debates, WorldPeace said he will seek an injunction to stop them.

He said he does not object to the media outlets excluding him from the debates because he has not fared well in polls or entered the race late. But he said he does object to them leaving him out because of his race.

WorldPeace said Telemundo--San Antonio, which has agreed to air a debate in Spanish, will leave him out of the debate because he is not Hispanic.

Emilio Nicolas Jr., general manager of Telemundo--San Antonio and executive producer of the debate, said he has not seen the lawsuit and called it a publicity stunt.

"We're not excluding anybody on the basis of cultural identity, which is what Hispanic is," Nicolas said. "We want a Spanish--language debate, and we don't care if they're Hispanic, Anglo, black, white, Asian, whatever. It has nothing to do with race."

A Spanish--language debate between two Spanish--speaking front--runners would be historic, and the candidates should speak to both English--speakers and Spanish--speakers, Nicolas said. 

Nicolas said Telemundo chose to exclude WorldPeace because he does not speak Spanish and is not widely known among Telemundo viewers.

WorldPeace said Telemundo could get around the language problem by simulcasting the debate in English.

However, Nicolas said the idea would detract from the quality of the debate and leave room for WorldPeace to retract his comments if he felt they were not translated properly.

Jim Moory, a Morales spokesman, said Morales has not agreed to any debates and an attempt by WorldPeace to stop debates from happening amounts to prior restraint. 

He said WorldPeace is not a viable candidate, and called the accusation that the debates will be race--based "nonsense."

"He's not been invited, I would think, by the producers of the debates because he acts largely like a kook," he said. "He calls people names, he accuses them of doing evil and underhanded things, and he never gets around to discussing issues."

Michelle Kucerra, a Sanchez spokeswoman, would not comment on the lawsuit. 

Steve Anderson, spokesman for KERA TV Dallas, which has agreed to broadcast a live debate in English, said the station has not determined whom it will invite to debate. He said he has not seen the lawsuit, but the decision whether to include WorldPeace in the debate depends on if he receives a minimum 6 percent rating in an independent poll or an average of polls.

Also named in the lawsuit are The Dallas Morning News, Texas Cable News, Texas Monthly, WFAA TV Dallas, and KERA FM Radio 90.1 in Dallas, all possible sponsors of the debates.