The Texas White Press Corps

Dan Morales or Tony Sanchez have about as much chance of being elected governor of Texas as they have of becoming a senior reporter at any of the five big city Texas newspapers. (See below)

Why do these White reporters with the top five Texas newspapers continue to ignore WorldPeace and discount his campaign? It is because they know that Sanchez and Morales cannot become governor of Texas and that WorldPeace can. They know that even if Sanchez or Morales become governor, neither one will not do anything to help women or people of color in this state and will thus maintain the status quo. But if WorldPeace becomes governor, there will be real social change in Texas.

So these good ole White ladies and gentlemen tout Sanchez and Morales as they privately laugh at the ridiculousness of either one of them actually becoming governor. They do everything they can to thwart the campaign of WorldPeace; the only color blind candidate for governor.

These White reporters use their power to give the impression that they are promoting the candidates of color when in fact they are doing everything possible to make sure that WorldPeace does not become governor of Texas.  And so much the better to push a corrupt Hispanic candidate for governor; or one with an ex-stripper wife.

I have been asking myself for 13 months why the press has continued to lie to the citizens of Texas and promote the undeniably corrupt Sanchez and Morales for governor. Why have they continued to call WorldPeace the fringe candidate, the also ran candidate, the long shot candidate, the minor candidate, the other candidate when they know from the Scripps Howard polls last year that he is in fact leading Sanchez?

The answer has to do with racism. It has to do with writing favorably about Hispanics who have proven themselves to be enemies of their own people; Sanchez with his International Banc of Commerce's poor history of loaning money to low income Hispanics and Morales expansion of the Hopwood case to bar children of color from Texas colleges.

The reality is that all the below listed reporters are White racists who are determined to keep a conservative White male as Texas governor.

The hatred of the press for WorldPeace is centered on the fact that he is actually going to give equal rights to women and people of color when he is elected governor.

The fear of WorldPeace is that he has the backing of the teachers and the Christians with his determination to return an acknowledgment of God to the schools. He has the backing of the liberals and the students. He has the backing of the women and the gays. He has the backing of the people of color and the farmers and ranchers. He has served his country and his God. He is a man for all the people.

The fear of WorldPeace is the fear of truth. The fear of WorldPeace is that Americans and Texans will have to deal with the reality of their racism as evidenced by the fact that there are no Black or Hispanic Governors or United States Senators in the United States of America.

WorldPeace's candidacy for governor of Texas is forcing Texans and Americans to acknowledge their racism and that reality has struck fear into the hearts and minds of the press and conservative Texans.

Women and people of color have never been able to break into the upper level of politics. The only way they will ever be able to take their places of equality in society is if they have help from the inside. And WorldPeace is a White male who has served his country, has worshipped his God, and who refuses to accept the hypocrisy of the Constitutional guarantees of equal opportunity and justice for all as it exists in Texas and the United States of America.

It is time for Texans and Americans to live up to their secular ideals.

Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez are Judas goats who have long track records of working against Hispanics. They are touted by the White press in Texas in order to assure the election of Rick Perry in November. They are traitors to their own people. 

Only WorldPeace stands for equality and justice of all people (Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and White) and the fact that WorldPeace is being embraced by the liberals and conservatives, men and women, and people of all colors and social status has panicked and infuriated the conservative White press in Texas.

The touting of Sanchez and Morales by the White press is the most heinous of all betrayals to the Constitutions of Texas and the United States. And the traitorous candidates, Morales and Sanchez, are the most contemptible of all Judases.

The 21st Century has begun and WorldPeace stands on its threshold shouting equal opportunity and justice for all and a rededication to the emancipation of all people of all races as well as the emancipation of women.

The Constitution of the founding fathers, the Emancipation Proclamation of Lincoln and the dream of Dr. King has now been raised once more by John WorldPeace for the purpose of exposing and rooting out racism in the United States of America by freeing Texas from its racist shackles.

The time has come to demand equality of color and sex at the top of the political pyramid as well as at the top of the state's major newspapers who have dedicated themselves to keeping Texas bound in its racist past.

No Texan can truly stand tall as long as the weight of racism continues to burden the whole of Texas.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for All Texans
No more corruption. No more Monicas
God Bless Texas

January 29, 2002

Below are the names of the top reporters for the top five newspapers in Texas. Mene Tekel Peres.

Ken Herman White Male Austin American Statesman
Laylan Copelin White Male Austin American Statesman
Gary Susswein White Male Austin American Statesman
Dave McNeely White Male Austin American Statesman 

Sam Attlesey White Male Dallas Morning News 
Wayne Slater White Male Dallas Morning News

Bud Kennedy White Male Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Jack Douglas White Male Fort Worth Star-Telegram
John Moritz White Male Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Jay Root White Male Fort Worth Star Telegram

John Williams White Male Houston Chronicle
Clay Robison White Male Houston Chronicle
R. G. Ratcliffe White Male Houston Chronicle

Peggy Fikac White Female San Antonio Express News 
Bonnie Pfister White Female San Antonio Express News
Sherry Sylvester White Female San Antonio Express News

Yes, San Antonio has broken the chain of female sexism and replaced it with female chauvinism.