Response to Jeri Stone of Texas Classroom Teachers Association

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<< Subj: RE: John WorldPeace and the TCTA convention
Date: 2/5/02 6:26:47 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)

Dear Mr. WorldPeace:

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Classroom Teachers Association
and our upcoming convention. We appreciate your interest in speaking to
our members, and your views on education issues as noted in your e-mail.
Unfortunately, due to the time constraints, we will not be able to
expand the number of candidates invited to address our delegates. Our
leadership will, however, be made aware of your perspectives during our
meeting when it begins tomorrow in Dallas.

Yours truly,

Jeri Stone, Executive Director >>

Ms. Stone, 

I am sure that you will also inform your members that Mr. Morales' wife is an ex-stripper, that he is anti-affirmative action and that he tried to steal $250 million of the tobacco settlement for which he is under investigation. In addition, the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram this morning reported on Mr. Morales' terrible record on collecting child support.

I am sure that you will also inform them that Tony Sanchez laundered $25 million in drug money through Tesoro Savings and Loan, Bankrupted Tesoro and cost the taxpayer $161 million, is a Viet Nam era draft dodger, is associated with Tony Canales who defends drug dealers like Juan Abrego who brought 16 tons of cocaine into the US, and who was the attorney for Tesoro and who along with Mr. Sanchez called Henry Cuellar, the ex-secretary of State a homosexual and so on.

I have to wonder what is being taught in schools these days. I have to wonder what kind of teachers would support either of these two individuals.

I am sure that you have taken the time to read my web page. I am sure that you understand what I am about. And obviously you are against giving women equal rights in Texas, giving teacher's a $2,500 raise and against returning God to our schools; all things that Mr. Morales and Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Perry do not support.

I have no idea what your personal agenda is, but based on the above, it does concern me greatly.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas

February 7, 2002