Sanchez tells Blacks, "you need educating"

Tony Sanchez, the most corrupt little man to have ever run for governor of Texas, has told the Blacks in Texas that education is his priority. In fact, for Tony education is a panacea. Everything can be solved with education according to Tony.

That is all well and good for tomorrow. But for today, Tony is telling the Blacks that he has nothing for them. He is not willing to commit to even one appointment of a Black if be becomes governor. And even in the area of education he refuses to commit to a raise for the teachers. And he has made no statements as to where he is going to get the money to work all his education miracles.

In a word, Tony is offering the Blacks an empty bag. Big surprise !

The question is whether the ignorance of the Blacks that Tony keeps emphasizing is going to get them to vote for his empty bag Black agenda?

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
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God Bless Texas

February 10, 2002

Sanchez says school neglects minorities 
By Bob Richter 
Express-News Austin Bureau 

Web Posted : 02/10/2002 12:00 AM 

AUSTIN Tony Sanchez told a largely African American audience here Saturday that Texas has failed millions of black and Hispanic children and left them untrained, unprepared and unemployable.

"And most of all," the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful added, "they are uninspired to build a Texas future worthy of our proud past."

Sanchez was warmly received by about 700 people, including many high school students, attending the fifth annual African American Legislative Summit. 

And the single theme of his speech education seemed to resonate among the crowd, which interrupted him several times with applause. 

Education should be the top priority for the next legislative session and perhaps for the next five sessions, he said.

Sanchez used an arithmetic exercise that has become part of his stump message. 

Of every 100 Texas children who start school, he said, 11 percent drop out before graduating; 63 go directly from high school graduation into the work force; 26 go to college, but only 12 of them get at least a bachelor's degree.

"What kind of a state are we gonna be?" he asked, and his answer was immediate: "The most undereducated and unprepared in the country." 

Sanchez said 90 percent of the Texas young people who do not finish a college degree program are African American or Hispanic.

Sanchez told the crowd he toured the Wynn Unit of the state prison system this week.

"And what did I see? I saw lines and lines of African Americans and Hispanics," he said.

Most of them, he said, were convicted of nonviolent crimes. 

"Our educational system failed them," he said.

Sanchez said the state must concentrate on providing better resources to children from pre-kindergarten through the third grade.

"If they don't know how to read, compute and do math," he said, "they have a 500 or 600 percent probability of not finishing high school and certainly not college." 

Sanchez did not mention his chief Democratic primary opponent, Dan Morales, in his remarks but criticized Gov. Rick Perry, whom he called an "accidental governor." 

Perry assumed the state's top post when George W. Bush was elected president. 

Sanchez said Perry "has chosen not to do anything about" the education system.

"Well, there is going to be change," he said. "We're gonna remove him from office."

Court of Criminal Appeals candidate Julius Whittier, who is black, also spoke to the group, touting his 21-year record of representing both victims and accused felons.