A day in the life of Dan Morales

For those of you who have been paying attention, Dan Morales does not
have a web page. He did have one for about a week before he shut it
down. The only thing on it was his name, address and telephone number.

Dan shut down his web page for several reasons. One, many Hispanics
hate him for his expansion of the Hopwood decision. Hispanic citizens
of Texas have long memories.

Two, when Dan joined the governor's race at the last minute, many
Sanchez supporters were ready to tar and feather him and ride him out of
town on a cedar rail.

So when he opened his web page, he got emails, faxes and phone calls in
great numbers. Virtually all nasty. In other words, a whole lot of
hate mail.

On January 2, 2002, Dan Morales got his first introduction into 21st
century politics and he didn't much like it. With the Internet, you get
24/7 two way access to the people. No filters.

On the Internet, everyone is held accountable; Politicians and the

And then there is "Diva"; aka Ms. Morales.

In my epistle yesterday ("Viva Morales: right up to the stripper wife
part") Ron Dusek was quoted as saying that Dan Morales sort of lost it
after his marriage to "Diva". The following is the reason why.

Politics creates a very structured pecking order. Attorney General is
higher than State Rep or Senator and certainly higher than any
bureaucratic position. In a town like Austin where everyone is very
conscious of who is where on the political and social ladder, an
ex-stripper has a very low ranking. In fact, you could say no rank at
all. In 1997, Dan did not realize that dating an ex-stripper was not
the same as marrying one until after he got married and everything

At our core, we are all primal. We all live first by the law of the
jungle; survival of the fittest and all that. We have superimposed our
civility on our predatory nature but we always keep our weapons close at
hand and we never really let our guard completely down.

The problems Dan has with "Diva" are centered around the wives of the
honorable politicians and bureaucrats in Austin. These women whose
status is very much tied to that of their husbands have their own
pecking order regarding who is the class sweet heart and who is the
class flirt.

As the years go by and women become mothers and their bodies begin to
show the signs of age and of too many fast food meals, they are not
friendly to a young pretty wife of an Attorney General. They are
definitely not friendly to someone who has taken off her clothes for the
purpose of arousing the primal sexual drive in men who then hand over
their dollars for an up close smile and maybe a kiss.

Then there is the primal female understanding of what men are thinking
as they meet Ms. Morales. And there are concerns about late night
meetings between their husbands and the Attorney General and whether Ms.
Morales will be present or happen to drop in.

I need not go on.

Dan Morales wishes that he had never entered the governor's race. He
wishes that he had taken more time to remember the last 18 months of his
political career. He wishes that he had taken more time to read John
WorldPeace's web page so that he could have truly understood total
candor and lack of fear.

Dan wants out of the governor's race. But if he gets out now, he is
finished politically. (Not that "Diva" hasn't finished him anyway.) If
he gets out now, he will never be taken seriously again; at least in a
statewide race.

Dan also knows that if he stays in the governor's race things are going
to get worse. He is still getting hate mail even though his web site is
down. He is still getting calls at home. His adopted children are
getting more and more taunting daily. "Diva" is having to relive not
only 1997 and 1998, but also the end of her television career. Things
are not well at the Morales home.

I do not judge Ms. Morales. I am sure that she is a nice enough
person. (I have never met her nor seen a picture of her.) I am sure
that she is a good mother and a good wife to Dan and I am sure they will
have a nice life together outside the political spotlight.

But that being said, the citizens of Texas have not relaxed their
religiosity to the point where they will allow an ex-stripper into the
governor's mansion under any circumstances.

Dan Morales is about to quit the governor's race or at the least, quit
campaigning. A big part of that decision is centered around "Diva".
But have no doubt that the abusive attacks that he has received from the
rabid Sanchez supporters is also part of the decision; if not the
biggest part.

Dan Morales is about to quit the governor's race for the same reason he
quit politics in 1998; he wants peace!

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God bless Texas.

January 28, 2002