Dan Morales, the press and Victor Morales

Below ole Sam reports the facts but not the story.

According to Sam, Dan Morales waited until the last minute to file for the governor's race because he wanted to give Tony Sanchez as little time as possible to attack him. Makes sense.

But the reality is that it was John WorldPeace who was attacking Sanchez all during 2001. It was WorldPeace who worked on Marty Akins until he quit the governor's race. It was WorldPeace who had shut down the press stories on Sanchez. It was WorldPeace who by December was leading Sanchez in the polls and yet the press refused to report it. It was WorldPeace who made 20 million telephone calls in 2001 informing Texans that Tony was a crook, doper and draft dodger while Dan Morales laid low.

Dan Morales allowed WorldPeace to do all the work on Sanchez during 2001 and then he entered the race and used the issues on WorldPeace's web page to attack Tony. He is like a little cur dog barking at a wounded jackass that a Tiger is about to finish off. Morales has not said one single thing about Tony that WorldPeace did not have on his web page when Morales entered the race.

Of course the press has never given WorldPeace any credit for Morales' campaign.

And then there is the part about Sanchez doing nothing during 2001 and the Party being irritated about that. WorldPeace had been receiving that feedback for almost nine months and also put that on his web page. But again the press refused to report it. Only when Dan said it, was it newsworthy.

The fact is that the Party bosses got behind a rich Hispanic who sat on his backside all during 2001 instead of taking charge of the party, creating some enthusiasm and preparing for a battle against Rick Perry this November. All Sanchez did was avoid WorldPeace and Akins at every event and hold meetings with his Laredo cronies and lackeys about how rich he is and how great it was going to be when he became the Hispanic king of Texas.

Now Morales says that he is taking charge. Well, he should have taken charge like WorldPeace did a year ago. The fact is that neither one of these Hispanic clowns is a leader. They are both afraid of WorldPeace. 

Sanchez did not appear in one single event with WorldPeace last year. This year he has only appeared at the Farm Bureau convention.

Last summer when WorldPeace tried to attend the Neighborhood Democrats fund raiser where Sanchez was speaking, Sanchez' goons, the hotel security and the League City Police stopped WorldPeace from entering the hotel.

At the NAACP event in Austin, Sanchez snuck in the night before the alleged forum. At the letter carriers convention last March, Sanchez spoke the day after the scheduled time when Akins and WorldPeace spoke. Joe Gunn and the AFL-CIO refused to invite WorldPeace to speak at their meeting. Telemundo is trying to hold debates without WorldPeace (but WorldPeace has stopped that with a lawsuit)

And yesterday, Sanchez knew that WorldPeace and Morales would be at the Mexican American Democrats function in San Antonio and would not get to the Upshur County event 350 miles away until late. So Sanchez did not go to the Mexican American Democratic function and took his little chicken self to Upshur so he could speak and leave before Morales and WorldPeace got there. Morales did see him for a moment as he was running out the door of the event.

In addition, Sanchez was the only one set to speak at Upshur even though Morales and WorldPeace were to attend. Before Morales or WorldPeace could speak, Sanchez jumped into his limo and headed for parts unknown. Then Mr. Goudarzzi adjourned the speaking part of the event and had a bake sale. About half the people left not knowing that Morales and WorldPeace were even present.

The bottom line is that Sanchez again paid out the thirty pieces of silver necessary to make sure that he did not have to face Morales and WorldPeace.

How is this rich little Hispanic going to be governor of Texas when he is afraid of WorldPeace? He is a pathetic wimp that could not lead a troop of girl scouts. God help the Democratic Party if they chose this skittish little fellow to lead them. I guess he spent most of his life living in his father's shadow and under the protection of his mother and he now uses his father's money to buy the Party's protection and the press's favors. But we all know that money does not make a man much less a governor. 

At the Mexican American Democrats screening yesterday I talked with Victor Morales about his 1996 Senatorial race. He told me that the press had considered him a joke until the polls came out in January before the Primary showing him leading. Then the national press picked up his story and the Texas press was forced to follow. However, he told me that after he won the Democratic Primary, the Texas press went back to discounting his candidacy. He said he lost the general election because Phil Gramm spent $14 million to his $2 million. 

