WorldPeace and the Black and White Texas vote

Last week I spoke at Democratic candidate forums in Travis, Galveston, Anderson and Denton counties. Neither Dan Morales nor Tony Sanchez appeared at any of those forums.

At every forum, there were 100 to 150 committed Democrats in attendance. On the average at every forum, 90% of the attendees were White, 7% Black and 3% Hispanic. The average age was over 60. Males and females were evenly split. 

The press from the five major cities in Texas were absent from every forum which is why the press does not understand what is going on in the gubernatorial race in Texas (nor the Senate race for that matter). The Texas press has sold out to the Sanchez advertising dollars and could not care less about reporting the truth.

Here is the reality: 

1) There is presently no Black or Hispanic Governor or United States Senator in the United States of America. America is racist; but thankfully not as much as thirty years ago. I say this not to capitalize on it, but to draw attention to the reality of it. I have committed my life to ending racism. But before it can be ended, it must be acknowledged.

2) The Whites and Blacks will determine who is going to be governor of Texas because they are politically active. 

3) The majority of Whites and virtually all of the Blacks are not going to vote Hispanic.

4) The Whites and Blacks and the majority of Hispanics are not going to vote for the corruption that Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales represent.

5) The Christian Whites, Blacks and Hispanics are not going to put Dan Morales ex-stripper wife in the Governor's mansion.

6) The Hispanics who vote Hispanic will split their votes between Morales and Sanchez.

7) Many Hispanics are furious that Morales entered the governor's race at the last moment and in so doing took votes from Sanchez. Hispanics understand that Morales is racist and in denial of his Hispanic heritage. But they also know that Sanchez is arrogant and condescending.

In summary:

70% to 80% of the Democratic Primary vote will go to WorldPeace. The rest will be split between Morales and Sanchez and a few percent to Bill Lyon.

The grassroots tide has turned to WorldPeace. In addition to attending the above forums, WorldPeace was on the radio twice in San Antonio and once in Austin last week and also received a good write up in The Daily Texan ( the UT student newspaper). 

If Sanchez and Morales do not debate WorldPeace, they will lose votes. If they attempt to debate WorldPeace, they will lose votes. They are in a no win situation regarding the debate.

Tony Sanchez is the classic hare in the Tortoise and Hare story. He sat on his backside during 2001 listening to his lackeys and cronies and others who were glad to listen to his BS as long as he kept pouring the drinks. WorldPeace made 20 million telephone calls in 2001 and by so doing got his name out to the citizens of Texas. Then he accomplished his second goal of showing the citizens that he was not a "crackpot", as Sanchez alleged, nor a "kook", as Morales alleged but that he was a man of all the people with a solid agenda and a concrete plan.

In 2002, the stupid Sanchez irritated the White voters with his media onslaught where most people understood by the look in his eye that he could not be trusted. In addition, Sanchez reminded the White voters about a time when the majority of newscasters were White and more importantly they remembered when San Jacinto Day was a holiday until someone decided to subordinate it to Cinco de Mayo. 

Now Morales is running his commercials and creating additional irritation among the White and Black voters. And in the end, they both merge together as Morales, Sanchez, Gomez and Rodriguez without distinction.

As a new day dawns on Texas, the White voters are about to go to the polls and in one resounding voice shout: "Remember the Alamo".

The supreme paradoxical irony is that the White voters will silently chant "Remember the Alamo" as they go to the polls but will knowingly give all Texans a new birth of freedom by electing WorldPeace, who is the ultimate egalitarian and Democrat, to lead the state as the 21st century begins to unfold.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans.
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas