Sanchez running behind WorldPeace

Well, in the Bible people asked Jesus how they would know when the end times were coming and he said they needed to look at the signs. The same thing applies to the Sanchez campaign.

There were three Scripps Howard polls out last year plus another poll or two and Sanchez consistently ranged from 18% to 23% against Perry; ending the year at 18%. In addition, the last poll showed that he only had 31% of the Hispanic vote: Imagine that. Not exactly the way the press has been spinning it.

Also, last year Tony dumped three key political advisors and now five weeks before the Primary he has brought in a couple of Yankees to tell him how to run a Texas campaign for governor. Hilarious. And Tony brought in White advisors: did anyone catch that. What he needs is someone that is Hispanic and with the Mafia and knows how to win. Yeah.

The first advice needs to be to change his name to something non Hispanic. Oh well, can't do that.

Second, try to erase from the minds of the citizens of Texas the negative accusations that were put there by John WorldPeace's telephone campaign last year. (20 million calls) Considering that those negative comments were never responded to by Sanchez makes them true in the voters mind: which they are anyway, maybe that is why he did not respond.

Three, quit hiring Hispanics to do your commercials and flyers. Hispanics do not have the sharp eye of Texas White folks when it comes to distinguishing race. So the White people Tony uses in his ads have Hispanic features and so do the Blacks; big mistake. 

Four, actually talk to some real people as opposed to only going to pre-scripted events where no questions can be asked and you have bought off the leaders.

Five, quit avoiding WorldPeace and Morales. (Oh, well you need some huevos for this one: nevermind.)

Six, just because you are corrupt and stinking rich and Ken Lay, your fellow Bush "Pioneer", got caught and is in the newspaper everyday doesn't mean you have to explain how you go from bankrupting Tesoro in 1988 to owning a $6 billion International Banc of Commerce in 2001. Easy to do with lots of Mafia money to launder. But so what. Every one likes the Mafia. Look at how much money the Godfather movies made.

Seven, get Tony to give his position on the fact that San Jacinto Day was replaced by Cinco de Mayo to the over 65 White folks in Texas.

Eight, go up to Upshur County (North East Texas) to one of the Mexican restaurants there and ask them about that "Se hablan Espanol" sign with Espanol crossed out and English written in. And while he is up there he can explain to those good White folks about being inundated by the Hispanics in the last ten years.

Tony has spent $10 million dollars on his campaign and guess what: it ain't do'in. He is still hanging on at less than 18% and sinking. WorldPeace spent a whole year telling Texas that Tony was a corrupt lying piece of _____ that wanted to plunder the state along with his mentor Ben Barnes. And Tony said nothing. And his commercials say nothing.

The first commercials were stupid because they associated him with the energy field: a la Enron. The second ones showed what a great daddy he is. Touching. Even a cur dog takes care of her pups. The third one shows that he is only about a foot taller than the average 3rd grader. Not an advantage for a TEXAS gubernatorial candidate. 

Q. How do you say Claytie Williams in Spanish? 
A. Tony Sanchez !

And as far as web pages go, WorldPeace's is full of issues and is 13 months old. Sanchez's if full of Sanchez: "Hey look at me, I am rich, I am Tony, vote for me" and about 6 weeks old. If you want to know what Tony thinks, ask Glenn Smith. And no matter how hi tech Tony's page, it will not have any military pictures on it: Viet Nam era draft dodgers, no matter how rich, can't buy military service. WorldPeace has a picture of himself and his father who both served in the U S Army and WorldPeace's three sons who served in the United States Marine Corps. Tony's got a picture of Lee Brown, Mayor of Houston. 

Q. Why is Tony putting so much emphasis on his web site these days? 
A. It's called follow the leader.

Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears see. When you bring in two White Yankees to run a Hispanic campaign in Texas you're in trouble; as opposed to preparing to cut a fat hog in the rear end as Glenn Smith would have us all believe.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas 
No more corruption. No more Monicas
God Bless Texas

February 4, 2002


Campaign Trail Mix
American-Statesman Staff

Monday, February 4, 2002

The Tony Sanchez gubernatorial campaign, long on money but short on in-state Democrats with experience in winning races, has brought in two top officials from successful gubernatorial races in other states. Both worked most recently in states where Democrats took the governor's office back from Republicans. Steve Bouchard, the new deputy campaign manager, was field director for Mark Warner's successful November race for governor of Virginia. Also new at Sanchez headquarters is Dana Peterson, who serves as field director after a successful stint helping Jim McGreevey win the New Jersey gubernatorial race last year. 

Sanchez's daughter Ana Lee worked with Peterson in the New Jersey race. And despite persistent gossip on several fronts, Sanchez officials insist that longtime local consultant George Shipley is still on board with the campaign. 

Out of site Another sign of the dollar-short nature of Democrat Dan Morales' late-starting gubernatorial campaign: He is siteless. There is a out there in cyberworld, but for now, all it has to say is "This site is under construction and will be available soon." Campaign manager Jim Moore said the site will be up and running soon. Meanwhile, Democratic candidates Sanchez ( and John WorldPeace ( have extensive sites offering their views of the world. Perry's address is 

American-Statesman staff writers Ken Herman, Dave McNeely and Gary Susswein contributed to this report.