I think it is a shame that Victor lost. I have more respect for him than any other politician I have met in the last 13 months. He is an honorable man and a man of the people. I think that had he been White he would have beat Phil Gramm.

It is my understanding that Victor is presently two to one ahead of Bentson in the polls and Bentson is two to one ahead of Kirk. I believe it after meeting him. He will pull a lot of the White votes but I do not think he will pull enough to overcome Ken Bentson's experience in the U S Congress. The press has not and will not report the truth of the polls.

I am leading Tony Sanchez and have been since November. But the press is not going to report it. They made their mistake in 1996 by reporting that Victor was ahead in the polls and then they had to eat crow and report his race after the national press printed his story.

In the movie "The Right Stuff" there is a scene where the test pilots are talking about how Gus Grissom lost his space capsule after splash down and yet the press still made him out to be a hero. The comment was made "Sometimes you get a pooch that can't be screwed."

I think WorldPeace may be one of those pooches.

I think the difference between WorldPeace and Victor Morales is that WorldPeace is made of tougher stuff and also WorldPeace is White just like all the senior reporters at the five major Texas newspapers and just like the corrupt Rick Perry who they will support after the Primaries.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 3, 2002

The tactics behind the secret 


By SAM ATTLESEY / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN It may have been one of the best kept secrets in the history of Texas politics. 

It stunned Democrats and Republicans. 

It is still the buzz among political junkies. 

"It" was Democrat Dan Morales' announcement on the final day a candidate could file for office that he was running for governor, not the U.S. Senate seat as he had repeatedly said he would seek. 

A month after the filing deadline as he campaigns across the state, Mr. Morales still gets a chuckle about how he and a small circle of family and friends were able to keep his political plans under their hats. 

The former attorney general said last week that there was one simple reason for following the clandestine strategy. 

"When you are running against a billionaire and your opponent has unlimited amount of financing, there is something to be said for limiting the amount of time that he has to beat up on you," Mr. Morales said of his chief Democratic rival Tony Sanchez, a Laredo businessman with a personal fortune estimated to be worth at least $600 million. 

Before Christmas, Mr. Morales said only four people, including his wife, Christi, knew of his plans to run for governor. After Christmas and before the Jan. 2 filing deadline, that number grew to about 10. 

Among those were longtime friends and political backers Geronimo Rodriquez, now campaign director; Ray Baray, deputy campaign director; and Joyce Dorrycott, the Bexar County coordinator who has been involved in all of Mr. Morales' campaigns. 

Mr. Morales refused to identify the others, saying: "I'd rather not say. We may want to do this again some day." 

The inner circle 

In the post-Christmas days leading up to the deadline, the inner circle was busy ordering signs, brochures, bumper stickers, preparing letters, reserving a ballroom for the announcement, and handling all the other trappings of a campaign. 
"It's an unusual thing in this business to keep something under cover as long as we did," he said. "It demonstrates I've got folks around me who are trustworthy." 

The idea of running for governor was planted by Democratic Party partisans as he traveled the state during the fall trying to line up backing for the Senate race. 

He said those hard-core Democrats told him his expertise and interests were in state government, not federal. And he agreed. 

"And frankly, there was concern that grew to outright dissatisfaction with the way the Sanchez campaign was operating," he said. 

"I would get comments from county chairs and State Democratic Executive Committee members and others saying this campaign and this candidate have been out there running for more than a year, he has an unlimited budget, no opponent and he doesn't have a lot to show for in terms of enthusiasm and support among the party faithful," he said of Mr. Sanchez, who is making his first race for public office. 

Sanchez backers 

Mr. Sanchez's aides dispute that claim, noting the endorsements he has received from party leaders across the state. 
But Mr. Morales liked what he was hearing. By Thanksgiving, he said, running for governor "was an option." 

By Christmas, it was a done deal. 

And by Jan. 2, he had shocked the state. 

Sam Attlesey is deputy chief of the Austin Bureau of The Dallas Morning News.