The Latina PAC Houston non event

Before the Houston Chronicle and John Williams put a positive spin on
today's Latina PAC non event, I feel it important that I tell the truth.

The noon gubernatorial Latina PAC forum non event drew about 40 people
including reporters. WorldPeace was not invited to the forum due to the
fact that he is White. Sanchez was invited but did not show by 12:45
(the event started at noon) for the same reason that he has dodged any
kind of face to face confrontation with the other gubernatorial
candidates for the last 13 months. He is just a straw dog; no
personality, no charisma, no ability to speak without Glenn Smith at his
side, nothing but a bank full of laundered drug money that has overly
influenced the Texas press and bought out most of the Democratic Party
bosses and a new pickup for Joe Gunn.

Morales was there (without "Diva" of course) and was interviewed by
Channel 11 prior to the non event but the camera crew was having a hard
time finding enough people to make up a back ground.

The bottom line is that out of a million Hispanics in Houston, and the
large turnout for Orlando Sanchez in the Mayor's race, no one cared
about seeing the two corrupt Hispanics (one with an ex-stripper wife)
who are running for governor.

Did anyone really think that Hispanic women were going to listen to Dan
Morales who married a young White ex-stripper. Let me tell you this: I
worked in the Barrio in the early eighties and many Hispanic women take
personal offense when Hispanic men marry White. And when the women is
younger and a stripper, that's a gigantic slap in the face these women.
And this guy thinks he can get the Hispanic women's vote for governor?

Dan Morales' problem is that he is in denial over the fact that he is
Hispanic. He not only married White, he also went out of his way to
expand the Hopwood case which denied many children of color entrance
into college. In addition, he has said that he will not allocate half
his appointments to women as WorldPeace has promised. And he said that
he will keep gambling off the Indian Reservations; another racist act.

All the people (including Hispanics) are fed up with corruption (as in
Enron and Savings and Loan) and they know that Tony Sanchez is corrupt
because I made over 20 million calls last year telling them so. And
Sanchez never denied any of it. Sanchez refused to campaign last year
and never generated any excitement in the Party. Morales jumped into
the governor's race at the last minute and no one really cared other
than the press who had something to write about for a few days.

The press has known for over a year that Sanchez was a dead mule and yet
they continued to tout him. The press knew that Sanchez in all of 2001
never could get more than 23% against Perry in any of the Scripps Howard
polls. And the press knew that Sanchez and Perry together had lost 22%
of the Hispanic vote to WorldPeace between September and December 2001.

Yet the press has continued to foist the Hispanic lie on the citizens of
Texas for over a year. They have tried to deny the fact that WorldPeace
has been leading the governor's race for the last six months; ever since
Marty Akins dropped out. The press has sold out to the advertising
dollars of Sanchez and tried to feed the public a big fat Hispanic lie.

Now the time for an accounting is near; the time to reveal not only the
corruption of Sanchez and Morales but also the corruption of the press
and many of the Democratic Party bosses.

I have a web page that well documents the press's lies over the last 13
months. Now the press has 41 days to begin to tell the truth.

We will see how the Houston Chronicle tries to spin this non event in
tomorrow's paper.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
A real Texan for ALL Texans
No more corruption. No more Monicas
God Bless Texas